When Frankie Avalon “Wowed” at “The Hop” in 1988

Back on October 1, 1988 Frankie Avalon absolutely had a fabulous time (as did all of us who were there) when Frankie Avalon gave a wonderful concert in the Rim High Gym. To make it even better the fabulous Coasters and Rivington’s were also there. I tell you what, it was beyond fun. Hundreds of people attended and it was soooooooooo  much fun. Those of us who grew up (or who loved the 1960s and 1970s music) had such a great time and no young ladies turned up in an itsy-bitty-teeny-weeny-yellow-polka dot bikinis which was such a popular song during that era.  What a great evening


Hello out there in Soroptimist land……….I’d love to talk with someone who’s with the Soroptimists to see how I can help promote what you’re doing? I used to be in the R.Springs Soroptimist group a long time ago and I know that the Arrowhead and the Running Springs groups merged ages ago. I’d love to post about what you’re doing but I need some information. Please keep me in the loop if you can. I used to belong to it many, many years ago and I’d love to post the “goings on” on my blog. Just send an e-mail to: Joan Moseley at Charter.net and hopefully I’ll hear from someone. Sending love to all of you who are still involved (if it’s still going). Let me know.

Summer Fun at Snow Valley

Okay all you mountain bikers or hikers the summer’s great for mountain biking and while you’re there you can take the scenic chairlift rides which will give you a really different view of the surrounding area than you can get while you’re on the ground. The new really large (and quite interesting to see)  Snow Valley Express will take you to the top so come on down Hwy. 18 (toward Big Bear) and get off at Snow Valley. You’ll have a great time and trust me, the kids will love it too!

By the way, toward the end of September let’s all start “praying for snow” so this year our communities will have a great year and so can all the great people that flock to the beautiful mountains. You know, with last year’s “not so great snowfall” our communities need help and so does the environment.

‘Lovin’ Aretha Franklin

For those of us who were around in the 1970s, 1980s up to today and more are remembering that fabulous woman. As the world has found out that that incredible lady died just a couple of days ago but for those of us who loved her will never, ever forget her. What a fabulous voice and she had that soul, not just in her voice but in her life. She truly was a wonderful lady who’ to those of us who loved her singing and her life, will never, ever forget Aretha. What a fabulous lady. She was one of those singers who didn’t just sing with her voice she sang with her whole body. Thank goodness in this era we have records and other musical devices so that we can always listen to that great lady’s soul. and she really had soul, not just in her voice but in her life.

Sending love and comfort to her family and friends.

I just came back from going to the wonderful movie theater in Blue Jay with one of my very best and longest friends, Pat Harper. The Blue Jay theater is fabulous…..and cool so if you’re looking to get out of the heat go to the theater and enjoy  a movie. My wonderful longtime friend  and I took in a wonderful and perfectly delightful showing of the new “Christopher Robin” movie. If you think it’s only for kids, it isn’t. Besides, even if it is for children it’s also for “oldies but goodies” who still have a child’s heart. The theater is large and the popcorn is great. Come and enjoy and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! There’s a lot of parking (which, of course, is free). Give yourself a treat…….go to a movie!

For information contact the theater at (909) 337-8404. Enjoy the show!!!!!

From 1989 By Pete Shaw: “From Behind The Oak”

Each person in this world should have one other who spoils him just because……When I was a child my Aunt Mary filled that role for me. I very often spent time at her house and it was always a particularly special experience. She had three girls of her own, Nancy, Patsy and Joan, and they used to hate to see me arrive a the house. They were older and used to torment me as often as possible. In all other ways my Aunt Mary was a reasonable and practical a person as you could find, but when it came to me, she blanstently favored me; made no excuses about it and I love it.

