Snow Valley’s the Place to Ski!

As I do about twice a week I drove up to Snow Valley ski resort to see what’s going on and  it is always well worth the lovely drive up to the site on Hwy. 18.

Snow Valley is busy, both on weekdays and particularly on weekends when most people drive up through Running Springs, pass the small community of Arrowbear Lake, wind around a few interesting curves on Hwy. 18 and then find a space in Snow Valley’s huge parking lot. It’s a lovely drive and well-worth the 15 or so minutes it might take from Running Springs.

Many years ago the local ski area began the process of making snow when it’s needed. Prior to the equipment at the site if there wasn’t snow the ski area couldn’t open. The ability to make snow for many ski areas has been revolutionary and while it’s expensive, it’s worth it. Since Running Springs had a snowfall a few weeks ago there’s plenty of natural as well as man-made snow on the slopes.

For new skiers or snowboarders who want to get more familiar with skiing or snowboarding there are always employees who can (and do) give great lessons in both skiing and boarding. For children 4-12 years old they can take advantage of the children’s learning center. Adults aren’t left out either because, for those who want to learn how to ski or snowboard there are patient and talented ski instructors who will probably help take away the panicked look on new skiers and boarders.

Before I left Snow Valley earlier today I talked to some of the skiers and they all told me they were (or had) a ball on the slopes. They also said they love, love, love Snow Valley.

For information or for a toll-free snow report call (800) 680-SNOW (7669). You can also look for information on Facebook, Twitter or You Tube.

Come on up to the beautiful San Bernardino mountain ski area called Snow Valley. I guarantee you’ll go home with great memories and you’ll want to come back up again soon. The food and drink in the cafeteria and bar area will help your day in the mountains be even more memorable.

If you need gas for your car or other services stop in Running Springs or Arrowbear Lake which are located on Hwy. 18 about five miles south of the well-known ski area. Local services include food, gasoline, lodging, a small but great market, restaurants and many other services.

Come enjoy the day (or days) in the Running Springs area communities. We’ll be happy to see you and hope you’ll make our communities a frequent destination!





Sandy and Larry Caplinger Need Your Help!

If you can help Larry and Sandy Caplinger right now, please try. This couple has struggled so much the last year and unfortunately their struggles continue. Larry is now undergoing expensive cancer treatments and so their remaining son has opened a gofundme account for them. Please go onto gofundme.com and donate what you can. Larry and his wife Sandy are “Mr. and Mrs. Soccer” in the San Bernardino mountains. They have had an unbelievably horrible last year and a half or so when one of their beloved sons died of cancer. Now Larry  is the focus and he (and Sandy) need our help. Please donate whatever you can as each donation counts. This unbelievable couple has given so much of their lives to our local Rim of the World communities and now they need our help.

Wouldn’t it be great if life was fair!? If life was fair bad things would happen to bad people but, obviously, that’s not life. Please do what you can do help Larry and Sandy. They need our financial support as well as our friendship, prayers and love!

The Rim of the World Recreation District is seeking candidates for a vacancy on the district’s board of directors. The vacancy must be filled on or before March 25, 2016.

The requirements for the position include being a resident of the Rim of the World communities and/or being a permanent resident of California. All candidates need to compile a statement with their qualifications, personal background and their reason for seeking the vacancy. All statements must be submitted to the Rim of the World Recreation and Park District by 4:30 p.m. on February 17, 2016. Interviews will be conducted  during the regularly-scheduled meeting of the board of directors at 6 p.m. at the district office. The appointment will be made by the board members at their regularly-scheduled March 21 meeting. The district office is located on Hwy. 18 in Rimforest, next to the American Legion post.

For additional information call or send an e-mail to the district’s administrative assistant, Carly Korn, at (909) 337-7275 or send her an email at: ckorn@rim-rec.org.



Mountain Democrats Meeting Tonight

Members and guests of the Mountain Democrats Meet Tonight

Members and guests of the Mountain Democrats will meet tonight, January 26, at 7 p.m. at Alpine Escrow in Blue Jay. The site is located near Jensen’s Market and Hot Shots coffee shop.

