Arrowhead Arts Fabulous A.A. Summer Event Festival Calendar…..Incredible!

If you’ve never taken advantage of enjoying the fabulous Arrowhead Arts summer music festival let this be the year that you get in your car, drive to the fabulous sight right by the lake and enjoy every single second of the music and the ambiance of the venue. I have been so lucky to attend several of them throughout the years and I can tell you that you will love every single second.With beautiful Lake Arrowhead literally feet away you can’t imagine what a treat it is to bundle up in a blanket and watch the fun right next to the lake.

This summer the marvelous organization will feature the Pete Jacobs and his Wartime Revue that features great “swing” music. I promise you, you’ll have a fabulous time and it’s fun to get out there and dance to the fabulous  swing music……. ,You’ll think you’re back in the ’30s or ’40s so be prepared to love it! Many people take a dinner with them and sit at a a table right by the lake and it is so much fun! Th music is first-class so be prepared to have a fabulous time. You won’t be able to keep your feet from dancing or for non-dancers, their feet will be able to tap to the music under the table.

Thursday, July 27 at 6 p.m. get ready to love Nancy Walker who sings the fabulous music of the late great Patsy Cline. Even though I’ll be another year older on that day I won’t “fall to pieces.” (That song was one of the late great singer’s biggest hits.)

Tickets for these concerts are $20 for adults and students from Kindergarten through 12-year-olds are free with an adult. Be sure to take a blanket or sweater because the venue is right next to the lake  at the Tavern Bay Beach Club. Adult tickets are $20 and students, kindergarten through 12-years-old are free with an adult.

Plan to attend. You’ll love this summer event and with so many people sitting at tables by the lake an enjoying their dinner as well as the ambiance you can’t miss the fun.For information call (909)  337-4296. The Arrowhead Arts Association is a blessing to local residents and visitors who love music.

I like to think that Patsy Cline is loving every minute of this event from her seat in heaven.


Annual Memorial Day Ceremony in Running Springs

Following in the many years the annual Running Springs Memorial Day ceremony will be held at 11 a.m. on Monday, Memorial Day. This event, honoring those who lost their lives in battle, has been held for many years at the site where the flag and flag pole are,close to Hwy. 18 (near Old Country Coffee Shop). The service is not long so please plan to attend and honor those who gave their lives for our country. If you have children feel free to bring them to this short ceremony. Honoring our service members who died is terribly important so feel free to bring your children. They need to know the importance of this event. This ceremony has been held for many years in the community. Remember, it’s at 11 a.m. at the flagpole.


Annual Memorial Ceremony in Running Springs on Memorial Day at 11 a.m. Everyone welcome. Come and attend this remembrance to those who gave everything for their country. This event has been held for several years and it’s always a short event so plan to attend. The flag pole is near the coffee shop. Please plan to attend. It is a short ceremony but one that is important. Bring your neighbors,friends, veterans and children. The flagpole is near Jensen’s market and the coffee shop. Our chamber members hope you can come and honor those who gave their lives in the call of duty.

Clang, Clang, Clang Goes the New Mountain Trolley

For those of you who just loved the “Trolley” song that as sung by Judy Garland in “Meet Me in St. Louis” you can pretend you’re on one now that mountain Transit has a bright red trolley like they had in the “olden days.” The bright red trolley has arrived  just in time for summer fun with extended hours. The new service will host extended hours on Friday and Saturday nights and daytime hours on Sunday allow you to take in a concert or other fabulous planned event at Lake Arrowhead Village. One of the great things about this new attraction is that the bright red trolley conductors are also tour guides so people can learn more about the local areas while enjoying this new (but old-time) attraction.

Tickets are only $5 for unlimited re-boarding on the trolley so come and enjoy this fun new attraction. I predict passengers will love it and get to know TopTown, Blue Jay, Crestline, Twin Peaks, Lake Arrowhead Village, Tudorville, Lake Arrowhead Village the new Sky Park. What a great addition to the Arrowhead community. I predict that people will love it. For more route information call (909) 878-5200. Come and enjoy…..You’re sure to love this new evening trolley service!


Annual Memorial Day Ceremony Set for Running Springs. For several years the Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce has invited the community and visit to attend the annual Memorial Day ceremony. this year’s event will be held at 11 a.m.on Memorial Day. Everyone is invited,particularly our veterans. The ceremony is held by the flagpole at the terminus of Hwy 18 and Outer Hwy. 18 (near Jensen’s Market). Everyone is welcome to come and remember those who have given their lives to help protect our country. This event, held for many years, is never a very long ceremony but it is an acknowledgement of those who gave their lives to their country. The flagpole is located near Jensen’s Market on Hilltop Boulevard (aka Hwy. 18) and the coffee shop. Plan to attend this event. We owe our lives to those who gave their lives so take time to acknowledge those who gave all.

