People and Communities Are A-MAZ-ING! Mt. Communities Scholarship Program Nearing $1 million Milestone

Local mountain Cal State San Bernardino supporters hosting annual fundraiser August 8.It will be fabulous!!!!

Local mountain Cal State San Bernardino supporters hosting annual fundraiser August 8.It will be fabulous!!!!

Did you know that nearly $500,000 has been awarded in scholarship assistance to students in the Rim of the World communities who want to attend Cal State University San Bernardino?

For the past decade, Neale and Patricia Perkins, along with an enthusiastic band of about three dozen influential mountain residents, have worked to increased local college attendance of mountain community residents? This great program, the Mountain Communities Scholarship Program, is now in its eleventh year

On August 8 the Mountain Communities Scholarship Society will kick-off a new year of fundraising with an elegant, by-invitation-only event entitled “Pinecones Et Pinot.” This event will be held at the beautiful Lake Arrowhead estate, Belle Maison, which is the home of Neale and Patricia Perkins. The close-knit Lake Arrowhead community has been very generous with donations to the Mountain Communities Scholarship Program. During the past decade, more than $842,000 in scholarship funds have been raised by the Cal State University San Bernardino and they hope to reach their goal of hitting the $1 million mark at this year’s event.

“After service on the board for a few years, it became clear that there wasn’t the kind of awareness there should be about Cal State San Bernardino being the logical choice for higher education for our mountain students,” said Neal Perkins. He is given credit for being the visionary behind creating the scholarship and he has been a long-time member of the college’s Philanthropic Foundation board of directors.  There was also a genuine need for continuing education among adults who wanted to pursue second careers. I wanted to create a scholarship for deserving students and to encourage more awareness between the university and the mountain communities”, Perkins said.

During the past decade, the Society has awarded $460,000 through 220 scholarship and, with 27 scholarships being awarding for the coming academic year, the Society will top the $500,000 mark in funds allocated to help fellow residents pursue higher education and to advance their careers with fewer financial worries.

The Mountain Communities Scholarship Committee includes Neale and Patricia Perkins, Tom and Mary Kay Bachman, Tami Bradley, Tom and Julie Cutler, Ron and Barbara Doutt, Harvey and Ginny Durand, Steve Fujii and Rosalyn Walker,  Norton and Leslie Marks, Mike and Sue Miller, Dennis and Aylene Popka, Patrick and Jo Bonita Rains, George and Ann Tucker, Bob and Arlene Tymczyszyn and Lynne B. Wilson.

“Through the generosity of the Mountain Communities Scholarship Committee, I have been given the opportunity to expand my knowledge and have experienced personal and professional growth,” said Valeria Patricia Regalado Velles, who graduated from CSUSB with a degree in international business.

The scholarships are available to all majors with a preference to nursing or healthcare-related growth, are not restricted to new high school graduates. Financial need is also considered but is not essential.

“My dream of becoming a Registered Nurse, where I can help people fight for the lives and encourage them to live their lives to the fullest capacity, is not possible thanks to the Mountain Communities Scholarship,” said Natalie Glick, a senior in pre-nursing.

Guests at this year’s fundraiser will be entertained by KNBC Los Angeles award-winning newscaster and comedian Fritz Coleman and they will enjoy a dinner prepared by CSUSB’s acclaimed executive chef Tito Calderon. Guests can also participate in a silent auction with many high-end travel opportunities and unique specialties available.

“I want people to know that 100 percent of every dollar spent to come to this event and participate in the auctions goes toward the scholarship fund itself,” said Perkins. “We, the society members, fund everything else associated with putting on the dinner and event.

For more information on the Mountain Communities Scholarship Society and attending the August 8 event, please contact the CSUSB Advancement Office at (909) 537-3083 or e-mail:








Have a State Issue? Senator Morrell’s Staff at Lake Arrowhead August 4 to Help!

Get off the floor, Charlie Brown. We need to go see Senator Morrell's staff. They can probably help us (and boy do we (you!) need help!

Get off the floor, Charlie Brown. We need to go see Senator Morrell’s staff. They can probably help us (and boy do we (you!) need help!

If you’re at your wits end trying to figure out some problem or issue with the State of California….don’t fear, Sen. Morrell is here!”

The state senator’s staff members will be holding office hours at the Lake Arrowhead Chamber of Commerce office which is located on the lower level of Lake Arrowhead Village near McDonald’s.

The staff will be available the first Tuesday of August (aka August 4) from 1 to 3:30 p.m.. Interested residents in the Rim of the World communities are encouraged to schedule an appointment to discuss their statewide issue or to share community concerns. Constituents can also seek help in dealing with state agencies or state issues.

Appointments can be requested in advance by calling Senator Morrell’s District Office at (909) 919-7731.


Blue Jay Jazz Foundation Concerts Begin August 1


Jazz Preuzeto sa If you love jazz, all different kinds of jazz, you need to grab your folding chair, take some dinner and go to the fabulous musical events held Saturday evenings in August and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! That’s right, it’s that time of year again when “Jazz in Blue Jay” begins.

