Arms that Went From One Side to the Other

carThe other day I was driving and I saw something that made me laugh (very hard!). I was approaching a car that was, obviously, on the other side of the street and the driver had his arm straight out the driver’s side window (to catch the breeze, probably). His occupant had their arm hanging out the passenger’s side window *probably to catch the breeze, too). They each had on long sleeve shirts that were the same color. From my perspective as the oncoming vehicle I started laughing because, from my vantage point, it looked like one person was in the car with really, really, really long arms  that went from one side of the car clear  through to the other side and hung out both the windows.

Of course, there were two people in the car but from my vantage point it looked like someone with extraordinarily long arms.

It struck me quite funny and I hope you get the visual I’m trying to explain. I hope this gave you a chuckle. It certainly did for me!

Need a Cheap Vacation? Go to Your Local Market!

Dish Detergent BottleWell, we’re knee deep into summer and the beach is sounding better and better. If you can’t get to the beach at least a swimming pool where you can sit in a chaise lounge and sip one of those delicious beverages with a tiny paper umbrella stuck in a pineapple chunk that is slowly making its way around the glass. sounds really good!

Can’t afford a trip? “ Well, never fear, Joan is here!” It’s easy……………….just go to the nearest supermarket. After parking your car, entering the store then make your way to the dish soap aisle. You will suddenly become elated because on the shelves is the perfect solution to not only washing your dishes but getting a vacation while you do them. This is truly a win-win solution to your summer vacation woes.

How does a trip to a tropical isle sound? If you are chomping at the bit to get away to the sunny beach and the emerald blue waters then for heaven’s sake make a bee-line to the dish detergent aisle and pick up “HAWAIIAN ALOHA.” Just think, you can wash the dishes and go to Hawaii and learn the hula all at the same time.

Is the Caribbean more your style? The sounds of drums, Harry Belafonte and magnificent crystal clear blue water? Well, stop reading this and race to the supermarket for “CARIBBEAN BREEZE.” You’ll be singing “Calypso” before you know it.

Interested in the serene beauty of the orient? Well, you too can take a quick trip if you purchase “LOTUS BLOSSOM.” It sounds so serene that you’ll probably fall asleep washing those pots and pans. Ommmmmm!

Aching for a little “down under relaxation?” Surely “NEW ZEALAND SPRINGS” will put you in the mood to hike the high mountains and enjoy the beautiful streams that cascade down to the ocean in this gorgeous country. While you’re washing those dishes, just watch out for the native bats….even if you’re not in the belfry.

Last but certainly not least, if Europe is your pleasure then purchase “MEDITERRANEAN LAVENDER” Not only will you be instantly transported to the fabulous Mediterranean but you’ll be so relaxed from the lavender you won’t know what to do while you’re there. I could make a few suggestions but I’ll just say, “Have fun!”





July 24 Last Summer Concert in Arrowhead Next to the Lake

saxophone01The last of the summer music festival concerts that are sponsored by the Arrowhead Arts Association will  be held on Thursday, July 24 when Brian Lynn Jones and the Misfit Cowboys bring their rock honky-tonk sounds to Lake Arrowhead.

The performance, at the beautiful Tavern Bay Beach Club (next to the UCLA Conference Center) promises to be one that will keep your hands clapping and your toes tapping. A few years ago the band won the 2004 Orange County Music Award for Best Country Band. They were also the California State champions in the Colgate Country Showdown national Talent Search. The band members love entertaining our troops and some of their tunes were featured on Armed Forces Radio so guests are in for a real treat.

The gates open at 5 p.m. and the performance begins one hour later. Many guests take their dinner, a bottle of fine wine or other liquid refreshments, their folding chairs and they’re set for the evening. Picnic dinners are the “name of the game” at these concerts and it’s fun to see all the different food that about the 100 guests brought. If you want to reserve a table for eight people the charge is $75. It’s a great way to share a table with good friends and it’s so much fun to “table hop” and say “hello” to friends who are there.

Tables for eight people are available for $75 but you need to call (909) 337-4296 to reserve a table.

The tickets for the performance is $20 for adults and children Kindergarten through 12-years-old are free with a paying adult. The minimal charge for the performance is only $20 and the view alone is worth the price of admission. Be sure to take a sweater because when the wind kicks up off the lake the temperature at the venue drops so a sweater is a handy thing to have.