“”Everybody Went Surfing When the Beach Boys Played at Snow Valley in 1990”

When The Beach Boys held a Concert at Snow Valley

The surf was definitely up when the fabulous Beach Boys “surfed” into Snow Valley Ski Resort  on September 15, 1900 when the fabulous and fun entertainers performed what was called the “Beach Boys Live in a Summer Blowout Mile-High Beach Party” concert. To say it was fabulous is an understatement.

I am so grateful that I have so many of my old newspapers (I started The Alpenhorn many, many years ago in Running Springs). That being said, here’s the story I wrote when the Beach Boys held a fabulous concert at Snow Valley on September 15, 1990. Held outside (naturally) it was spectacular and so much fun. People took blankets to put on the slopes so they weren’t sitting on the dirt and there were more beach-style blankets and towels than anyone could count. Here’s the story I wrote for the September 15 issue. Take a look’s fun!

“Surf’s up on the slopes on Saturday, September 15 beginning at 8 p.m. at Snow Valley Ski Resort with the Beach Boys Live in a summer blowout “Mile High Beach Party Concert.”

Created by the Lake Arrowhead Communities Chamber of Commerce, the Lake Arrowhead Summer Music Festival has experienced great success in promoting tourism within the San Bernardino Mountain areas. Beginning with the Summer Music Festival in July 1989 which featured the top country pop group Alabama and Reba McIntire,  it was followed by the successful Summer Music Festival II that starred John Denver this last July the Beach Boys concert was the second in the Lake Arrowhead Summer Music Festival II series with an anticipated attendance topping 9,000.

The Beach Boys, known for their anthems to sunshine, surfing fast cars and pretty girls, and have been a part of our national culture since their first hit “Surfin.” For nearly 30 years the Beach Boys “Good Vibrations” in 1961 has been topping the charts, earning them numerous prestigious awards including Rolling Stone magazine’s “Band of the Year” and most-recently the Special Award of Merit at the American Music Awards in 188. The group was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988. Through some personnel changes have occurred, including the permanent installation of Bruce Johnson on vocals and keyboards after the death of Dennis Wilson in 1983, the Beach Boys indomitable spirit keeps bouncing back. Their 1988 recording of “Kokomo” from the soundtrack of the Disney film “Cocktail,” was a runaway summer smash by hitting the number one spot on the pop charts.

Snow Valley Ski Resort is located just east of Running Springs off Hwy. 18. Seating for the concert is festival-style and a coat or sweater is advisable. Low sand chairs and blankets are allowed however no ice chests, picnic baskets, beverage containers, cameras or recording devices will be permitted beyond the concert gates. California law prohibits alcoholic beverages being carried into the stadium area but hot and cold refreshments, including beer, wine, mixed an soft drinks will be sold when the parking gates open at 1 p.m.

Tickets are $25 each and that including parking so catch a wave to Snow Valley on Sept. 15 for an endless summer. Mile High Beach Party with the Beach Boys and you’ll be sitting on top of the world.

JOAN : Those of us who attended this concert under the stars at Snow Valley have remembered it all these years and I’m sure we always will remember it and wish that we could have concerts there again. It was, to put it mildly an incredible venue for the outdoor concert events. Between John Denver one week followed by the Beach Boys. IT WAS FABULOUS!!





Snow Valley Ski Resort is located just east of running Springs off Hwy 18.



When the Beach Boys Brought Down the House at Snow Valley

Sitting on the slopes of Snow Valley  on Saturday, September 15, 1990 to listen to the Beach Boys was something those of us who were there will never forget. Hundreds of local residents and Beach Boy fans sat on the slopes on blankets, sleeping bags or cozy towels to enjoy what proved to be an absolutely fabulous event and one that many local residents would love to see again if it would ever be possible. What a night! The event was known as the “Mile High Beach Party” and it was made possible by the Lake Arrowhead Summer Music Festival. All of us who were there will never forget that event. As we sat on the slopes with blankets to keep warm and to help give us some “cushioning” the huge crowd just loved, loved, loved this event and we “had fun, fun, fun but Daddy didn’t take it away”.

The tickets for this fabulous, fun event were only $25 which included parking in the huge Snow Valley parking lots. From beginning to the end of this fabulous, fun concert the huge crowd of concert-goers had an absolute party. Oh what a night! People were singing along, dancing and having an absolutely fabulous evening. Of course the world-famous Beach Boys had a great time tooooooo! We loved every second and wish the concerts could be held again. Unfortunately, that’s not likely to happen as it and the John Denver concert were, I believe, the last of the concerts at Snow Valley. The several hundred of us were lucky, lucky, lucky!