Are You Single? If so, Check out Mountain Singles

If you’re singles and want to get to know other “singles” in our mountain communities then you’re in luck if you contact or call (909) 744-8561. This active group of local mountain “singles”has a great time including going to local resterants, movies and other fun events. In addition to enjoying local mountain restaurants,having game nights, movie nights,a Super bowl party each year when America’s favorite football game is played each year. One of the great things about this organization is that most of the events take place in our mountain communities.

For more information call (909) 744-8561.


R.S. Chamber Hosting Annual Memorial Day Recognition on May 28 at 11 a.m.

Ever since our veterans were coming home from Vietnam the Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce has held a short, but annul Memorial Day event. On Monday,May 28 at 11 a.m. plan to be there at the flag pole that is close to Hwy. 18 and the Coffee Shop and up the hill from Jensen’s Market on Hwy. 18. I am always out there setting up for the memorial celebration so I’m usually there at 10 a.m. One of the things that I love is when we start decorating the site many people driving by on Hwy. 18 honk their horns so they appreciate that in our small community we are honoring those who gave their best, and often their lives.

The service does not last long but it is something our community has done for many, many years to honor our veterans and those who have given their lives for this country. Children are welcome (especially those about 10 and over) so they can learn something about our history.

Please consider being at the flagpole and give honor to those who truly “gave their all” for their country.


R.S. Chamber Hosting Benefit Dinner for Longtime Local Isaiah Hall

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if there was no such thing as leukemia and other horrible diseases? The obvious answer is “yes” but, unfortunately that’s not life in the real world.

Wonderful loving, dedicated Arrowbear Park Fire Chief, Isaiah Hall, is fighting leukemia. As the word got out people have offered a lot of help. That being said, a dinner is set for Saturday, June 2 from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Snow Valley ski Resort on Hwy. 18 near Running Springs. This event is being hosted by the Running Springs Area chamber of Commerce and Snow Valley. Tickets for the spaghetti dinner and raffle drawing tickets are three for $10. Needless to say as much money as possible needs to be raised to help Isaiah and his family who are in such a terrible situation.

While There truly are no words that can take the fear and sadness from friends and family members but what we all can do is support them as much as possible with donations and love.




Upcoming R.S. Farmer’s Market Schedule

Well, the first of this summer’s Running Springs Farmer’s Market was a big success. From now on Saturdays will “have a theme” as well as a variety of fun experiences can be had by all. On May 12 come and enjoy items for Mother’s Day as well as a gardening expo. The farmer’s market is located next to First Mountain Bank and across from the Running Springs library on Whispering Pines.

On May 19 the theme will be a “culinary fanfare.” Doesn’t that sound like fun!!!!!

On May 26 come to the fun for antiques and collectibles will be “featured.”  The very popular Snow Valley ski  promotion will be held on that date..

The following Saturday, June 2, ecology and garden items will be featured. If your old garden needs some sprucing up come on over and see what’s available to help your garden

Are you yearning for a good pet? June 9 will be “animal day” so come on over to the market and fall in love with   one (or more) of the animals who need a good home.

June 16 fathers will take center stage, so to speak. Come on over to the farmer’s market and see what you’d like to give dad on Father’s Day.. Come  and the next Saturday (23) will focus on health and safety.

June 30 will be arts and crafts day and the popular Snow Valley Ski promotion will be available. Come and bring the kids to see all the exciting booths that will focus on arts and crafts. The vendors are so talented and each Saturday it’s great to walk around and admire their work. They truly are incredible! If you’re interested in the always popular Snow Valley ticket promotion it will be available

July 7 will celebrate the 4th of July (just a couple of days late) so come on over and enjoy the fun. NO fireworks are permitted. The July 14 and 21 dates have yet to have a “special event” but with or without a “theme or special event” the market is always interesting and fun.

On July 29 everyone who loves arts and crafts should go to the market because  Arts and Crafts will be the focus and the Snow Valley promotion will be available.

“Mountain Top Days” will be held August 4. This fun event is for everyone, from kids to grandparents to everyone!. Hope to see you all there. There will be more information soon.There are always games for the children and this year free school supplies will be available.

On August 18  culinary fanfare will entice everyone who loves to cook (and, or those who don’t like to cook but are willing to give it a whirl!. (Doesn’t that sound like fun….come to see what it’s all about! You’re sure to find some great bargains and ideas).

The following Saturday, on August 25, the “famous” Snow Valley Ski Lift Ticket promotion will tempt you so come over and see what’s available. On this day Arts and Crafts will be featured.

The month of September is Art and Craft Month! Come on over to the  the farmer’s market and fair an because the fabulous Snow Valley Ski Promotion ski pass will be available along with antiques and collectibles. The Snow Valley promotion will also be available on September 15, 22 and 29. The last of the summer’s market days will be September 29 so make your plans to go to as as many of the fairs as possible to enjoy the ambiance, the vendors, the music and the fun.





May 28 Memorial Day Service in Running Springs

For many decades the members of the Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce has held a memorial ceremony on Memorial Day and this year the service will be held at 11 a.m. at the flag pole at the corner of Hilltop Boulevard and Holiday Lane (near Jensen’s market. Everyone is invited to this ceremony (especially families with children who can learn about why we celebrate this occasion).

If you know a veteran or active military you would like to honor please plan to attend. There are always some of our scout troops as well. As the person who has led this event for the Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce, please plan to attend. Children are welcome, especially those who are old enough to understand a little about why we honor those who gave their lives for our country.



Arrowhead Arts “Does it Again” With Marvelous Concert

If you’re not familiar with the fabulous local organization called the Arrowhead Arts Association take some time and find out about this incredible group of people who support wonderful music in our mountain communities.

Just this past weekend, on Sunday, April 29, the beautiful Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church was the venue for a thrilling program from our local Youth Orchestra which is supported by the marvelous organization known as the Arrowhead Arts Association.

The Mountain Top Strings of California thrilled everyone who came with their professionalism  and their magnificent music. If you missed this free event at the beautiful church in Lake Arrowhead don’t miss it next year. The soaring floor to ceiling windows are always the backdrop for this beautiful event. When the church was built many years ago the pews all face the the glorious trees and statuary and the large church is very large so it can “support” several hundred people. It truly is a magnificent event and like all the events this incredible organization  supports local members of the Arrowhead Arts Association manage to keep bringing outstanding performances and/or many different musical events to “our” mountains. Those of us who love beautiful music owe a huge “thank you” to the organizers and those who keep “music in the mountains.”

For information on the Arrowhead Arts Association call (909) 337-4296.


I just returned to Running Springs from a three-day romp with my wonderful cousin and as usual, we had a wonderful time. Val lives in Pasadena and has been there for ages. I’m back at my computer (as you can see) so  I have some catching up to do.