Showtime is at 7 p.m. but the gates open at 5:30 p.m. These incredible concerts are held above the Right Aide on Hwy. 189 in Blue Jay (basically, on the roof). It may sound like an odd venue but it works really well. Everyone takes their own folding chair, a sweater or blanket (in case it gets cold) and they have a fabulous time listening to various sounds of jazz. Wasn’t there a great song in the 1970s or 1980s called “Up on the Roof”? If so, the writers would be jealous because they probably weren’t on the roof in Blue Jay.

This year’s incredible jazz performers include Lao Tizer (August 1), the fabulous Poncho Sanchez (August 8) and Pete Escovedo on August 15. This photo was taken last year at this fun musical event. These two students were honored for their musical ability and were thrilled to be at the event. On the left is San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools Gary Thomas who was thrilled to honor these local students as well. Pictured next to Thomas is Jazz Foundation Board President Chris Levister.

For more information on the concerts go online to: where you’ll find a lot more information!




Some Thoughts on the Special Olympics and Meeting Several Athletes Last Week!


Los Angeles 2015 Special Olympics World Games Home Page

I hope all of you have been glued to your televisions watching the opening ceremonies for the Los Angeles-based Special Olympics. From the beginning I was on my feet cheering and remembering just a few days ago when I was dancing with some of them and having an absolutely fabulous time at the Arrowhead Arts Association Tavern Bay dinner at Tavern Bay. The athletes from Switzerland were there and as my family hosted an American Field Service exchange student from Switzerland I was in my element. That event, with the Swiss contingent with their white shirts with the bright red cross on it (the Swiss flag), was a group who seemed to enjoy every second at Lake Arrowhead. They also took center stage at a parade that I hope they will remember for a very long time.Switzerland Olympics 2015 039

Wasn’t I lucky?  When I was in high school my family had a foreign exchange student from Switzerland stay with us for almost half a year. Darling, wonderful, perfectly delightful Annemarie Hirtzel loved us and we loved her so the Swiss contingent of Special Education athletes absolutely made my day (and evening) along the shore of beautiful Lake Arrowhead. I know they had a fabulous time as well so it was very special to watch the Olympians from Switzerland walk in the opening ceremony today. (Thank you ESPN!) I was standing in my living room screaming “Hello” at them through my television. I know they couldn’t hear me but it didn’t matter!

I really had no idea how elaborate the games would be and I have to say that Olympians are Olympians around the globe. Olympians, as we learn, are not only able-bodied humans but they can also be athletes who have extra challenges and in many ways, they deserve even more praise than those who we all traditionally watch and cheer for during the “regular” Olympics.

This celebration is a learning event for all people who want to open their lives and their minds and to celebrate the challenges that people face and those who strive to overcome them. It should also serve as a reminder that we all have our struggles, whether they are mental or physical, but with faith in the future and support along the way we can persevere!

These athletes should inspire us. I know, in meeting some of them last Thursday night, they certainly inspired me…and I know I’m not alone!

Last of the Arrowhead Arts Summer Concerts=Incredible Fun

Everyone had a fabulous time listening and/or dancing (or both) to the great sounds. Children and adults had a great time dancing to the great sounds! What a special evening! Loved every single second!

Everyone had a fabulous time listening and/or dancing (or both) to the great sounds. Children and adults had a great time dancing to the great sounds! What a special evening! Loved every single second!

Well, the fabulous Arrowhead Arts Association summer concerts are over for this year but they definitely went out with a bang. The parking lot at Tavern Bay was filled to the gunnels with people but the special guests were the members of the contingent of Special Olympians from beautiful Switzerland. To say they were dancing in the street truly would be correct and the contingent, which arrived in several busses, was so warmly greeted with thunderous applause as they got off the large buses. Accompanied by several adult leaders they had a ball, and that’s putting it lightly. Among the many members of the public who greeted them warmly were members of the Mountain Fifes and Drums. What a spectacular  beginning to what turned into a love-fest between the participants, the fabulous members of the Arrowhead Arts Association and local residents who attended this fabulous, and I do mean fabulous, event!

The great musical group, The Hodads, kept the hits coming, one after another and the Olympians and just about everyone else in that huge parking lot was up and dancing. To put it mildly, there really are no words that can capture this wonderful event that was filled with fun, great laughter, more fun, dancing, terrific oldies music, the beauty of the lake right next to the parking lot where people were dancing and having such a great time. For me, this event was very special as when I was in high school, way back in the 1960s we had a foreign exchange student from Switzerland live with us and I kept thinking, as I was dancing along with so many others, that music truly is the great “equalizer.” The Swiss contingent, their chaperones and just about everybody were on their feet thoroughly enjoying this exciting event, particularly because the Olympians left the next day (Friday!).

What a special event. The concert venue, right next to beautiful Lake Arrowhead as well as all the fun “oldies” from The Hodads made this special event even more fabulous. It’s hard to say who had more fun…..local residents or the athletes. What a great evening all the way around!

Another big “thank you” to the members of the Arrowhead Arts Association who continue to bring wonderful musical events to our mountain communities. This organization was formed several years ago with the goal of bringing good music to mountain residents as well as helping potential music students realize their dreams. This non-profit organization will help families pay for music lessons if they can’t afford them for their child or children as well as helping families pay for music lessons, ect.

