Arms that Went From One Side to the Other

carThe other day I was driving and I saw something that made me laugh (very hard!). I was approaching a car that was, obviously, on the other side of the street and the driver had his arm straight out the driver’s side window (to catch the breeze, probably). His occupant had their arm hanging out the passenger’s side window *probably to catch the breeze, too). They each had on long sleeve shirts that were the same color. From my perspective as the oncoming vehicle I started laughing because, from my vantage point, it looked like one person was in the car with really, really, really long arms  that went from one side of the car clear  through to the other side and hung out both the windows.

Of course, there were two people in the car but from my vantage point it looked like someone with extraordinarily long arms.

It struck me quite funny and I hope you get the visual I’m trying to explain. I hope this gave you a chuckle. It certainly did for me!


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