A New Program Through Rec and Park District: Volunteens

rim-pr-logoThe Rim of the World Recreation and Park District wants “you,” yes you to attend the Volunteen’s Annual Summer Palooza. This is a free admission, ‘carnival like’ event that is planned for July 27. The volunteens are working hard at organizing and they hope to raise enough money to include carnival rides, blowup water  slides and other water features, games and prizes, free giveaways for the community and a whole lot more. Sounds like a fabulous event to me!

The teens are looking for Summer Palooza supporters and/or mountain vendors to be a part of the fun. They encourage businesses, organizations and companies to register to be an event exhibitors or to purchase a sponsor banner that will be hung before, after and during the event. This is a great publicity idea for local business owners to show their support for this great group of young people who live and help in our local areas.

The Rim of the World Volunteens are a group of young adults who volunteer their time in the community. they sign-up for various events and help with various projects for businesses and/or organizations here on the mountain. Besides helping other, the Volunteen program helps teenagers build job skills, gain community connections, provide a real plus on college applications and resumes and it serves as a resource to help local mountain youth with their future.

for more information on this unique program call or send an em-mail to: Brooklynn Tanner, Volunteen coordinator/programs and facility administrator at (909) 337-7275. E-mails can also be sent to: btaanner@rim-rec-org.





CHP and Sheriff’s Department Hosting “Social Media” Seminar: All Parents Should Go!

Arrowhead Area CHP Commander Tyler encourages parents to attend this very important meeting that affects youth and families.

Arrowhead Area CHP Commander Tyler encourages parents to attend this very important meeting that affects youth and families.

Parents! Save April 29 at 6 p.m. and be at the Rim High School Performing Arts Center for  what is sure to be an eye-opening look at cyber bulling and sexting seminar that is being coordinated by the CHP Arrowhead Area and the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department’s Twin Peaks station.

This seminar will be highly informative and it will be filled with information that parents MUST know regarding the use of social media, cyber bullying and sexting.

If you have children that have access to social media and/or wireless devices, you are highly encouraged to attend. The seminar is free and space is limited.

Parents should RSVP to Rim of the World High School at (909) 336-2038, extension 243 or 215.

Topics such as parent’s  responsibilities regarding their children’s use of social media, cyber bullying, improper use of wireless devices (sexting) and the consequences associated with these illegal activities will be the focus of this community event.

Through the past decade many of these “social media” issues have exploded into problems for large and small communities. Parents need to be aware that their children are in danger of being indoctrinated by people who are using them.

See you at this important meeting but do be prepared to be shocked! I was and so were a lot of other people, when the first of these events was held last year. I encourage you to give yourself enough time to get to the high school so you’ve got a seat. Last year’s event was a big success so if you’re late you may not get a seat.

Forest Service in search of the San Bernardino Flying Squirrel: Seen One?

If you have seen a flying squirrel, the U.S. Forest Service would like to hear from you. The San Bernardino flying squirrel is a subspecies of the northern flying squirrel and it is only known to be found from the San Bernardino and San Jacinto Mountains although it hasn’t been seen in the San Jacinto mountains for about 20 years.

Flying squirrels are closer in size to chipmunks rather than the larger native gray squirrels. They are nocturnal and have large flaps of skin that connect their front and hind feet. These flaps of skin allow them to glide from tree to tree. They do not fly in the same way that birds do as no flapping is involved. Their flat tail is used as a rudder to steer as they glide.

U.s. Forest Service biologists have been studying flying squirrels on the Mountaintop District of the San Bernardino National Forest since the early 1990s. Research is needed to have a better understanding of the current distribution, their habitat requirements and the status of the population. Much of what is known about the distribution is based on reports from residents who see flying squirrels at their bird feeders at night or those who have found dead flying squirrels.

If you have been any in the local mountains, please report the sighting information to Robin Eliason at (909) 382-2832. If photographs are available that would be even more helpful.


The “Four Preps” at the Lake Arrowhead Resort on May 16-Be There or Be Square”

Okay all you “baby boomers” here’s a fabulous event you won’t want to miss…and if you do you’ll kick yourself for the rest of you life.

The Four Preps (yep, that Four Preps) will take center stage at the Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa and you can be there to heard them as they sing songs you loved when you were in high school or college and words you can actually understand.

This fun event, sponsored by the Arrowhead Arts Association, will be held at 5 p.m. on Saturday, May 16.

The $75 charge includes a delicious elegant dinner and this wonderful concert that I promise you will take you right back to those great high school or college days of the 1950s and early 1960s. Think “Heart and Soul,” “A Lazy Summer Night, ” “Moon River,” “I couldn’t Sleep a Wink Last Night,” ” Summertime Lies,” “26 Miles Across the Sea,” “Big Man,” “Down by the Station” and many more.  I saw this talented group last year in Upland and they had the  audience eating out of their hands. It was a huge success and so much fun so be sure to call (909) 337-4296 for reservations and additional information.

