U.S. Navy Continues Support for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

The Defense Department is continuing to support the international search mission for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, Pentagon spokesman Army Col. Steve Warren said on April 24.
The total cost of the search, to date, is $11.4 million, Warren said. this figure includes $4,200 per flight hour for the two P-8 Poseidon aircraft involved in the search, he added. The plane and its 239 passengers disappeared March 8 on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

The cost breakdown is as follows, Warren said: $4.6 million in operations and maintenance funds; $3.2 million in overseas humanitarian disaster and civil aid funds; and $3.6 million for underwater search equipment and support.
The P-8s continue conducting aerial search operations and the Bluefin-21 autonomous underwater vehicle completed its twelfth search mission, the colonel said.

“Bluefin-21 has now completed more than 90 percent of a focused underwater search. Unfortunately, no contacts of interest have been found,” he said. The department has received no requests for additional underwater search assets, warren said. The Military Sealift command dry cargo ship, USNS Cesar Chavez, joined the task force on April 10 to provide logistical support.

Chavez is the Navy’s newest combat logistics force ship and is operated by a crew of 125 civil service mariners. The ship also has a complement of 11 U.S. Navy personnel who provide operational support and supply.

Rim Education Foundation Wants You…………to Attend their Fundraiser

fashion show

The members of the Rim Education Foundation want YOU………….yes, YOU. They want YOU to attend their annual fundraiser, “Fashion with Jazz” on Sunday, May 4 at the lovely Lake Arrowhead Resort.
This fun event will include a delicious lunch, all the exciting conversation you can possibly take, a delightful fashion show, more conversation and the knowledge that you are supporting this incredible local group that supports Rim of the World Unified School District and its teachers in so many ways.

Their upcoming Fashion Show is always, and I do mean always, so much fun. The models are members of the organization that sponsors this annual event. It’s always fun to see the fashions and who’s modeling and more than once there’s been a fun surprise “Model.”

The $46 entry includes a delicious luncheon dinner and fabulous, cool jazz on scene. The room is always filled with local residents and it’s a joy to attend each and every year. It truly is one of those events that draws a wonderful crowd of people who care deeply about supporting “Our little school district.”
In addition to the fashions that are modeled by local community members, great jazz sounds will be provided by DJ Clay. There’s also a 50/50 drawing and the chance to see old (or new) friends while enjoying this wonderful event.

While this event is a major fundraiser many residents may not realize what this foundation does so I’m happy to tell you. Those special programs your child or children in the Rim of the World Unified School District? They may have been partially funded by the Rim Education Foundation. One of the most important programs they provide for our local school teachers is the opportunity for them to submit a proposal they would like to see funded that would, in turn, help their students. These “mini-grants” are quite extraordinary as each is submitted to the foundation and each year the organization distributes thousands of dollars to teachers in the Rim District just for this purpose. Other ways the foundation helps the community is by sponsoring adult classes such as how to work computers as well as conversational Spanish and other exciting programs.

The members of this organization aren’t beyond having a wonderful time making fools of themselves at the annual fundraiser sponsored by Rotary, entitled (appropriately enough) the Polar Bear Plunge. The members “jump in the lake” together and the money they raise from their early morning freezing cold jump in Lake Arrowhead goes to the projects and programs they fund for local teachers. They always wear silly costumes but the one I most remember was a few years ago when they all wore brightly-colored yellow “chicken hats” on their heads.

In 1985, the foundation was incorporated as a non-political, non-profit 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. The primary function of the foundation is to help maintain excellence in the Rim of the World Unified School District schools. They also work to help strengthen and maintain relationships between the schools and local residents. The board of directors is composed of a 17-member board of directors which provides continuing financial support to preserve and encourage education excellence in the district. A majority of the board members are currently, or have been, directly involved with public education either as teachers or administrators. All of the board members are dedicated leaders in, and to, the Rim communities.

Remember……………supporting the foundation is supporting the local schools. This is definitely one of those situations where the money they make stays “on the mountain” for local Rim of the World Unified School District programs. The organization is dedicated to continuing to preserve and encourage excellence in the district’s local school. The foundation believes that the quality of education is critical to the future of our children, to the mountain communities and to our nation. Even those who do not have children in the schools benefit from having quality schools because good schools attract more residents, which in turn, enhances local property values and it helps create a more stable economy.
Help them help you and attend the fashion show fundraiser. Not only is it fun, you’ll know that the money you pay for a ticket will in turn, stay right on “our mountain.”

