“Quarter to Three” June 28 at Green Valley Lake Malt Shop

With or without a poodle skirt or a leather “biker” jacket you’ll want to be at the Green Valley Lake Malt Shop on Saturday, June 28 to listen to (and quietly sing along with) Quarter to 3, a local “oldies” group that’s really swell.

The  fun  begins at 5 p.m. and ends at 8 p.m. so come on up Green Valley Lake Road (off Hwy. 18) and enjoy this small community that is tucked away in the beautiful San Bernardino mountains. To get to the malt shop take Hwy. 18 (toward Snow Valley), turn at the Green Valley Lake cutoff (look for their new sign-you can’t miss it) and climb on up the mountain until you get to fabulous, quiet community Green Valley. You’ll love the small lake that is directly across from the Malt Shop and you’ll love the great malts and other items available at this “little town” that I like to say is “close to heaven.” If you love quiet communities that know to have fun you’ll love Green Valley.

“Quarter to Three” is composed of talented mountain residents who love to sing, especially the Oldies that those of us who are “baby boomers” love to here (and often sing along too, as well).  They actually sing song lyrics that you can understand. Come on, pretend you’re back in high school in the late ’50s or early 1960s and enjoy!

You’ll have a great time!





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