As this concert is held in one of the smaller rooms at the resort music patrons  can get “up close and personal” so to speak. You’ll love it and you won’t be able to stop yourself from reminiscing back to those great old days, the senior prom, your graduation, friends you’d meet in the quad and so many more great memories from those days gone by. I bought a CD at their Upland concert and I listen to it all the time as I’m driving from place to place. Their music brings back such great memories of John Marshall High School in Los Angeles and dances in the gym.

The dress is “cocktail attire.” If you love the “real” oldies from so long ago, don’t miss this great event. Thank you to the Arrowhead Arts Association for bringing this fabulous, fun group to “our” mountains.



Republican Women Hosting Former Assemblyman Tim Donnelly at Special Event

Tim Donnelly.jpgFormer state Assemblyman Tim Donnelly will be the guest speaker at The Tudor House on April 23 on issues  he believes will impact the  future of our country.  This beautiful, historic venue has proven to be an excellent site for community meetings as well as many other events, including musical productions, plays and fun or interesting events.

For those who attend the entire event (including dinner) the registration and social hour will begin at 5:30 p.m. followed by dinner at 6:30p.m. The meeting will begin at 7:15 and the speakers will begin their portion of the meeting at 7:30 p.m. The Tudor House is located at 800 Arrowhead Villa Road (off Hwy. 18).

There is no charge to attend this event but dinner will be available for $20 per person. The menu will include burgers or sandwiches and sides, coffee or tea. Please be aware that if you order dinner but don’t end up attending you will be billed….which is only fair!

The reservation deadline is April 21. To attend contact Niki Wiessner at (909) 528-7404.



Local Elks Lodge Members Celebrating and You’re Invited!

Happy birthday you two. You're very special! Enjoy your birthdays!

Oh those crazy Elks (the people not the animals)…….they’re celebrating their birthday and guess what, you’re invited to the party!

Rachel Right and the Wrongs is always a great show and they’ll be part of the fun  this Friday, April 24 at the Elks Lodge in Rimforest.

The band will perform songs from the ’50s to today’s hits with a fun, infectious style, perfect four-part harmony and a wildly captivating performance by Miss Rachel! There’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Two members of the band were born in April so celebrate their birthdays with the band and all your friends. The drinks are made with care and they’re modestly priced. Live music and dancing will be a great part of this fun evening so put on your dancing shoes and head to the party.

There’s no cover charge and the public is invited. Come on over to the lodge and dance the night away. This fun event will be held from 7 to 11 p.m. so come and enjoy.

The Elks Lodge is located at 26584 Hwy. 18 in Rimforest (next to the Rim of the World Recreation and Park District).

Have fun and celebrate the local Elks Lodge birthday!

Going to the Stagecoach Music Event in the Desert? Expect Delays! Caltrans Information!

Before you head to the Stagecoach Country Music Festival this weekend, read these tips from Caltrans.

Before you head to the Stagecoach Country Music Festival this weekend, read these tips from Caltrans.

One person’s fun can turn into another person’s aggravation and if you’re heading toward the Beaumont  and Indio  areas this weekend (April 24-27) you need to be aware that the annual Stagecoach event begins about noon on Friday, Heavy traffic is expected on the eastbound I-10 that leads to the desert and the music event ends late Sunday evening with some traffic expected on the westbound I-10 and northbound SR-111. This event always draws a lot of recreation vehicle who will stay the night Sunday and leave on Monday morning. This situation will again cause delays on the westbound I-10 throughout the day between Indio and Beaumont.

Caltrans advises travelers to use the 1-10 between Beaumont and Indio and to avoid traveling Friday April 24 through Monday, April 27. There will be long lines of traffic on those days and there are very few alternate routes for drivers to take. The best solution is to try to plan to travel as much as possible with the suggestions that Caltrans has released about the most “perfect” traveling times.

Caltrans  encourages everyone to travel to and from the area in the early morning hours, if possible and they strongly suggest that all drivers and passengers should take WATER as well as snacks and necessary medications. Having a full tank of gas is also stressed and all drivers should make sure their car is in good running condition. Taking a charged cellphone is also recommended and don’t forget a car charger. Use the restroom before you travel between Beaumont and Indio. Be sure to take your “patience”  with you because you will probably need it but they can follow traffic conditions on Caltrans Quickmap.

Motorists can use the Quickmap to map out the best detour route such as SR 62 or SR 74. If you are coming west from Arizona use 1-40 in lieu of  taking the 1-10. Caltrans will activate the overhead Changeable Message Signs and they will also contact the Arizona Department of Transportation to help inform the public of impending delays this weekend.

Remember, Know before you go,  check local traffic radio stations for information or try to avoid the area, if possible.