Tickets on Sale For “Nutcracker” Set For Nov. 30 and December 1 In Lake Arrowhead

There has been a venue change for this year’s absolutely fabulous performance of The Nutcracker Ballet. About a week ago I posted that the local performances would be “down the hill” that has changed back and all the performances will be held at the Rim High School Performing Arts Center which is on Hwy. 18 by the school. The public performances will be held on November 30 at 7 p.m. Saturday, December 1 at 1:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. and on Sunday, December 2 at 2:30 p.m. This delightful ballet, which is performed throughout the world as fall turns into winter is a delight, not only for children for for dance lovers all over the world. Thanks to our fabulous local dance instructors and certainly the wonderful woman who brought, and continues to bring, dance to our local communities. Thank you Sharon McCormick for your years and years of teaching ballet and dance and particularly for years of hosting the always-delightful performances of this longtime Christmas holiday ballet. These performances are really magic and I like to think that Tchaikovsky is thrilled that his “Nutcracker” is still going strong all the way around the world. All that being said tickets are available online at One of the most beautiful parts of this  local performance is that children do so much of the dancing which, I believed, is what Tchaikovsky wanted, and got.The Nutcracker is danced all around the world so we are so fortunate to have such a fabulous group of local dancers and teachers who bring this beautiful ballet to “us locals” each year. Don’t miss it!  Tickets are $25 and worth every single cent. Let this local ballet start you on your way to your Christmas holidays!!!!!!!


When Chuck Hoffman Retired After So Many Years at Hoffman Elementary (previously Known as Running Springs Elementary)

I was so lucky to have spent so much time as CHE PTA president and on the board for so many years because, if nothing else, I got to known Charles Hoffman very well way back then. This is the story I wrote so many years ago…I had a large photo  of him in the story and the headline was entitled “Hoffman at Hoffman.” From the June 5, 1986 issue of my old newspaper, The Alpenhorn……..enjoy!

“A tanned and relaxed Chuck Hoffman paid a quiet visit to Hoffman Elementary School on Friday, May 30. He and his wife JoAnn are in the United States for a short stay while they attend their son’s wedding in Crested Butte, Colorado. Ron is being married on June 14 to Kathleen Blair who Chuck terms as a “top ski racer” (as Chuck was also). chuck retired last year after being principal of Running Springs Elementary School for over 20 years. The community (and the school board) honored him by changing the name of the school to Charles Hoffman Elementary The poor man bought a 38 foot Swan sailboard and less than a week after he retired last year he and JoAnn were off to the Mediterranean to collect their beautiful “package.” Since that time Chuck has skied in Switzerland they have been from Morocco to Rome and Berlin to Scotland. They wintered in Spain and out of eight sailing races they entered they won seven and took a second place in the eighth one. Chuck even won a tennis tournament someplace in Europe in his spare time. Right after the wedding, the Hoffman will return to their boat. They are entered in a race in November  which will take them from the Canary Islands to Barbados. According to Chuck the highlight of their trip has been meeting people from all over the globe. Glancing at some of the pictures that he had spread all over the table in his old office he and JoAnn have had a wonderful time. He mentioned that for about the first three months following his retirement he was terribly homesick. They expect to sail around the Caribbean for perhaps a year before returning home although Chuck says that their final plans are really not made. Ahhhhh, it’s a tough life……but somebody’s gotta do it!


“Tips for Living in Bear Country” Thanks to BEAR AWARE PROGRAM

For those of us who choose to live in our local San Bernardino Mountains communities we do share our territories and lives with many different types of wildlife and bears are certainly one of them. Thank you to Wildhaven Ranch for giving this information out to the public on “Tips for Living in Bear Country.” Remember, we live in “their” territory.

California Black Bears are basically docile and they do not want confrontations! That being said, they can naturally be dangerous! If you see one walk slowly away from the bear. Always give bears time and space to avoid YOU! Never approach a bear and never run away from a bear. This may trigger an instinct to chase. When frightened, bears will climb trees and they will not come down if humans or dogs are present.  STAY AWAY FROM A TREED BEAR! Never Feed the bears!!!! It is illegal to feed bears. Did you know that several things attract bears such as bird feeders, pet food, greasy BBQ’s, baked goods on windowsills, smelly trash, suet, koi ponds, fruit trees and berry bushes.

If you find a bear on your deck or in your trash, don’t panic and do not make him/her welcome. This is your territory and you want him (or her) to leave.Don’t let him think he can come back. He may ignore you, or bluff with a charge or a huff. Obey the “County-within 7 days” trash rule. Use your garbage disposal, freeze meat garbage to put out with food trash only on the collection day morning. CHILDREN SHOULD HAVE NO CONTACT WITH BEARS!  If you see a bear stand tall and don’t stare, but from a distance, yell and throw small stones  near , but not AT him. Spray him with a garden hose, use a small air horn or shoot him with a super soaker with water and vinegar. Bang pots and pans together and/or if necessary use bear spray. The California State Fish and Game does not relocate bears so nuisance bears can be destroyed if they are perceived as a threat to humans. Bears are wild animals (as we already know) but feeding them only makes it more possible that the bear or bears would be destroyed which would be tragic. Remember, bears aren’t human beings and they don’t speak English or any other  language so please read this post and help keep our beautiful bears safe from “us.” It’s up to all of us to help keep these beautiful animals safe from us as well as us keeping us safe from them. Remember, it is a choice to live in the mountains but to the bears it is their habitat and it has been for millions of years.


When St. Anne’s Catholic Church “Really” And I Do Mean “Really” Moved on, Moved On Down The Road!

