Memo: Having Too Much Fun at the Arrowhead Arts Concert by the Lake. Don’t Want to Leave!

Dancing at AH Arts Table at the AH Arts country AH Arts 2 AH Arts 3 AH Arts Country bandThe

Having wayyyy too much fun at the last of the summer Arrowhead Arts concerts at Tavern Bay in Lake Arrowhead. Each summer these concerts bring out mountain residents to enjoy the music, enjoy the cool breeze off the lake, enjoy seeing friends and co-workers. They are truly wonderful events and I can say, from years of experience, that everything this organization does to provide exciting and fun entertainment as well as raising money to provide for our local school musicians is first class but the charge to attend many of the events is fit for a pauper. This members of this longtime organization  bring well-known southern California orchestras or small music groups to the community to give concerts of different varieties. The organization also helps fund students who want to play an instrument but do not have the funds. Everything this local organization does is first class. Throughout the years of attending their sponsored concerts and events I have never, ever, been disappointed. The people in this organization are fun, welcoming, devoted to bringing great music to mountain residents that they can afford to see. The setting for these summer dances is so beautiful and it’s always nice to watch the sun go down and the lights come on around Lake Arrowhead. Since food isn’t served everyone brings their own and many people “share” with their neighbors or friends who are sitting with them at a table or who are picnicing beside them While the concerts may be over for this year make plans ahead to attend the concerts next year. If you love music, sitting outside and enjoying the beauty of the mountains, if you love fresh air, talented musicians and just having plain old fun, plan to be at the Burnt Mill Beach Club next summer . The setting, across from the historic UCLA Conference Center truly is gorgeous. So… year? Don’t miss them! The tickets are only $20 for adults so come, enjoy and relax. You’ll be hooked like a fish on a line so leave your tuxedo at home and just jump in your car and drive to Lake Arrowhead. You will truly have an inexpensive night of listening to great sounds, dancing if the spirit says “go” or meeting new friends. It’s very casual so just wear comfortable clothes. As you can see by the photos nobody is wearing a long formal gown or tux.

See you next summer when the concerts resume. !Trust me, you’ll love it!



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