Ahhhh, a Day at the Beach or the Pool: Some funny long-ago issues of “The Bathing Suit”

In the 19s0 don't get those bathing suits too short or the man whose job it was to measure to make sure bathing suits were the proper length might make you get back in your street clothes. You could also be cited for indecent exposure.
In the 19s0 don’t get those bathing suits too short or the man whose job it was to measure to make sure bathing suits were the proper length might make you get back in your street clothes. You could also have been fined for wearing it too short!

Swimsuit season is definitely upon us and it’s hot…..really hot in some places so I thought I’d bring you a little “summertime fun” because oh how things in the bathing suit business have changed throughout the decades.

Many decades ago (but not that long ago) the bathing suit was very different than it is today and the laws that pertained to wearing one were (today) quite comical way back when.

Back in the Victorian  age  a bathing machine was built that contained a “modesty tunnel” that allowed a fully-clothed woman to enter the ocean without being seen in a “bathing suit” even though they probably came down to her knees.

* In the 18th century women wore “bathing gowns” which were long full-length gowns that were made from wool or flannel. (Don’t get them too wet or the weight might have drowned you!). Doesn’t that sound awful?!

* Modesty, of course, was always the purpose of the bathing suit way back when. In the early 1900s many American cities created laws that required all women in bathing suits to wear stockings. Boy, doesn’t that sound comfortable!

* Women weren’t the only sex that were required to obey laws. During the early 1900s the American Association of Park Superintendent’s published it’s “Bathing Suit Regulations” that men’s bathing suits should include a “skirt” that would be worn outside the swimming trunks.flipflops

* Of course, during the early years of bathing suits women’s modesty must be protected. Therefore a woman was detained at Coney Island for wearing a bathing suit in public. While this may seem like a reasonable requirement for that period of time this woman was made to wear her bathing suit in public under her street clothes. Shocking! Have that woman arrested!

* Talk about funny things…………….in the 1900s women who wanted to swim in the ocean had to wear swimwear that could weigh as much as 22 pounds when it got wet. Many of them had to hold onto a rope to keep from being washed away. I wonder how many of them drowning!

* While we think of the bikini as a relatively new swimsuit don’t believe it. In the heyday of the Roman Empire women in the baths used to wear a two-piece “bathing suit.”

I remember when my family had a wonderful high school girl from Switzerland stay with us in the 1970s as a foreign student. She was delightful and we loved her dearly. On  day when we were at our family beach house on the sand she came outside and put her towel down  and stretched out in her (gulp!) bikini. Now, this was when bikini’s weren’t nearly as little as they are today. In fact, today we would consider them a “two-piece bathing suit.” My mother was shocked and said, ever so sweetly to Annamarie, “Darling, are you going to wear that out here? ” Annemarie replied, “Yes, mother.” Mother said something else about the “smallness of her swimsuit” but Annemarie simply  answered, “But mother, it is my duty to show Swiss culture.” Mother didn’t say another word.








Everybody Loves a Parade so Come to the R.S. Parade on August 1

Members of the Batting Bettys team from the Women's Softball League had a lot of fun in the parade. "Play Ball," ladies, we were glad to have you!
Members of the Batting Bettys team from the Women’s Softball League had a lot of fun in last year’s parade. “Play Ball,” ladies, we were glad to have you!

The world’s biggest parade is coming to Running Springs on Friday, August 1. Well, that’s a slight exaggeration but I knew it would get your attention.

The town’s biggest parade, however, may be more accurate and when it comes down Hilltop Blvd it should be a-maz-ing! Parade Chairman Jennifer Kellum has put hours and hours into organizing this parade and after last year’s Mountain Days Parade (that was the biggest in decades) she’s got another great parade planned for Friday night, August 1.

This year, to help the Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce pay well over $1500 for the parade permits from Caltrans and the county and to pay hundreds of dollars for required help from the CHP this will be the first time in the parade’s long history that we are asking our parade participants to pitch in $5 to help defray some of the costs.

For the first time the parade has a “title” With so many things that have happened to our community in the past several years the title, “We’re Still Here!” pays homage to our community members and organizations who have helped each other when the huge landslide took out Hwy. 330 a few years ago following a horrendous storm. We’ve had a tough time financially with the down turn in the economy and several other factors that we have no control over. However, we’re mountain people and mountain people figure out how to survive when times are tough….whether that means the weather, the roads, the economy or just plain old “life.”

Come join with us to celebrate our community’s accomplishments and enjoy this parade.