Throughout the years the Arrowhead Arts Association has fulfilled their goals of bringing great music to the mountain communities. Each and every concert they fund is special and this concert, held just a few hours ago, truly was special…..and the children who attended from the Special Olympics felt pretty special, I’m imagining. What a great, emotional event!



Registration Still Open for Soccer Players in the Mountain Communities


Soccer balls and shoesDo you have a child who wants to play soccer? If so, some of the age categories still have available spots for local children. If you’re interested and you haven’t signed up your child or children yet look over this blog post and then sign up your child online or call Sandy Caplinger at (909) 867-2976. The registration fee for this year is $95. Potential players can register online by logging onto:

Sandy and Larry Caplinger are celebrating their 40th year with AYSO and what an accomplishment this entails. They have given their time, their hearts and their talent to making mountain soccer the incredible program it has become. They continue to devote uncountable hours to making each soccer season the best it can possible be and the hours they pour into this each year speaks volumes for their love, tenacity and determination in continuing with this fabulous sport. Throughout their year as the head of the program they have welcomed many, many others into the “soccer fold” who have been an unbelievable help in keeping soccer alive in the local San Bernardino mountains and beyond.

Spaces are available for children in the following age levels:

1. Under five-years-old (ages 4)

2. Under 6 (age 5);

* Under 8 (ages six and seven); ‘Under 10 (ages eight and nine)

* Under 12 (10-11);

* Under 14 (12 and 13);

Under 16 Boys (under-14-15);

Under 19 (boys under 16-19).

All the openings (except under 16 and 19) are for girls and boys.

For information call Sandy Caplinger at (909) 867-2976.


Parents can send their child’s forms and the $95 fee to Post Office Box 74, Running Springs, California 92382. Children can also be registered online by logging onto: AYSO region

Have Fun!





Love to Fish? Love to Camp? Love to Get Away? Love to Do Aquathons? Read This!

Beautiful Green Valley Lake in the San Bernardino Mountains. Come enjoy the tranquility and the great fishing!

Beautiful Green Valley Lake in the San Bernardino Mountains. Come enjoy the tranquility and the great fishing!

It’s no secret that one of the most delightful communities in all the San Bernardino mountains is Green Valley Lake. For decades it has been one of my most favorite places to visit, to sit by the lake, to enjoy the drive up, up, up to this incredible small community that has been around since the time of the gold panning days!

Located off Hwy. 18 (near the community of Arrowbear Lake) as you will climb the winding road up to this small community where you should find your worries and concerns melting away. As you drive through the small business area and you keep driving you’ll come to the Green Valley Lake campground. It’s a beautiful site (and sight) that is tucked away at the end of the road and it accommodates tent camping and RV’s. It truly is a magnificent area, filled with towering old growth pine trees that offer shade and coolness during the hot summer days and nights. Restrooms are available so it is an ideal site to pitch your tent or drive your motor home to the beautiful, shady spot  and just relax. This campground is maintained by the U.S. Forest Service, so pack your bags and head on up for some great camping experiences!

The campground is a short walk away from the “center” of this small community and I’m sure a lot of people walk to get “to town” or they drive. A small store is right “in town” and they have all the supplies a small store needs to maintain for visitors and most locals. There’s a great restaurant for that evening meal at the Lake Inn, depending on the time of year there are concerts at the charming (and very colorful) Green Valley Lake garden that is located right on Green Valley Lake Road.

Then, of course, there’s the lake. If you’re thinking Lake Havasu or something like it you’d better think again. Green Valley Lake is tranquil and beautiful and an enormous part of this mountain community. Depending on the time of year there are boats for rent, a beach and a playground for children to play on that is directly next to the lake. This small community truly is special if you want a destination where you don’t have to worry about your clothes, making sure your makeup is on right, whether or not you have to choose what event you’re going to attend or just about anything else. If you’re yearning for a quiet time and location where you can just sit in a chair (or on a towel) by the lake and watch the world go by Green Valley Lake then is where you belong.

One of the most exciting mountain events will be held August 15 in this incredibly wonderful small community. Come up for the Green Valley lake Aquathon on Saturday, August 15. The fun begins at 9 a.m. and people of all ages are welcome to participate or just watch the “goings-on.”  For more information on the participation charge and the information log onto: There are going to be a lot of people attending this exciting event and I have absolutely no doubt that it will be anything but an enormous success. Many years ago the small community held a triathlon and, way back then, it was a fabulous event. The upcoming aquathon will bring a lot of people to this special mountain community so come on up and enjoy the fun. Children 12-years-old to 17-years who want to participate in the Aquathon need to have a parent sign a document that they are giving their child or children permission to participate.  This Aquathon promises to be a huge event so make your plans early. After all, it’s only a few weeks away and it promises to be a great, exciting event for participants and spectators alike. If you’re a history buff be sure to go by and check out the Green Valley Lake museum which is located near the campground. It’s quite fascinating and is filled with history about the area. The museum is small but quite fascinating so don’t miss it!

Trust me, even if you only spend a day or two in this delightful community you will go back home feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.