Eeehhhhhh! A Fundraising Hoedown is Right Around the Corner at the Historical Henck Property!

The Henck Family settled Skyforest so many decades ago. Come learn more about them and the drive to save their property.
The Henck Family settled Skyforest so many decades ago. Come learn more about them and all the property they called home.

Who doesn’t just  love a hoedown? While they used to be an event that settlers lived in they’ve kind of become “passea.” However, mountain people love a good hoedown so a fundraiser to preserved the Henck Homestead in Skyforest is planned for Sunday, August 17.

Sponsored for the second year by the Rim of the World Historical Society this fun event will include delicious food, a country band, dancing and beer and wine. Love BBQ Tri Tip and Chicken? Who doesn’t so be sure to turn out, enjoy the day and the great food. I can almost smell it from here in Running Springs.

The fun will be held from 4 to 7 p.m. and the charge is $39 a person. If you want to drink beer and wine bring some extra money because it is not included in the admission. Payments need to be made by credit or debit card

The reservation deadline is Sunday, August 10 so be sure to call (909) 336-6964 and be aware that this event can only accommodate the first 100 people who make reservations. call 336-6964 for reservations. If you do not have a reservation you won’t be admitted so get your ticket while they’re available.

If you or your children attend (or attended) Mary Putnam Henck Junior High School in Lake Arrowhead you have been touched by the famous Henck family. I don’t think (if they were alive) that they would consider themselves “famous” but the family certainly is “famous” in our local mountains. Mary Putnam Henck became Lake Arrowhead’s first school teacher when she almost single-handedly started a school herself. Classes began in 1924 in three rooms in Lake Arrowhead Village. Ultimately the couple had four children. Throughout the years Joseph Henck began building roads in the property he owned, Lake View Forest. Ultimately he built roads through the property so the lots could be sold and he also developed a water system to supply water to the (what I believe) was approximately 200 lots. Like many other people who move to the mountains and take on a leadership role in their community (whether they want to or not), Joe eventually became fire chief of the newly-formed lake Arrowhead Fire Department.

Joseph Henck and his family came to the mountains in about 1922 to develop 160 acres of Arrowhead Lake View Forest which he owned with three other people.  Because the Henck’s were, in many ways, conservationists who wanted the mountains they loved to be as pristine as possible it is so appropriate that this Pioneer BBQ Hoedown will raise money to preserve the Henck homestead in Skyforest.

For reservations call (909) 336-6964. The reservation deadline is August 10 so don’t forget to call. If you’re a historian and you miss this great event you’ll kick yourself for a long time! This year, due to popular demand, there will be two tours of the home instead of one tour. Enjoy and learn about this fascinating early family who had so much to do with the local mountains.

‘Ya all, come around…’ya hear!? Bring ‘yer partner so you can dance like a raccoon with a gater  on his tail! Eeeeehhhhhh!






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