Happy 80th Birthday Snow Valley

While I don’t know if there’s a big enough birthday cake to give to Snow Valley Mountain Resort to celebrate their 80th birthday but I do know that everyone is thrilled that the local (and oh so wonderful) ski area is going great after all these years. Needless to say, throughout the decades Snow Valley has played host to many thousands of happy skiers who love the local area for many different reasons. While there are hundreds (if not thousands) of ski areas throughout the country Snow Valley remains a fabulous ski area in the local San Bernardino Mountains that is enjoyed each year by skiers who are looking for a ski area that’s not too far from “home.”  One of m most cherished photos is one small black and white, very small photo of my father in about the 1930s (or thereabouts) which he wrote on the back of the photo and it say’s Snow Valley. He was a great athlete and loved skiing and he, most of all, loved going to “early” Snow Valley. So, that being said, “Happy Birthday” Snow Valley. You’re looking better and better at 80 years old!


New Asian Restaurant Hosts “Soft Opening”

Wow…….what a great “opening” that was held this morning at the new  Chinese restaurant in “downtown” Running Springs. This “tasting” and “tasty” event was fabulous and I’ll tell you what……..the food was delicious and everyone that came by for a “tasting”  walked away really happy and so excited to have a new restaurant in our community. A lot of people turned out for this “tasting” and let me tell you, everyone loved the food and the ambiance. Without a doubt this long hoped-for restaurant will be a great asset to our local community. Congrats to the owners for “hanging in there” and for opening this new restaurant right “in town.” Loved it, the food was delicious so yippee and a big “thanks” to the owners for “taking a risk” in our small area. What a great event and I know that this new business will be a huge asset to all of us as well as to hundreds (or thousands) of visitors who come through our communities on Hwy. 18. Congrats and a big thank you to the owners!!!!!!

December Fun at Hoffman Elementary

It truly is “looking a lot like Christmas” and Charles Hoffman Elementary School children are having a great time with the season.I hope the Holiday Boutique on December 4 was a big success. On December 7 the fourth and fifth graders will perform for the parents at 8:45 a.m. On December 17 children will be able to “win a Reindeer” at Hot Lunch. On the same day, a gift book-away of free books will be exciting. Two days later, on Dec. 19 Mrs. Claus (herself) will visit with the children who have 100 percent attendance for 12 days of Christmas. A holiday performance will be held at the school at 8:45 a.m. on December 20. This promises to be delightful and parents and other visitors are encouraged to wear their “holiday best!” What great fun for all the students as well as the teachers, principal and all the staff. Remember, adults are just “older children” when it comes to holidays times so be sure to enjoy some of the events at the local Running Springs school. I was so lucky to know Chuck Hoffman for many, many years and I know he would absolutely love the holiday fun that is part of the season. He’d be right there having a fabulous time with “his” students.

From 2nd District Supervisor Janice Rutherford.. The FAA will Implement New Nighttime Route!

“The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has notified the San Bernardino County second district supervisor, Janice Rutherford, as well as other officials that the agency plans to implement a new nighttime route on April 26, 2918 to address resideent’s concerns about commercial aircraft noise “Hopefully, the new route will lessen the impacts of the FAA’s poor decision to reroute flights over Lake Arrowhead last year,” Rutherford said. n”We’re not spiking the football yet. We have to continue working to encourage the FAA to make additional changes to fully address resident’s concerns about commercial jets buzzing their community.” The FAA implemented the SoCal Metroplex project last spring. It replaced dozens of  conventional air routes with ones based on satellite navagation. One of the routes takes planes over the Lake Arrowhead communities, which are more than 5,000 feet above sea level. In January, FAA officials implemented the SoCal Metroplex Project last spring. It replaced dozens of conventional air routes with ones based on satellite aviation. In January FAA officials attended the Arrowhead Municipal Advisor Council meeting to announce that the agency was working on re-routing the night flights. Supervisor Rutherford will meet with FAA officials in Washington, D.C. in March to continue discussions about noise problems the mountain communities have experienced since the new route was implemented.

San Bernardino County Regional Business Summit Feb. 12, 2019 in Ontario

The San Bernardino county Regional Business Summit will be held on February 12, 2019 at the Citizens Business Bank Arena at 4000 Ontario  Center Parkway Registration is open  a:t http://www.SBCounty. More than 1,000 business, community and government leaders will be at this annual event. This year’s event theme is “Innovate, Transform, Grow. As a huge part of this event is working with and tword business growth and innovative ideas . Early bird registration is now open for this exciting and interesting event which is one of the largest regional business meet in the entire Inland Empire. That being said, if you’re interested (who wouldn’t be?) log onto http://www.SBCounty for information.

Cal State Universities Extend Application Deadline to December 15

If you or someone you know is planning to attend any of the Cal State universities the priority deadline to apply has been extended for all 23 campuses to December 15. This decision was made due to the wildfires that caused havoc to so many areas in California. This information is current for applicants for the fall 2019 year. For more information log onto httpps://www.2.calstate.edu/apply.

Thank You George H. W. Bush

It is with the death yesterday  of former U.S. President George H. W. Bush it is a reminder that he gave so much to our country and no matter your political  affiliation we do owe him a lot. In fact, whether we like our presidents a lot or not at all, they do step up to do a job that we cannot really “grasp” in many ways. We need to remember that our presidents are “just” people and they often make mistakes or judgments just like “the rest of us” but they often are vilified for decades for their opinions and/or decisions. With that said, an enormous “thank you” goes to the Bush family during this very difficult time. I know I’m not alone in sending this message out into “cyber-land.”