In the afternoons she and I would sit at her old, chipped white porcelain table and she would put hearing teaspoons of Salada loose black tea into a fat teapot. Boiling hot water would be added and a tea cozy a knitted wool cover) would then be tucked about the spout. After a few  minutes the tea would be poured into cups nestled into bone china saucers. The liquid would flow from spout, black and rich, with just enough bitterness to demand cream and at least three teaspoons of sugar. There would be butter tarts and shortbread sections that would begin to melt as they as they met my lips. Nancy, Patsy and Joan would push in and out of wooden screen doors with the long metal spring, pulling the door out as far as possible so it would slam their protests. “Glory be, do you have to be comin’ in and out so much often and, at the least, you could do is give us a little peace.”  Through her chastisment the three would glare and send looks toward me  that told me there serious consequences the first chance they got.

The family would comment to my Aunt Mary from time-to-time about the risk of spoiling me and allowing me to believe I had some special place.

And she would answer with the words of Father Andrew: “I feel the more I know God, that He would sooner we did wrong in loving, than never love for fear of doing wrong.”

Not such a bad reply for my Aunt Mary and the family, and, for that matter, our world.

Not much a bad reply for my Aunt Mary and the family, and for that ma

Another Fabulous Pete Shaw Story!!

When I started The Alpenhorn newspaper in 1988 in Running Springs Pete Shaw was principal of Charles Hoffman Elementary School and he used to give me a column each month. I never knew what he would write. Sometimes they were loving and lovely and other times they were absolutely hilarious.Fortunately I still have some of his columns so here’s one to enjoy. You’ll love it……even though it is long!

“I’m old. There is no denying it now. One of the classic symptoms of aging is o distain the music and dance of the young. I have tried to be tolerant; heaven knows I’ve tried but I have certain build-in prejudices. One is that music should have a melody; another is that dancers should acknowledge they have a partner. For this I apologize; I know I’m just a human fossil who is a product of a culture that danced cheek-to-cheek to romantic strains and the aroma of gardenias.

I have recently had occasions to observe the music and dance of our youth and I am simply too un-sophicated to understand the meaning or the ritual.

First of all, the music is amplified to such volume that my tympanic membranes ear drums) send messages to my frontal lobes. The lobes, not knowing how to respond, start to  pound my frontal lobes. The lobes, not knowing how to respond, start to pound out messages to the rest of the brain that some unidentified intruder is barraging the senses. None of the systems have an explanation so they simply begin to ache.

One of the phenomena I don’t understand is that each member of the group, le’s call them the Sadistic Linguini, are all singing solos unrelated to any other of the Linguini’s musical direction. The lead singer seems engaged with the microphone and screams terribly vindictive epitaphs into it. In fact, the whole group seems upset about something because they jump, yell, scream and gyrate about the stage in seemingly furious frames of mind. I have a private theory that their leather pants are too tight and  that each musician  is dying of varying degrees of discomfort bordering on agony.  Someone should tell their tailor so they could experience a little relief

I’m even more baffled about the the dancing. I grew u in a time when dancing became a great opportunity to touch a member of the opposite sex without coming under serious suspicion. Faster dancing had the excitement of putting steps and twirls together so as to become almost one with the rhythm. All in all, it was an experience that combined romantic melodies; innocent perfumes; holding and touching; sweet whispered messages, and above all, all fun!

As I observe our youth dancing there seems to be an isolated moroseness about the activity. Each partner must have concerns about the current serious problem of communicable social diseases because no one touches.

Each stares away as if transfixed in serious thought that does not include the partner and there is no observable attempt to sycronize the dance steps. I have even watched couples spend a considerable amount of time with his/her back turned into to their partner. The mutual rejection seems to be understood by each partner as they move about the floor in complete indifference to one another. I would personally feel a little hurt.

Ah well, not to worry; I have lots to do. Bingo starts in 15 minutes, then they wheel me back for lunch (turkey and gravy over mashed potatoes  today with peach cobbler for dessert). At 7 p.m. I get my pill and then I’ll listen to a Lawrence Welk tape (Myron Floren does three solos) until I doze off. “How much is that doggy in the window? The one with the waggily tail…….”