I just returned to Running Springs from a three-day romp with my wonderful cousin and as usual, we had a wonderful time. Val lives in Pasadena and has been there for ages. I’m back at my computer (as you can see) so  I have some catching up to do.



R.S. Farmer’s Market: May 5-Sept. 29, 2018

Well, it’s that time of year again when the Running Springs Farmer’s Market makes summer more interesting. Thanks to the Running Springs Chamber of Commerce this event will begin May 5 and end in September.  Come on over to the site by First Mountain Bank and the Running Springs Post Office and the children’s playground.

The past two years have been a big success for vendors of food and many different items. The past events have been a huge success so come on over. You’re bound to find something great to eat and/or purchase. Following in last year’s event there will be several days where the Snow Valley ski pass qualifies buyers to spend a certain amount of money at the farmer’s market and then they qualify to get a Snow Valley ski ticket. This program has been a huge success for both Snow Valley and the Running Springs Chamber of Commerce so be sure to check.

See you soooooooonnnnnnnnn!

Will Miss John Futala: One of a Kind in Running Springs and Arrowbear Lake

I was so sorry to hear about the recent death of John Futala. For many,many years this man was loved and respected by so many people in our small community. He was the original owner of the Golden Elk which, in its day, was a bar/resturant on Hwy. 18 in Arrowbear Lake. He was very involved with the Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce as well as “the Running Springs posse”  and having known him for many, many years I had great regard for this man. Those of us who have been in our small communities for a long time remember him well.

The Golden Elk was a bar/resturant on Hwy. 18 in Arrowbear for many years and “the Elk” stood on the roof of the establishment so it was hard to miss. Throughout the years that John had the bar/resturant it boomed but it was closed many years ago but the green building is still there.

If I receive any additional information on his death or a service I will post it so those of you who may want to attend can have the information.

I like to think he’s having a great time wherever his spirit is…..we will miss this man who, for so many years. was really involved in many different local organizations. He certainly was “one of a kind and I hope he knows he’s being remembered by many friends.

Another Great Pete Shaw Classic from 1987

“I’m always amused when I view the youth baseball program each season. We’re almost through another season and one scenario continues to repeat itself. It includes the super intense coach with the whistle and clipboard striding the baselines kicking dirt and baiting umpires.

Coach Smutz never quite made it himself and he intends to become a living legend by leading a farm team to glory and fame. His Walter Middy dream includes a headline that reads “Smutz Leads Bombers to Undefeated Season.”

Alas, the Bombers players include Arthur who loves to chase tiger Swallowtail butterflies in left field: Clarence who manages to wave to his mother from third base each time a ground ball passes by; and William who has a dandelion fetish and is usually blowing the parachute seeds into the air above right field. The only thing that interrupts his activity is an occasional fly ball and that goes unnoticed until the screams of Coach Smutz are finally heard. Larry, the catcher, simply cannot move under thee weight of his equipment and unless the ball is delivered in a zone 12 inches in width it simply goes past and must be retrieved by someone else. Larry did attempt to chase a ball once but he tripped over his chest protector which not only protects his chest but his entire body, including his feet.

Richard, the pitcher, has compiled a walk to strikeout ratio ratio of 26 to 1. during one 4th inning every spectator dozed-off except one; his mother.

The bomber’s record is 1-18-1 (the win was a forefit and the tie ended 46 to 46 as the game was called because of darkness).

As Smutz’s dreams evaporate he becomes more and more irrational. at first the kids are a little in awe and somewhat intimidated, but every performances loses it’s dramatic effect when repeated again and again. Soon the whistle falls on deaf ears and the players take bets on which inning their esteemed leader will e ejected; it soon becomes clear to the players who the victim is . Shmutzs blood pressure is up 18 points; canker sores form on his lips around the whistle; larengitis becomes a permanent condition he suffers a broken big toe from kicking the bat rack; a twitching appears over his right eye; and his diet consists of Maalox and Kaopectate.

Meanwhile, William is still blowing parachute seeds in right field ; Clarence is catching his mother’s eye and Arthur catches one to add to his collection; they obviously have their priorities in order.



39th “Run Through the Pines” Aug. 11

One of the most exciting and wonderful event that has been sponsored by the Rim of the World Recreation and Park District is the “Run Through the Pines”. This year’s event is set for August 11 and it will be the 39th “anniversary” of this popular event. This year the run will begin and end at the new Lake Gregory Education/Community Center.

This event always brings out a lot of participants as well as spectators. Over the years this event has gotten bigger and bigger. Want a challenge? One of the main reasons it attracts so many “really fit” people is the challenge of running in the mountain elevation at 5,000 feet. As this event has become more and more popular many local runners from Crestline take part in the run or they help in many different ways.

There are many ways that can help including being a vendor, being a sponsor, being a water and cheering station attendant.There are many different ways that people can help so if you’d like to be part of this exciting event call the Recreation and Park District at (909) 337-PARK or log onto: http://www.rim-rec.org.

See you at this great event o August 11.


Skypark at Santa’s Village…..Fabulous!

The song “Everything Old is New Again” certainly applies to Santa’s Village. It’s been in our local communities for decades and now “everything old is new again” and the wonderful old property is still there with a host of new attractions and great fun for everyone who steps through the gate.

Located directly next to Hwy. 18  in Skyforest thanks to new management and ownership this wonderful old amusement area has a whole new life as there’s truly something for everyone…..children and families, “oldies but goodies” who remember it when they were young enjoy the ambiance of the “old days” and they (along with new guests) are enjoying the new attractions. At night the lights of the village are beautiful as drivers pass by. I can’t imagine how many bright lights are lit up but it must be thousands. It truly is a beautiful sight and site.

While many different attractions are there the ambiance of the “old” Santa’s Village is certainly there. With all the new shops and new eating areas and shops everyone will have a great time. Strollers and wheelchair rentals are available.

For those of us who are “oldies but goodies” and remember the “old” Santa’s Village the new  Skypark will bring back memories.

For information call (909) 744-9373 or log onto:SkyparkSantasvillage.com






Happy,Happy Easter

I hope that everyone who celebrates Easter had a wonderful day. I’ve been swamped (and fighting a cold) so I haven’t been running around as much as I would have liked to. I hope this sacred day is filled with family and friends and that it will be a wonderful day for all. My family went to a wonderful “performance” two nights ago at Church of the Woods. There were many people there for the Easter program. It truly was marvelous. Thank you to all who were involved.

I’ll be back blogging in a day or so be patience.

Thanks, Joan