Love Garage Sales? You’ll Love this One July 19! It’s a Benefit!

tags rummage sales garage sales sale signs did you know rummage sales ...Almost everybody loves a good yard sale (now, come on, you know you do). Well, if you do then you need to be at the upcoming July 19 DOVES Community Yard Sale. The sale will be held at 26696 Hwy. 189 in Twin Peaks, starting at 7 a.m. until people stop showing up.

The event,sponsored by DOVES (which stands for Domestic Violence Education Service) is renting spaces for this big day. Anyone who would like a space for their own yard sale, including community groups, businesses or churches can rent a 10 foot by 10 foot space for $25. That’s a bargain! We all know that people love to shop these events where they can go from table to table. Maybe if they didn’t find something they liked at one table they’ll be delighted to find it at another one.

If  you, or anyone you know is the victim of domestic violence then you have an understanding of how tragic and prevalent this situation is and how difficult it often is to break away because “it’s never going to happen again”. Sadly, in many cases that’s the fantasy and it does happen again……and perhaps again………and again. Victims, who are women or men, can find it very hard to break away due to financial situations or “the children” as well as many other reasons but Doves can provide support in many different ways.

The rental fees for a space in the yard sale will go to the DOVES Domestic Violence Education Service.

For more information call Katrina or Melissa at (909) 337-1900 or send an e-mail to:

The Hwy. 189 spot is a great location for all the booths because hundred  of cars go through that intersection, especially on weekends.

Happy bargains!






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