Looking back to the 1961 Miss Running Springs

I have been sorting through all sorts of old photos, trying to find out where I can have the big negatives printed into photos and in a big box of things I located a cut out of a story in the November 1,1961 San Bernardino Sun. It had a photo of the newly selected “Miss Running Springs,” 17-year-old Rim High School senior, Donna Goethe. Her two princesses were Rosemary Valenta, 19 and Kay Alvarez, 17.

In addition to attending civil functions the new Miss Running Springs would be competing in other beauty contests throughout the Southland.

A panel of judges selected her to be the queen in a contest held at the Enchanted Forest in Running Springs.


3 thoughts on “Looking back to the 1961 Miss Running Springs

    1. Hi, Don. I wish I had a photo but the only one I have was printed in the paper and it’s really old. However, I have in my possession many, many old negatives from all sorts of Running Springs events, etc. I am looking for a place where they can be printed without it costing me an absolute fortune. They’re great. I”m going to contact the Rim of the World Historical Society to see if they know where they can be developed so I can post them. When I think about it I continue to look for photos I had of the interior of the famous Myron/David Selznick estate in Running Springs that burned to the ground several years ago.

  1. rick kitselman

    I happened to run across this while surfing the net. My name is Rick Kitselman and I lived in running springs and went to Rim High and was friends with Donna and Kay Alverez was once my girl friend!

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