Come Enjoy “The Cabaret” and Other Broadway Songs at Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church

music scoreThe best of the best of song and dance from Broadway will be featured at two special evening performances at Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church. This great event, on May 2 and 3, promises to bring back great memories to everyone who attends and who loves the oh-so-familiar songs from Broadway hit productions.
The wonderful program will be held at 7 p.m. and the admission is only $10. (You can’t beat that with a stick…..and that entry fee wouldn’t even get your little toe in the door at a “real” Broadway theater.) Although I’ve never been to one of their musical events I have certainly heard about them and the success they have been, so I’m not missing this one!
Come! Enjoy and remember the lyrics to some of the world’s most popular music from Broadway…………..It will be a special night.
For tickets call (909) 337-1412. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to enjoy great music that will bring back delightful memories.
Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church is located at 27415 School Road in Lake Arrowhead. The church is located very near Rim of the World High School.
Don’t miss this fun event. You will undoubtedly hum the familiar songs all the way home.

Looking Back to Running Springs 20 Years Ago

man working late cartoonOh my gosh. Looking back to my old Running Springs-based newspaper 20 years ago is always such fun. It is amazing how many times things have changed but it’s also a reminder of how they often stay the same. Many of the issues of two decades ago are still ongoing so it’s fascinating to re-read them.

Here’s a few examples of what I printed in the March 17. 1994 issue of my newspaper.

* School District May Abandon Year-Round School. Yep, remember when we were on year-round school at all the elementary schools? The issues involved were quite complex, particularly for schools in the winter when it would snow. By that point, the superintendent, Dr. Fitzpatrick felt the district (and the elected school board) should consider going back to a traditional school year.

* A special meeting of the school district board of trustees had been set for March 24, 1994 to discuss the possible acquisition of Arrowhead Ranch (formerly known as Camp O’Ongo). Obviously, that never took place as the Hwy. 18 acreage in Running Springs is still privately owned.

* The county’s Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) was again studying whether or not the Arrowbear, Running Springs and Green Valley Lake water agencies should consolidate. Every so many years LAFCO (the state agency that is in charge of consolidations) makes this proposal but it’s never taken place. The Running Springs Water District remains an independent special district, the Arrowbear Park County Water District remains and Green valley Lake continues to supply its residents with their own water agency.

* 1994 was the year the Rim High Performing Arts Center was dedication. County Supervisor Barbara Riordan officiated at the ceremony and the school’s drama department began using the facility on March 21. Rim High students served as guides for tours of the new facility as well as acting as guides to show the public many of the other changes at the school. Another news item dealt with the fact that the school district was moving forward with a partnership with Blurock Partnership for concept drawings and the preliminary planning for a new school, Lake Gregory Elementary.

* I published a photo of Charles Hoffman Elementary School PTA President, Sue Brown, with longtime Running Springs resident Ella Burmeister. I took the photo was taken at the school’s Founder’s Day ceremony on March 7. For years and years Ella was in charge of the school’s cafeteria and the lucky staff members and students (still) remember the wonderful smell of freshly-based bread that wafted from “Ella’s” kitchen.

* The front page of this issue included a photo of eight people at the Running Springs Elementary School Founder’s Day. Chief Dan Wurl accepted an award for the department’s Honorary Service Award. Other honorees included Lynna Stufkosky (who, at the time, I believe) was PTA president. Wonderful teacher (and perhaps principal at that time) Jim Sims received a special “ongoing recognition). Jim’s wife Kathi (who just died a few days ago) was pictured next to him. Longtime CHE teacher Judy Stutz and her husband Lynn were also there along with honoree Elaine Tipton.

* Don and Julie Jones had an ad announcing the birth of their granddaughter, Elizabeth Ann. The proud parents were Travis and Jill Graham of Running Springs.

