Remembering the Innocents!

So many children, so many inconsolable families, so many heartbroken friends, so many questions, so many prayers, so many little ones whose lives have so senselessly been lost and the question will always remain, why? why? why?

Remembering the Children and heroic staff members lost in the Newtown, Connecticut Shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School

Charlotte Bacon, bornFeb. 22, 2006; Daniel Barden, born September 25, 2005;

Rachel DaVino, born July 17, 1983; Olivia Engel, born July 18, 2006; Josephine Gay, Dec. 11, 2005;

Ana M. Marquez-Greene, born April 4, 2006; Dylan Hockley, born March 8, 2006; Dawn Hochsprung, June 28, 1965; Madeline F. Hsu born July 10, 2006;

Catherine V. Hubbard, born June 8, 2006; Chase Kowalski, born Oct. 31, 2005; Jesse Lewis,born June 30, 2006; James Mattoli,  born March 22, 2006;

Grace McDonnell, born Nov. 4, 2005; Anne Marie Murphy, born July 25, 1960; Emilie Parker,born May 12, 2006; Jack Pinto, born May 6,2006;

Noah Pozner, born Nov. 20, 2006; Caroline Previdi, born September 7, 2006;and Jessica Reko, born May 10, 2006, Avielle Richman, born Oct.. 17, 2006;

Lauten Russeau, born June 1982; Mary Sherlach, born Feb. 11, 1956; Victoria Soto, born January 4, 1985; Benjamin Wheeler, born September 12, 2006;

and Allison N. Wyatt, born July 3, 2006.

May God give comfort to your families and friends and may you find some sort of comfort in knowing that our nation and world mourn the utter senseless loss of your children and/or adult family members who were staff members. May we all hug our children and our loved ones and friends more tightly and let them know how much they are loved.

One thought on “Remembering the Innocents!

  1. Thank you, Joan, for expressing what we feel, and for honoring these precious lives. Those of us who have worked in the school environment know that teachers take their jobs very seriously and would do anything to protect their kids. The sheer horror of this act leaves us sick and shaken.

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