Arrowhead Arts Celebrates “Mardi Gras” Tonight with Lisa Haley and the Zydekats at Lake Arrowhead

Feelin’ a little run down after all the July 4 and summer whoop-la? Well, get up off the couch, make sure you’re dressed, get in your car and drive to the Tavern Bay Beach Club in Lake Arrowhead on Thursday night, July 17  for a performance that’s guaranteed to “wake you up” and make you “jump for joy.” If you can still have the blues at the end of the uplifting, fabulous performance by Lisa Haley and the Zydekats I suggest you open your phone book and look under the heading of “Therapists.”

This exciting group plays incredible Cajun, Folk-rock and American music that will keep your hands clapping, your toes tapping  or at least it keep your fingers tapping to the exciting musical  sounds. I recently saw her perform and I’ll tell you what………………it’s FAB-U-LUS!  What a treat! It’s no wonder that she has been nominated for a Grammy (and I don’t mean the one that holds you on their lap when you have a boo-boo!)

Sponsored by the Arrowhead Arts Association this concert, like the organization’s  other two have been held will be  beside  Lake Arrowhead at the Tavern Bay Beach Club. This beautiful spot  is located just past the historic U.C.L.A. Conference Center. It really is a special spot. Having the opportunity to be there and watch the sun go down and the lights from the Village and from the boats on the lake as the moon rises in the sky, make the location even more lovely.

With the performance starting at 6 p.m. many people take a picnic dinner and bottle of wine (or whatever) and sit or visit with friends while the sun goes down. Be sure to take a sweater or jacket because the venue is right next to the lake and when the wind picks up it can be very chilly.The “gates” open at 5 p.m. so go early if you can and enjoy the atmosphere while you eat beside the lake. You might also take a fold-up chair unless you have a table reservation for your party.

I recently had the chance to see Lisa at an event and I was stunned by how fast her fingers fly across the fiddle she holds and her “back up” band is equally talented. The combination of the fiddle and the other instruments, such as a base, make this “pure Americana” group very special.

Tickets are $20 for adults. As part of the Arrowhead Arts Association  programs, to expose music of all kinds children who are Kindergarten through 12-years-old and who are  accompanied by an adult get in free of charge.

For reservations or more information call (909) 337-4296. Remember, no pets are allowed so be sure to leave Fido, Fluffy or Fifi at home.


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