When my husband Peter and I first lived in Running Springs on Hunsaker Road our small home was across the street from St. Anne’s Catholic Church. The church was small but beautiful and I loved to hear the bells ring from time-to-time. It was a small parish church and through the years their congregation became larger and larger. Eventually the small congregation grew and grew and many years later the small parish became a much larger parish and eventually they looked for a larger space where they could serve their parishoners. Well, they found their new “home” in Fredalba. In order to literally move the church from its longtime site on Hunsaker Drive much of the church had to be cut into huge pieces so the pieces could be loaded onto enormous trucks to be moved slowly down to their new site. Those of us who watched the huge pieces of the church slowly go down the highway to “their new home” were astonished at the “parade” of enormous pieces of the church. Talk about “move on, move on down the road.” The really astonishing thing was they had to get some of the pieces down the tiny side road (that is now near a chiropractor’s office) in order to get it onto Hwy. 330. I remember watching it thinking that the huge part of the church would be damaged during  this quite unbelievable event but that didn’t happen. Somehow that beautiful church was able to make it to its new location and to this day the beautiful church and all their parishoners  are doing just fine. It was quite a day to put it mildly and for those of us who watched the huge church move to its new “spot” it was a great day in our small communities.

“Tips for Living in Bear Country”

Oddly enough, some people who live in our San Bernardino Mountains are always surprised that there are bears in (or around) our communities. After all, the bears were here long before humans started climbing up “our” mountains. That being said, here are some really important tips entitled “Bears With UsTips for living in Bear Country” from Wildhaven Ranch which has several bears that are being taken care of in the local San Bernardino mountains. Remember, “we” people are “newbies” compared to so much of the animals that have lived in the mountains for hundreds (if not

California Black Bears are basically docile and do not want confrontations but they can be very dangerous. If you come upon a bear walk slowly away from the bear. Always give bears time and space to avoid you! After all, you would be in their natural territory. Never run away from a bear because this may trigger an instinct to chase. When frightened, bears will climb trees. They will not come down if humans or dogs are present. It is really important to stay away from a treed bear!!!!!! NEVER FEED THE BEARS because it is illegal and the consequences of feeding a bear can have fatal consequences to either you or the bear (or both). A FED BEAR IS A DEAD BEAR! Bears are attracted to bid feeders, pet food, greasy BBQ’s, baked goods on windowsills, smelly trash, suet, koi ponds, fruit trees and berry bushes. If you find a bear on your deck or in your trash don’t panic (if possible) but do not make him (or her) welcome. This is your territory and you want him to leave so don’t let him think he can come back. He may ignore you, or bluff with a charge at a huff. CHILDREN SHOULD HAVE NO CONTACT WITH BEARS!!!!!!  Adults only should be (if necessary) around a bear. If this scary event is in front of you (or close to it) stand tall and don’t stare at the bar. Yell and throw small stones near b=him or her, but not at him. Spray with a garden hose, use a small air horn or shoot him with a “super Soaker” with water and vinegar. Bang pots and pans together. If necessary use bear spray. The California State Fish and Game does not relocate bears! “Nuisance Bears can be DESTROYED if perceived as a threat to humans. Wildhaven Ranch in our local mountains is”home” to several bears who have been “caught” in our local mountains and have been taken to this wonderful place to live out the rest of their lives instead of being killed. For more information on Wildhaven Ranch call (909) 337-1391. Each year hundreds of people go to Wildhaven and enjoy learning about “our” local bears and how we can all help keep them in our local San Bernardino mountains.

Trick or Treating in Running Springs..Have Fun!

I know I have posted this before but just wanted to make sure that everyone reading this blog got the message that we will be hosting a fun Trick or Treating on October 31. Come enjoy the fun from 3 to 5 p.m. and bring your children to the local Running Springs businesses. It’s always such fun just watching them and remembering when I was their age so many years ago. Thanks to our participating merchants in Running Springs and Arrowbear Lake our local children will have a great time. Don’t forget that the Running Springs Chamber of Commerce booth (if you need it) will be located at the Cut Above on Hwy. 18 (across the highway from Jensen’s Market). Have fun…..after all that’s what Halloween is all about. If you need more information call Suzie at The Cut Above at (951) 318-5011. Halloween is right around the corner so come and enjoy and remember to come to say “thanks” at the chamber of commerce booth.

Something to Make You Laugh!

Students Medical Dictionary……Some Unusual Test Answers! These are wonderful and some of them could be Some of them are hilarious and hopefully the students ended up in another profession or they took some extra classes. There are some that sound alike but all have entirely different answers. Hopefully these test answers were from really young students. I hope you laugh!

!. Anally- Recurring yearly.

2. Caesarian Section-a District in Rome.

3. Cat Scan-Searching for kitty.

4. Coma-A punctuation mark!

5. Congenital-Friendly

6. D&C-Where Washington is!

7. Enema-Not a friend

8. Fester-Quicker

9. Fibula-Small lie


11. G.I. Series-Soldiers ballgame

12. Hangnail-coat hook

13. Impotent-Distinguished, well-known

14. Labor Pain-Getting hurt at work

15. Nitrate-Cheaper than day rate

16.. Outpatient-person who has fainted

17. Nitrate-Cheaper than day rate

17. Outpatient-Person who has fainted.

18. Pelvis-Cousin of Elvis

19. Protein-Favoring young people

20. Rectum-Dang near killed ’em!

21. Secretion-Hiding anything

22. Seizure-Roman Emperor

23. Tablet-Small table

24. terminal Illness-Sickness at the airport

25. Urine-Opposite of “you’re out”

26. Vein-Conceited