Want to Help Veterans? Read This!

soldiers holding flagIt never ceases to amaze me how generous people are and it fascinates me how people get involved in the organizations or “causes” they choose to support. Enter “Friends2veterans” a new program that is being supported by and organized by local veteran, Jerry Turner. Jerry is a wonderful man, a proud veteran and a man of his word. His job, as he sees it, is to help local veterans however he can……………and he does!

The “Friends2veterans” program is working on a documentary and they are happy to announce they are working with award-winning producer and director Leonard Marcel. This noted producer/director will work with team members to develop this important film that will deal with the challenges and  of working to rebuild the lives of America’s wounded warriors and their families. We all need to remember that for each wounded soldier (male or female) there are devastated family members and friends who must be part of the “healing process.” Not only does the soldier or sailor need healing, the family members and friends often have to learn a different way of living, especially when that family member has suffered a life-changing injury.

The documentary will focus on organizations that give unconditionally to rebuild the lives of America’s new generation of troops, those who have sen combat and have returned home with dreams of a future. Some of the organizations who assist veterans include “Homes for Troops,” “Tank Chair,” the “Waves Project,” as well as the “Joshua Chamberlain Society”. Businesses that give support or products or both) to these organization to make dreams come true will also be focused in this documentary.

To participate in some way to help America’s wounded vets join the Friends2veterans documentary team at 222.friends2veterans.com or call Jerry Turner at (909) 867-2432.

Remember, we owe these veterans so much so support them all you can. We especially honor our wounded veterans for their sacrifice but also the sacrifices their families have made as well.



Local Girl Scouts “Preparing” for Community Preparedness Fair

Girl Scout logoLocal Girl Scouts in Troop 1186 will present their Community Preparedness Fair from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, October 25 in Blue Jay. This annual event will be held in the parking lot of the Lake Arrowhead Patrol office which is directly across the street from Jensen’s Market.

This is a family event and everyone should be interested in how to protect themselves, as much as possible, from being “left high and dry” without food or other necessities in the event of a major disaster such as fire, earthquakes and other disasters.

While we all like to think that nothing bad is going to happen it’s not realistic. Tragic emergency events occur all the time and while they may differ  in the type of event that has happened we all should at least be as prepared as possible to help save ourselves and our families and hopefully  survive until help arrives or the “incident” ends.

Come say hello to these local scouts and learn more about how to protect yourself and your family! If you think that scouts just sell cookies this is an opportunity to see how great an outreach to the community this organization provides.



Golden Oaks Fashion Show: Great Fun and Great Clothes

Love this colorful umbrella and the clothes. Talk about "Singin' in the Rain....Gene Kelley would have loved it!

Love this colorful umbrella and the clothes. Talk about “Singin’ in the Rain….Gene Kelley would have loved it!

The Sunday, October 18 Golden Oaks Thrift Store Fashion Show as a huge success and the large room at Hootman Center was filled with women (and several men, as well) who attended this inaugural event. The idea for the fashion show was to show some of the beautiful clothes that pour into the Hilltop Blvd. thrift store in “downtown Running Springs.” The clothes were elegant, or practical or just plain fun, and they were all selected from the clothes racks at the store. The models were members of Golden Oaks and it was a really fun event and a great way to show people that there’s a lot of great clothes, at great prices, at the store.

A beautiful bride....a wedding dress any bride would adore. It was at the thrift store. How beautiful and sentimental!

A beautiful bride….a wedding dress any bride would adore. It was at the thrift store. How beautiful and sentimental!

The revenue from the thrift show is donated to several local non-profit organizations or to help the community in many different ways…some are seen and some are unseen but none the less, they’re there. Since it was founded in the 1980s the “senior” organization has donated thousands upon thousands of dollars to help local residents and/or organizations in many different ways.

This beautiful model was having way too much fun. Who says thrift store clothes aren't great? Well, they're wrong, as evidenced by the great clothes that were modeled.

This beautiful model was having way too much fun. Who says thrift store clothes aren’t great? Well, they’re wrong, as evidenced by the great clothes that were modeled.

This first-ever fashion show proved to be a fun event and it included delicious desserts as well. Virtually everyone who attended had a great time and you couldn’t have (legally) squeezed one more person in there even if you wanted.Golden Oaks Fashion Show Oct. 2014 018

To say the fashion show as a hit is quite an understatement. My recommendation? If you haven’t checked out the clothes at the store go by there as soon as possible. Right now they have a lot of good winter clothes and boots and an enormous amount of Halloween costumes but the inventory changes daily depending on what’s donated and what lucky people walk away with some great items at ridiculously inexpensive prices. Without a doubt, the most sentimental “dress” that  floated out to “ahs’ from all the attendees was a gorgeous while perfectly beautiful  floor-length bridal gown. It truly was exquisite and the young woman who modeled it was  gorgeous and when she “floated” out of the dressing room area there were “oohs” and “ahhs” from everyone. What a lovely ending to a great event.

If the Golden Oaks decide that another fashion show would be fun, be sure to attend. Ask your men and women friends because It really was a great event and the clothes were beautiful. The “guys” even enjoyed it and the luncheon that was held prior to the show was delicious.

Having known Helen and Bob Hootman for so many years I could almost feel their presence and they would have loved this show. I know it’s my imagination but the large framed photographs of them on the wall seemed to be smiling even more broadly.

