If You Want to Know How to Help The John Caplinger Family Here’s How!

Sandy and Larry Caplinger were awed by the number of friends and residents who attended the fundraising dinner for their son, John on Saturday, September 28 at Hootman Center.
Sandy and Larry Caplinger

I know that so many people in our mountain communities want to help however they can to take some of the incredible burden the Caplinger family is experiencing with the recent death of Sandy and Larry Caplinger’s son, John.

I know  the longtime mountain couple would appreciate donations to the John Caplinger Fund that has been established at First Mountain Bank in Running Springs. Donations to help Sandy and Larry’s granddaughters and their mother would be so appreciated and would help John’s family members emotionally, spiritually and “practically.” John’s cancer has not only been a difficult thing to deal with but it has also, as these terrible illnesses often do, drained the family emotionally and financially.

John Caplinger grew up in Running Springs and he died just about 10 days from the cancer that ultimately took his life. Much too young to die and leave a family behind, the lives of the entire Caplinger family, in so many ways, have been turned upside down.

Sandy and Larry were instrumental so many years ago in starting and bringing AYSO (soccer) to the mountains and they are much beloved and respected by hundreds and hundreds of residents who live “on the mountains” and by many, many more who know of them or are friends in other areas. They have continued their support for this sport that involves hundreds of children in the local mountains let along throughout the county, state and on a country-wide level.

I know Sandy and Larry know that our hearts are broken for the entire family but I also know that if people can donate whatever they can afford to John’s wife and children it would help the couple  sleep a little better at night.

Donations can be taken directly to First Mountain Bank at 2625 Whispering Pines (across from the Running Springs Post Office)  or they can be sent to Post Office Box 974, Running Springs, California, 92382.




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