Rim Nordic Mountain Biking: Yippee!

As usual a lot of fun welcomes mountain bike racing and the Rim Nordic XC series will be held on July 8, July 22 and August 26 which is the series final) .Enjoy the cool mountain  racing so come on up. Rim Nordic is five miles east of Running Springs and across from Snow Valley ski Resort.  The course will offer a variety of fun courses so come on up and challenge yourself.

There are several different courses of seven- mile laps. There are courses for everyone, from pros to beginners. No license is needed. Bring the kids because there is a special race for kids and don’t forget, children must wear a helmet and registration is required on race day.

Do you drive a “fat bike” well, on Sunday, December 9 the California State Fat Bike Championship will be held at Rim Nordic. For t

For more information  send an e-mail to: rimnordic@verizon.net



Fabulous Fun in Green Valley Lake This Summer!

Are you ready for some great fun? If so pay attention to the rest of the fabulous Green Valley Lake Summer Fairs. With one of the events already held the next one will be held on Wednesday, July 4. At 11 a.m. don’t miss the always-fun parade and get ready to enjoy the Jimmy Reid blues band at 5:30 p.m. Don’t worry, it’s free.

On July 4 you’ll want to be in green Valley for the 4th of July parade that is always absolutely fabulous and fun The parade starts at 11 a.m. While you’re there enjoy the photography exhibit and stay for the barn dance at 5:30 p.m. There will be a caller as well as a live band (the wonderful Grits ‘n Grady…….trust me, you’ll love it)! Enjoy the “birth of our country” in Green Valley…..you’ll have a wonderful time.

On July 14 don’t miss the chocolate festival, a pottery demonstration, the Gerry and the free band called Liz jazz band. Don’t miss the chocolate festival and the fun  band the Gerry & Liz jazz duo at 5:30 p.m.

Don’t miss the July 28 quilt show and pie festival. The fabulous band, Wake the Bard, will keep you clapping your hands at 5:30 p.m. (again, it’s free)

For more information log onto their website at green-valley-lake.com


When a Dirt Field Turned Into Caplinger Field in Running Springs

From September 1986 issue of The Alpenhorn newspaper (I was the owner)

“It was cool and crisp at the new field by Hoffman Elementary School in Running Springs on Saturday morning, September 13 when opening ceremonies for soccer were held. Special events were held to mark the beginning of organized games on the field which was sodded by local residents last May who carried, laid and pieced together over 100,000 square feet of sod to turn the dirt field into a beautiful patchwork of green grass all in one day.

AYSO Mountain Commissioner Sandy Caplinger and her husband ,who is Area Director.) were honored when it was announced that the field would be named “Caplinger Field.” The announcement was made by Rim of the World Recreation and Park and Park General Manager Les Kole. A few minutes later Kole and his wife Linda were honored for their service, not only to the soccer organization but to mountain sports and recreation as a whole. Larry Caplinger stated that “You can hire someone for a job and they do it and work eight hours a day. However, when the district hired Kole they got a man who works until the job is done.”  The Koles were presented with a plaque from AYSO and Les was awadred with the traditional honor of making the first kick of the season. While he may not be ready for the pros, with a little practice he might make a team.

At the beginning of the ceremony, soccer players and their families gathered around in a big circle. The children hung onto plastic trash bags filled with red,white and blue helium-filled balloons. At the designated moment, the children opened the bags and let the balloons float into the air .They sailed on the wind symbolically towards Lake Gregory where the opening ceremonies of soccer were being held at the same time on that field.

the first game of the day was played between two Running Springs area teams. coach Ed Kikuchi’s team, the Lightning Bolts beat the Hurricanes, coached by Bill McCorkle by  a score of 3-1. The first goal of the game was kicked by Tabitha Dale of the Hurricanes who was presented with the game ball. The game was stopped to allow Larry Caplinger to presented the ball to her. It was a special moment, not only fo her but for everyone who was present.  The actual dedication of the field was held the following spring.


Great Mtn. Bike Racing at Rim Nordic

Well, this year’s great mountain bike racing is almost underway at Rim Nordic. Starting July 22. Rim Nordic is easy to find as it is directly across Hwy. 18 from Snow Valley ski resorts. Come and enjoy the great weather and the fun of being in this X-C series and the beauty of the San Bernardino mountains.

Entry fees for this year can  online for the best prices. The race day charge is $45, juniors are $25, high school team members are $20, tandems are $50.  There are several different race courses to make sure that all riders enjoy the day at this popular summer sport. No license is needed but there is an entry fee for the races. On Saturdays registration be held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m..”Pre-riders are for registered  riders. For a fabulous day enjoy the great weather that goes along with being in the San Bernardino mountains.

For a lot of information  log onto: rimnordc@verizon.net. There is a great deal of information online so look it up and we’ll see you for the upcmoing events.   For help log onto: rimnordic@verizon.net) http://www.rimnordic.com

Arrowhead Arts Summer and Fall Performances

For several decades one of the most lovely part of summer has been the musical performances sponsored by the always-wonderful Arrowhead Arts Association. The organization’s summer music festival will be held on Thursday, July 20 at 6 p.m. when the fabulous Pete Jacobs and His Wartime Revue take the stage for a fun salute to hear the sounds of World War II and stories from the war years. This fabulous revue will have you going back to the nostalgic music from World War I!. this 16 piece band will have you tapping your feet or clapping your hands (or both) when the music from World War 2 take you back to the sound of this fabulous music that helped Americans everywhere during the pre-World War and and war years. This talented group is really fabulous and in their “wartime costumes” you’ll think you’re right back in the 1940s. They really are fabulous so don’t miss it!Tickets are only $20 and children from Kindergarten to 12-years-old are welcome if they are there with an adult.

This performance is not the first local performance so if you missed the first one don’t miss this one. It truly is fabulous so be there. If you want to take a picnic, you’ll have a great time as they are welcome at the site. However leave “Fido” at home because dogs  are not allowed.  If you’ve never seen Pete Jacobs and his Wartime Revue you’ll love every second.

Are You Single? If so, Check out Mountain Singles

If you’re singles and want to get to know other “singles” in our mountain communities then you’re in luck if you contact MountainSingles.org or call (909) 744-8561. This active group of local mountain “singles”has a great time including going to local resterants, movies and other fun events. In addition to enjoying local mountain restaurants,having game nights, movie nights,a Super bowl party each year when America’s favorite football game is played each year. One of the great things about this organization is that most of the events take place in our mountain communities.

For more information call (909) 744-8561.

R.S. Chamber Hosting Annual Memorial Day Recognition on May 28 at 11 a.m.

Ever since our veterans were coming home from Vietnam the Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce has held a short, but annul Memorial Day event. On Monday,May 28 at 11 a.m. plan to be there at the flag pole that is close to Hwy. 18 and the Coffee Shop and up the hill from Jensen’s Market on Hwy. 18. I am always out there setting up for the memorial celebration so I’m usually there at 10 a.m. One of the things that I love is when we start decorating the site many people driving by on Hwy. 18 honk their horns so they appreciate that in our small community we are honoring those who gave their best, and often their lives.

The service does not last long but it is something our community has done for many, many years to honor our veterans and those who have given their lives for this country. Children are welcome (especially those about 10 and over) so they can learn something about our history.

Please consider being at the flagpole and give honor to those who truly “gave their all” for their country.