* The Golden Oaks were busy preparing for their annual Spring Craft Faire . The meeting included a magic show by Reverend Jim Hickman (who I believe was the pastor, at that time) of Rim Community Church. Member Gordy Fitzgerald gave the trustee’s reported that was submitted by Herb Stephens. He said that 325 bags of clothing and miscellaneous items had been donated to various service groups. This project has taken 65 man hours to coordinate and deliver the clothing.

The Golden Oaks planned a trip to the Ramona Pageant.

* A fundraiser for the Rim of the World Search and Rescue team was set to feature the popular musical duo of Steve Lawless and Del Yount (of Piano and Song). The duo gave a benefit performance at the historic Mission Inn. (I attended that event and it was fabulous!) The concert was on April 17 and the proceeds were donated to the Rim of the World Sheriff’s Department Search and Rescue Team. (The Rim Search and Erscue Team was formed in 1968 to provide the sheriff’s with a search and rescue resource for the San Bernardino Mountain area from the Cajon Pass to Lakeview POint (past Snow Valley at the beginning of the Arctic Circle.) At this point the organization was holding a fundraiser to replace the 1968 ambulance which had been originally used by the Lake Arrowhead Fire Department and was in dire need of being replaced. Tickets for this event were $30.

* Wonderful Vera Franton, who was the former owner of Czech Made Restaurant in Arrowbear (now Blondie’s). was inviting everyone to a Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner at her restaurant, “Old Country Coffee Shop and Diner” that is now Running Springs Coffee Shop in “Smiley Corner.” By the way, speaking of Smiley Corner, did you know there used to be gas pumps in front of the auto parts store? Well, now you do!

* Sleigh Belles was under new ownership on Hilltop Blvd. This decades-long business had wonderful merchandise including quality sportswear, lingerie, beautiful jewelry and many other items. In the winter it was the place to go to get boots, gloves, hats and snowsuits. I miss Sleigh Bells. It was located between Dutch’s Liquor Store and Sudsy Belle Laundromat.

* Did you know that many years ago (and I do mean many) there used to be gas pumps in front of what was Don Pepe’s Mexican restaurant? From what I’ve heard from people “in the know” many movie stars, on their way to have a great time at the Selznick or Walter Houston estates (in what is now Rimwood Ranch) stopped and got gas at the station, including Katherine Hepburn.

I Goofed!

Every once in awhile I make a mistake (fortunately it’s not tooooo often) but the Running Springs Community Cleanup Day is May 17 not the date I initially reported. “Christmas in April” rebuilding day is on April 26. Sorry for the mix-up.

Rim High Drama: “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”

Who in their right mind doesn’t love Charlie Brown? Well, you can get your “Peanuts” fix if you attend the Rim High School Drama Department’s upcoming production of “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown!”
Performances are set for the Performing Arts Center from April 24-27. Thursday, Friday and Saturday performances will be held at 7 p.m. and a Sunday matinee will be presented at 2 p.m. The general admission is only $15 and these students have worked so hard to make it a fabulous, fun event.
Tickets are available at the door or by ordering online by logging onto: rimhighdrama.com.
General Admission tickets are $15 and for the Friday night performance students and families are admitted for !0 per person. (What a deal!)
Have fun!

Annual Running Springs Clean-up Day April 17

Do you know how to push a broom? (Check!) Do you know how to put on gloves? (Check!) Do you know how to pick up trash? (check!) Do you know where Running Springs is? (Check!) Well, this is your lucky day because you, yes you, are eligible to help the members of the Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce during the annual “Community Clean-up Day.”

This year’s event will be held April 17/strong> and all volunteers are asked to meet on Commercial Way (behind Hilltop Blvd) at 10 a.m.
Leave your formals at home…..so wear clothes you can get dirty and bring some gardening or other gloves. An extra shovel or broom would also help if at all possible.

We’ll be picking up trash, sweeping dirt and small rocks out of the way and into piles and shoveling the trash into large trash bags that are supplied by Caltrans.

Each year we ask the local merchants to help clean their own driveways and outside their stores. Some are more cooperative than others but hopefully this year everyone will be on board to make our community as pristine as possible. When we, as a community, show pride in our own community it is a good sign that people care about where they live.

