Ever Heard of a “Summer Body Sale?”

Free Jolly Cartoon Sun Clip ArtHaving been in the news ‘biz for many years I enjoy reading headlines. Throughout the years I’ve written a few that, as I glance back, make me cringe but for the most part I’ve done pretty darn good.

That being said, today I was looking online and there was a headline on a story that made me start laughing. While those of us who write headlines are usually “on target” sometimes the headline takes on a different meaning than was ever intended.

For example, I recently received a notice from a mail-order beauty product catalog. As I was pursuing through the pages I started laughing because one of the headlines for summer related products  said, “Summer Body Sale.”  I started laughing and of course, I realize the company isn’t involved with selling bodies.  However, if they were, it wouldn’t have been good! It did make me wonder, however, how much a body was going for these days and what the discount was because they were on sale.

I know, it’s silly but it made me laugh. Hope you did too!


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