Need a Cheap Vacation? Go to Your Local Market!

Dish Detergent BottleWell, we’re knee deep into summer and the beach is sounding better and better. If you can’t get to the beach at least a swimming pool where you can sit in a chaise lounge and sip one of those delicious beverages with a tiny paper umbrella stuck in a pineapple chunk that is slowly making its way around the glass. sounds really good!

Can’t afford a trip? “ Well, never fear, Joan is here!” It’s easy……………….just go to the nearest supermarket. After parking your car, entering the store then make your way to the dish soap aisle. You will suddenly become elated because on the shelves is the perfect solution to not only washing your dishes but getting a vacation while you do them. This is truly a win-win solution to your summer vacation woes.

How does a trip to a tropical isle sound? If you are chomping at the bit to get away to the sunny beach and the emerald blue waters then for heaven’s sake make a bee-line to the dish detergent aisle and pick up “HAWAIIAN ALOHA.” Just think, you can wash the dishes and go to Hawaii and learn the hula all at the same time.

Is the Caribbean more your style? The sounds of drums, Harry Belafonte and magnificent crystal clear blue water? Well, stop reading this and race to the supermarket for “CARIBBEAN BREEZE.” You’ll be singing “Calypso” before you know it.

Interested in the serene beauty of the orient? Well, you too can take a quick trip if you purchase “LOTUS BLOSSOM.” It sounds so serene that you’ll probably fall asleep washing those pots and pans. Ommmmmm!

Aching for a little “down under relaxation?” Surely “NEW ZEALAND SPRINGS” will put you in the mood to hike the high mountains and enjoy the beautiful streams that cascade down to the ocean in this gorgeous country. While you’re washing those dishes, just watch out for the native bats….even if you’re not in the belfry.

Last but certainly not least, if Europe is your pleasure then purchase “MEDITERRANEAN LAVENDER” Not only will you be instantly transported to the fabulous Mediterranean but you’ll be so relaxed from the lavender you won’t know what to do while you’re there. I could make a few suggestions but I’ll just say, “Have fun!”





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