Assembly candidate (and longtime local mountain resident) Scott Markovich will be the speaker. He will discuss issues of concern as well as why he is seeking the assembly seat. Scott has served many years on the Rim of the World Unified School District board of trustees as well as Rotary and other local mountain organizations.

“The Homeless on the Mountain” Discussion Jan. 24

Have you ever truly thought about the homeless people who live in the mountains? They may be the “neighbor” down the street or the “local person” who stands outside a store or shop, not wanting to bother anyone.

If you want to be more informed and want to know how to help be sure to attend a special event at St. Richard of Chichester Episcopal Church in Skyforest at 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, January 24.

The church’s outreach committee is hosting this community presentation to increase awareness of this situation that impacts so many people.

The church is located at 2878 Hwy. 18 in Skyforest near Kuffel Canyon and across from the old “Storybook Inn.”

Bev Rios, from Hearts and Lives, will help attendees learn more about the needs of the (local) homeless and those that are nearly homeless.

Everyone is welcome at this special event and hopefully everyone with an open heart and a desire to help will attend.

For further information call the church office at (909) 337-3889.






New Years Memories

Each year as the new year looms I get very sentimental as the Rose Parade gears up for the annual celebration of the new year.

My family went to the Rose Parade for years and years as we lived close by Pasadena in the lovely Los Feliz area of Los Angeles. We would clammer into our big blue Plymouth station wagon and head to the parade route and we would also find a great place to watch this fabulous and exciting parade. For many years the local residents who lived a block from the parade route would let people park on their front lawns for about $2 so we would head for the closest lawn where we could park and begin to get two long ladders and a heavy plank from our car. We would carry them to the parade route and oftentimes people we didn’t even know would help us erect the ladders and then hoist the heavy plank up and push it between the two ladders. My sister and I would very carefully climb the ladders and then really-really carefully “scoot” across the plank until we all had a birds-eye view of the to-be parade route. Other people who were in the same area always helped our father  with getting the ladder and plank up sufficiently so that my sisters and I were safe. Needless to say we always had a fabulous view of the parade and I will always remember the thrill of this incredible parade with its band, the Rose Queen and her court, the beautiful floats and all the excitement that went with this historic event.

Every year when I watch the fun on television I always wish I were right back there on that thick bench that was held up by two ladders and that I was enjoying being there with my family. Weren’t we lucky to live so close and to have such wonderful memories for so many years of this exciting event that people from all over the world attend each New Year’s Day.

If you have never attended the Pasadena Rose Parade put it on your “bucket list” because it is one of those things that you can watch on television but being there, in person, is quite spectacular and it will give you and your family lifetime memories.












flag, ruffled

A Message From Sen. Mike Morrell

Sent December 2, 2015

On December 2, our community changed forever. During this time of year that is supposed to be filled with joy we find ourselves simultaneously grieving for those lost, praying for loved ones and the injured, while coming to grips with the fact that the threat of terrorism is now a reality here at home. Yet through it all, the people of our region have demonstrated tremendous  resiliency as we begin to heal and rebuild.

We owe so much to our brave and vigilant law enforcement, especially San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod  Burguan and his force, for guiding us through this time. Chief Burguan represented calm and resolve at each press  briefing as we learned about the terrorists and the dangers that remained.

I also want to thank the men and women of the San Bernardino Police Department, San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon and his officers, Chief Mark Garcia and the Redlands Police Department as well as the hundreds of first responders and medical staff who saved so many lives.

Over the last weeks we have heard stories of heroism, San Bernardino County sheriff detective Jorge Lozano who assured escaping employees that “I’ll take a bullet before you do” as he led them to safety. Shannon Johnson, who lost his life while shielding a co-worker from the bullets, telling her, “I’ve got you.”

While we may want to forget the moments of fear, we cannot and will not forget the courage and sacrifice shown by many on that day. May our thoughts and prayers be with the families and loved ones who mourn for those we lost as well as with the injured who continue their recovery.

Let us take time to reflect as we mark another Christmas and usher in a New Year.