The chamber will appreciate any help we can get from local organizations. Each year we receive help from local scout troops and others and this is a huge help. While we can’t get to everywhere and can’t make the streets look like they were just paved yesterday we certainly can make (and we do) a difference in how our town looks.

The chamber would welcome the help of any local service groups or others who simply want to make make our wonderful town a little bit cleaner.

Annual Running Springs Cleanup Day April 26

A week ago several Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce members (and a few good-hearted citizens we picked up along the way) helped clean up trash in several places throughout the community. Pictured above, snuggled into large Caltrans cleanup bags, were some of the volunteers.

A week ago several Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce members (and a few good-hearted citizens we picked up along the way) helped clean up trash in several places throughout the community. Pictured above, snuggled into large Caltrans cleanup bags, were some of the volunteers.

Do you know how to push a broom? How about pick up trash? Then there’s shoveling small shovel-fulls of dirt and gravel left over from the winter?

If you know how to do any of the above-mentioned things then congratulate yourself, you’re qualified to help the members of the Running Springs Area Chamber of Commence clean up the community on April 26.
Each year the members take to the county roads and businesses in an effort to make the community look cleaner after the winter has ended. Welcoming spring with as clean a town as possible is the “behind the scenes” reason for this event. The amount of paper and other trash is always amazing.
Come on out and help. Boy Scout Troops? Girl Scout Troops? Need projects for your badges? We’d be happy for your help and each year we usually do get some help from our local scouts.
The clean-up starts at 10 a.m. on Commercial Way so bring a shovel or a broom or just yourself and help make our town sparkle. We always hope that each of the businesses will take the time to “spruce up” their driveways and parking areas as well on this day so please help us pass the word.
The Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce has sponsored this “clean up day” for the past few years and we are grateful to the support of our local scouts and other groups or individuals who help make a difference.

Arrowbear Lions Club Sponsors Annual Fishing Derby for Local Kids

boy-go-fishing-free-clipartOne of the most enjoyable, fun event is right around the corner when members of the Arrowbear Lions Club host their annual “Fishing Derby.” This fun event, scheduled for Saturday, April 26 at 8 a.m. is a real treat for the children who participate but also for the adults who “hang out” with their children or grandchildren.

One of the great things about this annual event is that every child leaves with some type of a gift. The members of the organization make sure there are lots of prizes to give away and they have been hosting this event for years. It truly is a little like you’d imagine Tom Sawyer would have loved.

Come on out, bring a folding chair, a hot cup of coffee and enjoy watching all the fun. It’s hard to tell sometimes who has more fun….the children or the adults. It must remind a lot of people of times in their childhoods that they participated in something similar. Isn’t it great that the local Lion’s Club still hosts this fun event!. Come on out and watch the fun……remember back to when you were a kid and loved to fish!
Be sure to take a jacket. You never know what the weather will be during the early morning hours. Take a folding chair if you have one and you intend to stay awhile.
The most important thing you need to take is your unbridled enthusiasm and your sense of adventure and fun. Without it you might as well stay home.

Grits and Grady in Green Valley Lake

Singers at Lake InnBeautiful Green Valley LakeDon’t you just love the name “Grits and Grady?” I do because it is a local group of wonderful entertainers whose music skills will keep your feet tapping and your hands clapping. The group will be playing their fabulous bluegrass music on Saturdays May 3, May 24 and June 21 at the Lake Inn across from beautiful Green Valley Lake.
Come on out now, y’a hear? You’ll love it! The group will play from 6:30 to 9 p.m. There is no cover charge for the music performance but you’ll undoubtedly want to order food while you’re there.
To make your evening even more fun you can order food or enjoy some “liquid refreshment” while you listen.
If you are feeling the slightest bit “down” take my advice……get in your car, drive to the Lake Inn. Find a seat, order a beer and enjoy the great sounds. You’ll feel better in about two minutes.

For those of you who might be “Green Valley Lake strangers” take Green Valley Road off of Hwy. 18 (past Arrowhead). Drive up, up, up the beautiful road and at the top is Green Valley. The Lake Inn is located on Green Valley Lake Road and the lake is right across the street.

Trust me, you’ll love the lake, you’ll love the atmosphere, you’ll love Grits and Grady and you won’t want to go home.