Snowvalley and Mountain High Hosting Pre-season Sales

Snow Valley
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow this year!

Both Snow Valley Mountain Resort and Mountain High are having pre-season sales with adult anytime passes as low as $299. This offer applies only to 2015/16 anytime pass holders who are in good standing with their home mountain resort. Be aware that the program has “holiday blackout dates” that apply to the new program so be sure to check them out.

Kevin Somes,Snow Valley vice-president and general manager, recently said, “We’re excited about offering even more value to our pass holders. With forecasts calling for an El Nino season guests will truly be able to enjoy the benefits of two convenient resorts at an incredible value.” Mountain High CEO John McColly added, “We’re proud to offer this benefit to our guests There isn’t a better season pass value anywhere in the country.”

For more information about Snow Valley visit: or call (800) 680-SNOW or f0llow Snow Valley on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. For information on Mountain High log onto: or call (888) 754-7878.

Snow Valley is located on Hwy. 18 just five miles east of Running Springs. The resort features a backcountry skiing and snowboarding terrain on Slide Peak, freestyle terrain parks including the Edge, the Park Avenue Progression Park and Hideout Jib Park, as well as a fantastic snow sports center. Trails are available for all levels of skiers and snowboarders and one of the great advantages to this local San Bernardino mountains ski resort is that Snow Valley has California’s only chairlift snow play area.




Need to Hone Your Public Speaking Skills? New Toastmasters Club Forming! in Arrowhead!

Does the thought of giving a speech or even a few sentences in front of other people send you to your doctor’s to get anxiety medication? Does the idea of giving a speech have you considering moving to another country or even another planet? If so, relax, help is on the way.
Did you know there’s a Toastmasters International chapter in the mountains? If you don’t, now you do!
Members meet on the first and fourth Thursdays at Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church in Lake Arrowhead from noon to 1 p.m. The church is located at 27415 School Road (very near Rim of the World High School). The total cost to be a charter Toastmasters member, with dues paid through March 31, is $64.35. Thereafter dues are only $36 for six months, plus any optional club dues.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a charter member of an international organization that has helped thousands of people improve their speaking skills. It’s not a secret that learning to speak before others, whether in at work or play, is an enormous advantage but many people simply can’t do it and don’t know how to get help.Being able to speak in front of others is much easier than dealing with the consequences of passing out in front of a crowd if you have to talk. The organization can also help people who just need a little bit of help or they need to hone their public speaking skills….a lot!
For more information contact Mountain Counseling and Training Toastmasters Club, via Michael Beavers. When 20 members or more join the association they can complete the charter process.

For information contact Michael Beavers at or call the office at (909) 336-3330. You can also contact Charlie Farrell at or phone 337-5400.
For many people who have to speak in public, whether at work or at meetings this new organization could be a lifesaver and it can also help good speakers become great speakers.

Thank You Caltrans and the County for Great Snow Removal

snowflake_large_blue_spikeThank you to Caltrans (the state agency that clears the highways) and to the County of San Bernardino for leaping on snow removal tonight after this late afternoon snowfall.
While it didn’t snow feet (as it used to do many year ago) it was great to have such quick snow removal equipment on the roads. With the enormous number of miles of county roads it always takes longer for the county to clear the roads than it takes Caltrans which only has the responsibility for keeping the state highways clear. If you have the opportunity if you see a plow operator moving snow around take a second and thank the driver. Just think…it’s cold in those huge pieces of equipment because the sides are completely open. Many years ago when we used to get feet of snow in one snowfall I used to take a cup of coffee out to the plow operators and I can’t tell you how much they appreciated it. Snow removal is a cold, complex program, especially when the temperatures drop well below freezing (which they often do). When we used to have enormous snowfalls I can’t tell you how much the plow drivers were grateful for a “thank you” rather than a complaint from people who felt they didn’t their road cleared when they needed it. Remember, the county has hundreds of miles to plow through all the side streets and it takes time and patience. Both Caltrans and the county workers have to be freezing in those open-air plows so give them a big “thumbs up” or “thank you.” They will appreciate it a lot! Without them we’d really be in trouble!

CHE Students Collecting Canned Food for Local Families

Until November 18 please consider taking some  non-perishable food to Charles Hoffman Elementary School on School Road in Running Springs. The food that is gathered will be given to Mountain Helping Hands to help local mountain families who could use the help in the Running Springs, Arrowbear and Green Valley Lake areas.

The school is looking for non-perishable food items such as canned vegetables and canned fruit as well as cereal, rice, noodles and canned soup.

The class at the elementary school that has the most items turned in will receive an ice cream party at the school. (If that’s not motivation for children I don’t know what is…so help by donating some recently-purchased canned foods by the deadline).

We all need a little help from time-to-time and Mountain Helping Hands, a wonderful, helpful, compassionate organization in the local communities, does so much for so many. You, too, can help those who may need help especially because the holidays are upon us. I know the recipients of the food will be eternally grateful for the generosity of mountain residents who donate to this great local cause.

Charles Hoffman Elementary School is located on Hwy. 18 between Running Springs and Arrowbear Lake. It’s hard to miss!

If You Have Any Information on an Accident Please Contact This Person!

If you saw the accident on Wednesday, October 28 at the intersection of Hwy, 173 and Hwy, 189 that occurred at approximately 4:45 p.m. where a Jeep backed out of the parking lot inbetween the Saddleback Inn and Vape Store in Lake Arrowhead and went across three lanes of the intersection please report this. The driver collided with a gold Ford Explorer that belongs to a Running Springs/Arrowbear resident. The driver of the Ford Explorer (who is being sought) is James Taylor and he reportedly told the driver of the Explorer he would pay the damages if she didn’t report the accident to the authorities. The driver of the vehicle was a teenager who graduated (apparently) from Rim High. The driver agreed to pay for the damages but apparently (according to the local victim) he hit the back of his own vehicle to make it look like it was the local driver’s fault. There was a witness at the scene who asked the Running Springs driver if she wanted her to act as a witness but the victim (stupidly) declined (never, ever do that!!!!). In the meantime she has changed her mind and hopes that anyone who sees a new blue mini van in to see if she witnessed the accident and could contact the victim.This information was posted on “Mountain Peeps” and the victim is Cynthia Stevens Sola.

Last of the 2015 Mountain Cinema Movies

The last of this year’s movies for the members and guests of the Mountain Cinema Club will be held on Wednesday, November 18 at the Blue Jay Cinema. Show times for the featured movie, “The Puzzle,”is an Argentinan drama. The plot line traces the path of a housewife to a jigsaw puzzle master to a broken dinner plate It is rich in images and metaphor. The film is Not Rated (perhaps PG) with spanish and English subtitles.

A Great Big Thank You to the Volunteers!

To those of you who worked last Saturday on the fundraiser for the Garcia family, bless you all. Your dedication to helping this local Running Springs family was incredible. To all of you who helped it was extraordinary and it was impressive.

To raise $6,000 for this local family in need was astounding and it only happened because so many of you opened your hearts and volunteered. Of course, those people who donated the funds were wonderful but it never would have happened without all the help from “locals.” I send my congratulations and a huge “thank you” to all of you who gave of your time, but mostly your hearts, and were so responsible for helping this local family when they needed it so badly. It was amazing!