Don't these children look fabulous! You think they had fun being in last year's parade?  Hopefully they'll be in this one too!!
Don’t these children look fabulous! You think they had fun being in last year’s parade? Hopefully they’ll be in this one too!!

While late parade entries will be accepted if the individuals or groups do not get a returned application form back to Jennifer Kellum by next Wednesday, July 30  those entries will most likely be “bringing up the rear” of the parade (so to speak). Jennifer has put in hours and hours of work on this parade and I’m sure it will show. It should be the best, or certainly one of the best parades in Running Springs history.Dr. Nall in paradeMountain Top Days 2

Come out and enjoy the fun. Stake out your place on Hilltop Blvd. The parade starts at 6:30 p.m. and will come from the bridge that’s over Hwy. 330 (not the bridge over troubled water) and will go toward “town” along Hilltop Blvd. It’s going to be great!


Happy, Happy Birthday……July Babies!

73132_lWell, put another candle on the birthday cakes of fabulous mountain resident Wayne Bowser (July 19), my wonderful friend Naomi Grabow-Strebel who also celebrates on the 19th; beautiful Natalie Hill Houmand, who celebrates on the 20th; Wonderful, loving Elaine Shaw (July 21), Gene Bianchi who lived in R.S. forever and was a very successful realtor (July 23), my beautiful sister-in-law Stephanie Moseley (have a wonderful day, special lady and friend) July 23; Monte Hammer, July 24, Beth Strys-Hallmark who celebrates on July 27 and Julie Vasquez who also celebrates the same day as my birthday, July 27.

Have great days all of you. You deserve it. Do something fun that you’ll remember!

Eeehhhhhh! A Fundraising Hoedown is Right Around the Corner at the Historical Henck Property!

The Henck Family settled Skyforest so many decades ago. Come learn more about them and the drive to save their property.
The Henck Family settled Skyforest so many decades ago. Come learn more about them and all the property they called home.

Who doesn’t just  love a hoedown? While they used to be an event that settlers lived in they’ve kind of become “passea.” However, mountain people love a good hoedown so a fundraiser to preserved the Henck Homestead in Skyforest is planned for Sunday, August 17.

Sponsored for the second year by the Rim of the World Historical Society this fun event will include delicious food, a country band, dancing and beer and wine. Love BBQ Tri Tip and Chicken? Who doesn’t so be sure to turn out, enjoy the day and the great food. I can almost smell it from here in Running Springs.

The fun will be held from 4 to 7 p.m. and the charge is $39 a person. If you want to drink beer and wine bring some extra money because it is not included in the admission. Payments need to be made by credit or debit card

The reservation deadline is Sunday, August 10 so be sure to call (909) 336-6964 and be aware that this event can only accommodate the first 100 people who make reservations. call 336-6964 for reservations. If you do not have a reservation you won’t be admitted so get your ticket while they’re available.

If you or your children attend (or attended) Mary Putnam Henck Junior High School in Lake Arrowhead you have been touched by the famous Henck family. I don’t think (if they were alive) that they would consider themselves “famous” but the family certainly is “famous” in our local mountains. Mary Putnam Henck became Lake Arrowhead’s first school teacher when she almost single-handedly started a school herself. Classes began in 1924 in three rooms in Lake Arrowhead Village. Ultimately the couple had four children. Throughout the years Joseph Henck began building roads in the property he owned, Lake View Forest. Ultimately he built roads through the property so the lots could be sold and he also developed a water system to supply water to the (what I believe) was approximately 200 lots. Like many other people who move to the mountains and take on a leadership role in their community (whether they want to or not), Joe eventually became fire chief of the newly-formed lake Arrowhead Fire Department.

Joseph Henck and his family came to the mountains in about 1922 to develop 160 acres of Arrowhead Lake View Forest which he owned with three other people.  Because the Henck’s were, in many ways, conservationists who wanted the mountains they loved to be as pristine as possible it is so appropriate that this Pioneer BBQ Hoedown will raise money to preserve the Henck homestead in Skyforest.

For reservations call (909) 336-6964. The reservation deadline is August 10 so don’t forget to call. If you’re a historian and you miss this great event you’ll kick yourself for a long time! This year, due to popular demand, there will be two tours of the home instead of one tour. Enjoy and learn about this fascinating early family who had so much to do with the local mountains.

‘Ya all, come around…’ya hear!? Bring ‘yer partner so you can dance like a raccoon with a gater  on his tail! Eeeeehhhhhh!