Interested in Having a Small Business? Read This NOW!

The California  Department of Tax and Fee Administr6ion is hosting free tax classes in Rancho Cucamonga. The classes are free and that include Basic Sales and Use Tax information. There are man programs being offered both in English and Spanish. Basic Sales and Ta will be held Wednesday, January 23 from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. at the CPTFA Office at 10760 4th Street, suite 200.  For those who speak Spanish on January 24 from 9:30 o 11:30 a.m. there will be a program available. There are many programs being offered such as New Business Orientation, Basic Record Keeping Basic Sales and Use Ta and, what to expec5 in an audit. These classes are accessible to people with disabilities.


Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl

Being born in Los Angeles and living there for much of my life I am thrilled that the Los Angeles Rams are in the Super Bowl. When I was in college my boyfriend and I were avid Rams fans and all these many decades later I am still a Rams fan. Way to go, Los Angeles!!!!!

Some Sunday Evening Thoughts of Long Ago

One of my most beloved people in the world is Mike Wyatt. I haven’t seen him for years but I think of him so often. Mike grew up in “our” mountains in Running Springs. In the August 1, 1996 issue of The Alpenhorn I sent him m love and support as he was the Quad Rugby team Captain who was going to participate in the paraplegic Olympics in that held following the “able-bodied” Olympics in Atlanta. I wrote that Mike had done so much with his life since he was paralyzed in a traffic accident many years ago. I wrote that he had been a tremendous help to all the Moseley’s and he and his mom, Donna had supplied a lot of support.

Friends are so wonderful. Many, many years ago my husband, Peter, was hit by a car and he was totally paralyzed. As a former long distance triathlete not being able to walk or certainly run was horrific for him and all of our family. Sometimes there are some good things that comes from terrible times and I look back on so many memories so many years ago when life was so uncertain and difficult. One of the greatest blessings also had “ties” to that terrible time and that was when  our friends came to help. We were blessed with love in many ways and one of the greatest came from my (now) son-in-law Gary Aberg who was a medic in the middle east war so many years ago. When he came home from the war we needed a caregiver for peter and we hired Gary as we had known his family for many years before he left to the Middle East. When he came home we needed a caregiver and we hired Gary who eventually married our daughter and is the wonderful father of their children. He is an unbelievable person who I love and admire so much. He was the right person at the right time.Like most parents I wish I could see my son John much more often than I do but having been a Rim school  student for many years he had great help and has owned his own business for decades and he continues to keep up the fabulous and wonderful job he has loved for years by building off-road vehicles. What an unbelievable talent he has and much of that talent came from Rim schools.

Sometimes out of great grief come wonderful “rainbows” to help us from only seeing the darkness and Gary and his family are part of that rainbow. Our son John and his wonderful family are also so special and I am so grateful to have them. How lucky I have been through the years. My son and my daughter are beloved by so many people and I am a part of their lives. I know how lucky I have been and continue to be. Life truly is good, even with its ups and downs that are part of life.


New Asian Restaurant in Running Springs is a HIT! You’ll love it!

My wonderful longtime friend Dayna Perkins and I had lunch yesterday at the new Hilltop Chinese restaurant right on Hwy. 18 (also known in our areas as Hilltop Boulevard in “downtown Running Springs” and I have to say the food was absolutely fabulous!!!! If you love Asian food make a “b-line” to the new restaurant and enjoy some of their delicious food They have a great menu  that includes combo specials, bowl specials and more. The also serve Asian drinks. snacks desserts. You can also purchase draft beer and wine. The owners and their staff are polite and fun to talk with and I know this newly opened (and much anticipated) restaurant will be a hit with “locals” and “out-of-towners” who come to our community.  Congratulations to the owners and their staff. In addition to eating inside if you’re having a party the will be happy to try their party trays or seafood. If you love sushi and you’re having a party  you can get their seafood and sushi party tray. To contact the restaurant dial (909) 891-0965. The owners will be happy to talk to you and you’ll be happy that they’ve worked so hard to get their new endeavor “going.”

When Running Springs Had a “Posse”

Many years ago (the late 1990s) Running Springs had a posse. It wasn’t a “real” Posse but it sure was fun for those who participated and those of us who enjoyed the “somewhat craziness” of the posse. One of the members was John Cornwall and for the August 8, 1996 issue of The Alpenhorn I took a photo of him holding up an aluminum soft drink can that had a huge hole in it. I took the picture to show how dangerous guns can be, even those  “only” using blanks. Posse members were great at not just having good old fun but in helping children (and old children known as oldies) that even guns with blanks are dangerous. In many ways the posse members not only had fun ” they were teachers, not gun slingers. They were active in  our small mountain communities  and they took part in a lot of chamber of commerce events and I remember that they would talk with children about being careful with guns. While it was kind of crazy the posse was a big help in many ways. I don’t think the posse is still around, although I’m not sure but I give them a big “pat on the back” for the fun and the work they did. While Running Springs isn’t Tombstone (thank goodness) it was fun and the members were very helpful in several different ways.

To the New Year:Auld Lang Syne.

welcome to the new year. Many a glass of champagne or other “spirits” are oft clinked on New Years Eve as the new year brings hope of great things for our lives, our families, our businesses and our planet. With that said, I say Happy New Year and thank you to Robert Burns for his beautiful poem “Auld Lang Syne.”

“Should auld acquaintence be forgot, and never brought to mind?

Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and Auld lang syne.

For auld lang syne, my dear, for auld lang syne,

We’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet for auld lang syne!

And surel y’ll be your pint-stowp, and surely It’ll be be mine,

Andd we’ll tak a cup okindness yet for auld lang syng.

We twa hae run about the bracs and pou’d the gowans fine,

We twa hae run about the braes and pou’d the gowans fine,

But we wandered monie a weary fit sin’ auld lang syne.

We two hae paidl’d in the burn. Frae morning sun till dine.

But seas between us braid hae roared sin’ auld lang syne.

  • Auld (old); syne (since); pint (sowp_ pint-cup; gowans, daisies, fi is, foot; paidl’d (paddled) burn (stream), dine, dinner.