Getting to Know the AAA

With Christmas right around the corner it makes me think about the wonderful people in our local mountains who give of their time and often their money to help our communities. Without a doubt one of the most important organizations continues to be the Arrowhead  Association. This group, that started the organization in 1985, was determined, dedicated and willing to help at a moment’s notice and today, all these years later the members continue to not only bring wonderful music to our mountain communities but along the way they help local music students in many, many ways. The performances they bring to our mountain communities are always wonderful.

Without a doubt the members of the Mountain Arts Auxiliary this group of dedicated group of women provides support for the music programs and events sponsored by the organization are truly spectacular. Luckily this dedicated group of local children if they want to learn to play an instrument they may be able to get financial help from this wonderful group. There are several different programs that the Arrowhead Arts supports from sponsoring musical performances in the local schools, a strings program, as well as youth orchestras whose students are in the Rim School District. Without a doubt one of the most  most wonderful things this local organization does is making sure that the local students perform at many events throughout the mountain communities and many venues “off the mountain”. Each year the organization has a huge part to play in the  local production of The Nutcracker as well as funding the Early Childhood Music Program. One of the most important efforts by this wonderful association is they often help students with a scholarship program so students can attend summer music camps, private student music lessons and senior scholarships.

During the 2016 year alone the members of the Arrowhead Arts Association’s “on the mountain” programs totaled  $92,399. Between all the programs they sponsor and the musical events this wonderful organization is absolutely amazing. If you’ve never attended any of their performances keep an eye on this local organization and promise yourself you’ll get to some of the performances they bring to “our” mountain.

When you add up all that this organization does for our mountain communities they deserve so many kudos. For for more information call (909) 337-4296 for information or log



Santa Had a Great Time!

Last night, December 1 the Golden Oaks Thrift Store on Hilltop  Boulevard was where Santa made his way to the site to hear Christmas wishes from all the local children. This fun event, and I do mean FUN EVENT, was fabulous and I’m always wondering who had more fun Santa or all the excited children. It was wonderful and although it was cold parents, children, chamber members and plain old happy joyous Christmas spirit could be found along Hilltop Blvd. Not only was Santa around to talk with excited children but the annual Christmas tree lighting also took place. It was a wonderful, fun evening for everyone and that’s no ho-ho-ho! It was great!

Here Comes Santa Clause

Don’t forget that the annual tree lighting and visit from Santa himself at 6 p.m. on December 1. Santa is so busy these days so be sure to go to the Golden Oaks Thrift Shop on Hilltop Boulevard. There will be treats, hot chocolate and cider as well as local residents singing Christmas carols as they weave their way throughout town. Santa has promised to be at the thrift show to talk with the children to see what they want him to bring this Christmas.

The thrift store is located on Hilltop Boulevard near Jensen’s market. With all the fun that’s planned you couldn’t miss the area where Santa will land on Dec. 1. Spread the word because, true to the Christmas song, “Here comes Santa Claus” he’s flying into Running Springs for this fun event. We’re lucky because Santa is sooooooo  busy this time of year but he told the chamber members that he wouldn’t miss this stop for anything.

See you there! Remember to dress warmly!

Santa’s Coming to Town December 1

Santa plans to make his annual flight to Running Springs on December 1 at 6 p.m. when he will be in Running Springs. He’ll be more than happy to hear what children   (and probably a few adults) want for Christmas. He’ll be at the Golden Oaks  Thrift Store at 31962 Hilltop Blvd. The thrift store is very close to Jensen’s Market on Highway 18 in Running Springs so grab your coats and be sure to visit Santa. This fun event is sponsored each year by the Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce. With a huge “thank you” to the Golden Oaks this terrific local organization will have hot cider and hot chocolate as well as treats and Christmas caroling to greet this special holiday on December 25. For further information call the chamber of commerce at (909) 867-2411 or go by the thrift store. Grab your coats and scarves and plan to attend this fun event. The lighting of the tree has been a longtime event so get into the holiday spirit and sing a few carols and say “hello” to Santa. After all, Santa is very busy this time of year so we owe him a big “thank you” for coming to this annual event. Not only is the tree lit on this event but many local businesses celebrate with discounts. Caroling is always a huge part of this event so come out and have some hot cider or hot chocolate (or both) and enjoy the Christmas carols. For more information call the Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce at (909) 867-2411. Get out your warm jackets and hats and enjoy the fun wandering into and out of our local shops and singing carols. Don’t worry if you’re not ready for your singing debut come on out and enjoy the holiday fun. Trust me, you’ll love it!

Santa’s Coming to Town

Be sure to be part of the fun on December 1 at 6 p.m. when Santa himself will stop on Hilltop Blvd. right where the Golden Oaks Thrift Store is located at 31962 Hilltop Boulevard. Come enjoy some hot chocolate, treats, hot cider and et into the Christmas spirit.  This fun annual holiday event is sponsored by the Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce and the Golden Oaks. Be sure to wear warm clothes and carry a jacket or heavy blankets because it’s probably going to be cold.

Santa’s waiting for all the fun and a lot of local businesses will help welcome him to Running Springs with special holiday discounts.

Santa’s Coming to R.S. On Dec. 1

It’s definitely this time of year when Santa comes to Running Springs to meet the children and to have Christmas fun in our local community. This years event will be held December 1 at 6 p.m. at the Golden Oaks Thrift Store parking lot on Hilltop Boulevard close to Jensen’s Market. Bundle up and enjoy the lighting of the beautiful tree, caroling, hot cider, and hot chocolate as well as holiday discounts. This great event is sponsored each year by the Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce so wear your warm winter clothes and enjoy this fun event.

See you there for the tree lighting on Hilltop Boulevard and a big “thank you” to the chamber of  commerce and the Golden Oaks. Santa always loves to fly into Running Springs for this holiday fun so be sure you’re there because Santa will miss you terribly if you’re not around for the lighting of the tree and the chance to purchase gifts with discounts at many of our businesses.


Santa’s Coming to Running Springs on Dec. 1—Be There or HUMBUG!

Don’t tell anyone but Santa’s confirmed his flight path and he promises to be in Running Springs on December 1 at 6 p.m. He simply can’t wait to light up the  tree and “officially” start Christmas where the (always wonderful) Golden Oaks thrift store on Hilltop Blvd. Thanks to the Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce Santa won’t miss one minute of the fun and our local businesses celebrate by giving shoppers discounts, discounts and more discounts. In addition to shopping fun there will be caroling, holiday treats, hot chocolate  and hot cider. What would we do is Santa didn’t come this year? Well, you won’t have to worry because Running Springs is always at the top of his “go to have fun” list. Doesn’t that sound like fun??????!!!!!!!!!

Come and get into the Christmas season….after all, you don’t want Santa to put a heavy piece of coal in your stocking if you don’t come on out for all the fun! One of the best parts of this great (and longstanding) event is that the beautiful tree (close to Jensen’s Market on Hilltop Boulevard), will have been adorned by thousands of colorful lights.

See you on December 1 at 6 p.m. Come out and enjoy the beautiful tree and all the Christmas fun that goes along with this special time of the year.

Don’t disappoint Santa by being somewhere else on this special evening because he might put a piece of coal in your Christmas stocking if you don’t show up.. Bundle up and wear lots of warm clothes to keep you warm….after all (eeekkkkk!) Christmas really is just around the corner (or should I say) It’ll be here before we know it.