Last Running Springs Farmer’s Market Oct. 29-This Coming Weekend

Well, all good things must eventually come to an end and the popular Running Springs Farmer’s Market is almost over for this year. For those of you who “follow my blog” you know I’ve already posted this information but I just want to make sure that everyone knows (or now remembers) that this will be the last one until next year. The fabulous Snow Valley Ski Lift Ticket program will be available to people who spend $25 at the market. A huge “thank you” to Snow Valley for this program that has been such a wonderful promotion to skiers and families who can’t wait until the snow falls so they can strap on their skis (not until they get to Snow Valley probably) and have a great time. The farmer’s market is located in Running Springs (obviously) near the Running Springs library and across the small road to the First Foundation Bank. With all the vendors you probably won’t miss it.


Lake Gregory Motorcycle /Car Show Sept. 29

Wow, if you like to look at motorcycles or you have one you’ll want to be at the Lake Gregory on September 29 for the exiting motorcycle car show on the south shore of the lake. The hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. There will be food trucks, a beer garden and live music in addition to all the fabulous (and probably loud) motorcycles. There will be great awards for different categories like “people’s choice and “custom. If you’d like to go but you think it’s going to be too noisy go ahead and have a good time by taking some ear plugs.  For more information log onto: Sounds like fun to me!!!

A Thought For The Week (and Always, too) From 1987

When I first started my newspaper so many years ago (in the late 1980s) one of  lovely frends was Hal Tierney. He was a wonderful man who wrote beautifully and he would send me lovely “Thoughts for the Week” for many, many months. I have come upon one of his beautiful “thoughts” so I am passing them along to all of you to remember as well.

“Don’t live my life for me, nor grieve when I go. Know that I am unique. Seek me in yourself. The same shelf that held your mold held mine. But by the design of the Creator, no two alike. Mike, Joey, Pete or Bill? A million, a billion with the same but still all alone, each you and I Give the lie to average statistics, the norm. Who can weather such a storm? Be not deceived. Be not grieved that each like no other. We have one consolation. One fact, one touchstone, one word that makes all things we oft treasure it above another. The Word? It makes all races one, all faiths devine. Be done with guess. THE WORD IS BROTHER!                             


This morning I came upon the September 19, 1985 issue of “The Mountaineer” which was the first name for my newspaper. Several months later I changed the name to the Alpenhorn. I won’t bore you by telling you how that happened as it was a long time ago but that sometimes that tough time still echoes in my heart.Moving on…….. the headline in that 1985 front page stated ‘NO CHAMPAGNE.” Needless to say it caught the eyes of many people. The issue was, as I printed, “The Rim of the World School Board adopted a policy on September 17, allowing Superintendent Steffens to continue studying deeding property to Hoffman Elementary School in Running Springs to the Rim of the World Park and Recreation District for the community/senior center IF alcohol is not allowed at the facility. They felt it was inconsistent with district policy to allow alcohol at the site located next to the school. (Joan) All these years later I don’t know if that requirement is still in force.

Don’t Forget to “Shop on Top!”

Several years ago our mountain communities started a program that was entitled “Shop on Top” and the idea was that local residents and visitors should shop as much as possible in our local mountain businesses.  Now, many years later we all need to remember that our local businesses need our support or sooner or later they won’t be in business. Local business owners can’t count on a lot of support from people who come to visit our communities so they need our help. Throughout the decades we have certainly have had a lot of businesses which have closed but when that happens it’s a reminder that, as much as possible, we need to support them.

The Great Adventurer… Anonymous

This is such a beautiful very old poem that if I have already posted it you get to think of it again. I put it in my January 27, 1994 issue of The Alpenhorn and as I have been going through so many of my old newspapers I found it. It is beautiful and something to remember. There was no name listed so I said it was by “written” by anonymous. I love this poem as it is one that is “forever.” I hope you enjoy it as much as I have through the years.

“Over the mountains and over the waves,

Under the fountains and under the graves;

Under floods that are deepest, which Neptune obeys;

Over rocks that are steepist  love will find out the way.

You may esteem  him a child for his might;

Or you may deem him a coward from his flight;

But if she whom love doth honor by concealed from the day,

Set a thousand guards open her, love will find out the way.

Some think to lose him by having him confined;

and some do support him, poor thing to be blind;

But if ne’er so close ye wall him, do the best that you may,

Blind love, if so ye call him, will find out this way;

You may train the eagle to stoop to your fist;

Or you may inveigle the phoenix of the east;

The lioness, ye may move her to give o’er her prey;

But you’ll ne’er stop a lover: He will find out his way.