Loved it!


R.S. Chamber of Commerce Sets Dec. 5 Community Christmas Tree Lighting Fun

Santa wants to see you at the Running Springs Community Christmas Party Dec. 12 at Hoffman Elementary. Be there or he'll put coal in your stocking!

Santa Claus is so smart. He is so busy each year that he has a calendar. If he forgets to put something important in it he’s apt to forget but luckily for the Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce and all the children in the community, Santa has already put his scheduled visit to Running Springs. He’s going to fly into the local community on December 5 to visit with the local children. The chamber of commerce sent him an e-mail (yes, Santa knows how to e-mail) and asked him if he could be at the annual Christmas Tree lighting ceremony by the Running Springs Coffee Shop and good old Santa said “Yes!”

So, not only will be able to sing Christmas Carols at the Christmas Tree lighting but Santa will be there too.

Don’t forget, September 5 and if you forget Santa will be so disappointed. Parents, you might want to bring a camera so you can take some photos. I’m going to have to check with Santa (or some of his elves or even Mrs. Claus) to find out what time he might be arriving in Running Springs. When I find out I’ll let all of you know so you can help spread the word and plan to greet Santa. You know, he must be really tired because he’s getting a “tad” older and he has to fly all the way around the world in one night. He might consider talking to NASA to see if he could rent the space shuttle. It might be a good idea although the reindeer would probably be very disappointed.

Rec and Park District Hosting Halloween Camp…….It Will Be Spooktacular

Halloween_girl_w_pumpkinWhat a treat..and it’ not a trick or treat. Instead, the Rim of the World Recreation and Park District’s Childcare Program is hosting a “spooktacular” event on Halloween night. Since the schools are closed and parents still have to work they are opening their doors at Lake Arrowhead, Charles Hoffman and Grandview elementary schools for “Halloween Camp”. The fun will be held on Friday, October 31 from 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and children will be able to enjoy creepy crafts, scary stories, frightening food and a fun-filled day of ghostly games and terrific treats.

From to to 4:30 p.m. the children will Trick-or-Treat at Lake Arrowhead Village so costumes are encouraged. All participants must register in advance. For the children that are currently enrolled in the Before and After School Program on Fridays, the charge for Halloween Camp is $15 and non-enrolled children can attend but the rate is $30.

For more information about this fun “camp” call the district office at (909) 337-7275 or send an e-mail to: childcare@rim-rec.org.

It sounds like a “horribly” fun time for the children so parents, you need to call and reserve a spot.

Doesn’t this sound like fun! Boo!


Blue Star Moms…,.,You’re the Best!

Blue Star Moms at Pine Cone FestivalAre you new to the mountain communities but have a child that is serving in the armed forces? If so, you might not know that there is a local chapter of the wonderful group, Blue Star Moms. The women meet the first Monday of the month except in August.

Meetings start promptly at 6:30 p.m. at Arturo’s Restaurant on Hwy. 189 in Blue Jay. There’s a social hour before the meeting that starts at 5:30 p.m. New members are always welcome!

For information on the local chapter send an e-mail to: mkinnick1@gmail,.com.

I know someone wonderful will return your call. These service “moms” are very active and proud of their sons and daughters who are serving our country and we, in turn, are proud of all of them. PIne Cone festival 2014 068

This year the local chapter has been so fortunate because the women at the Lake Arrowhead Country Club that play 18 holes of golf choose the local Blue Star Moms chapter as their charity for the annual golf tournament. This fun event was held last month and I know it went well.

One of the programs this active group of great women has participated in for the past few years is the Banner program where our women and men who are serving their country have a flag with their photo on it that is perched on a light post or other high place around our communities. The last flag raising took place on August 28 when Jason Granger’s banner was erected on a pole at the top of Hwy. 189 at the entrance to the Lake Arrowhead Post Office. Naturally, his wife and three young sons attended along with other friends and family.

When the women participated in the very successful Mountain Top Days Parade in Running Springs a couple of months ago the ovation they got from the people lining Hilltop Blvd. was huge. To say we all appreciate these moms is such an understatement. They are very active in many mountain events and last week when I was at the Pine Cone Festival, there were the Blue Star Moms.

With sons and daughters deployed to lands far away from home there is little we, individuals can do to help them but we can help their families so do what you can to promote this great organization. Each mom of every soldier or sailor is, whether they’re in the organization or not,a Blue Star Mom and each and every one deserves as much support as we can give them.

For information on this important local chapter log onto http://www.rotwbluestarmoms.com or call (909) 553-3003.




Snow Valley Sets Nov. 1 Winter Job Fair

snow-valley-snow-006Snow Valley Ski Resort will be filled with applicants for jobs on November 1 when they hold their annual Winter Job Fair. The hours are 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and Snow Valley officials are looking for people who are willing to work hard and are dedicated to their jobs during the upcoming ski season.

A variety of seasonal jobs need to be filled for the 2014-15 winter season.

During this annual event applicants will meet with department managers and supervisors for the many available jobs.ski lift

To save yourself some time fill out an application online by logging onto http://www.snow-valley.com/jobs.html. Be sure to take your filled-out application to the Winter Job Fair or you’ll have to start all over again making a new one.

For further information call (909) 867-2751.

While no one at Snow Valley is asking anyone to pray for snow, it certainly couldn’t hurt.

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