Cause for Celebration: Dr. Roma Nall Celebrates Her First Year in Running Springs

Running Springs Chamber members and guests were happy to help Dr. Roma Nall celebrate her one year anniversary. She is a very special chiropractor and friend as well as being on the chamber of commerce board of directors.Friends, patients and members of the Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce had a great time at the recent mixer held by chiropractor Dr. Roma Nall who is celebrating her one year anniversary of opening her chiropractic office in Running Springs. This popular lady had one of the best “mixers” known to man (or woman) or at least for the past few years. About 50 people attended and everyone sat at tables in the cool air of the mountains and enjoyed talking, sharing, eating the delicious “spread” that was laid out for all to enjoy. The food was delicious, the spirit of everyone was fabulous, the “dusk” temperatures were cool and the members of the talented local singing group, “Quarter to Three” were on hand and, of course, they couldn’t leave without singing.

Dr. Nall is an enormous asset   to the mountain community. Her calm demeanor, her caring nature, her dedication to her work and to the clients she serves, all makes her a very special woman. I know the late Dr. Richard Chase, from who mshe bought the business from about would be so happy with the success his protegé has gathered during the past year. Dr. Chase had his chiropractic office in the small, but adequate building  for many years and he lovingly gave his  skills, his wonderful personality and laughter and great wit to his patients and those he loved. I was so blessed to know him for years and years, from the time he and his wife Elrita moved to the mountains so many years ago. I was blessed to have them as special friends and Dr. Nall has the same wonderful, welcoming personality that Dr. Chase possessed so it is no wonder that she has been such a success.

Dr. Nall owns Nall Advanced Chiropractic and she specializes in the Graston Technique. She purchased the business previously  owned by Dr. Richard Chase whose chiropractic office was on Hilltop Blvd. “Roma” to her friends, has become a wonderful addition to the community, both medically and an active and interested member in the small community. Needless to say,  she’s become a very well-respected by her friends, business associates and her patients.

The Graston technique is a special technique that can remove scar tissue, adhesions and trigger points (otherwise known as knots) that are in-between the skin and the muscle. These knots and trigger points can also be in the muscle layers and muscle groups which can, and often do, cause a great deal of pain and nerve dysfunction.

With the Graston treatment many patients feel relief from their (often excruciating) pain right away because properly treated the problem areas will receive more blood circulation. Additionally, years of build up can be resolved, ordinarily within one to three treatments.Through this treatment it frees up nerve compression that in many cases can make hands and feet number or that can cause sore shoulders, headaches and mid-back problems. Treatment has also shown positive outcomes with carpal tunnel symptoms. Dr. Nall is happy to treat her patients with this cutting-edge treatment for soft tissue injuries.

One of the most wonderful things about this special lady is her empathy for and and extraordinary commitment to her patients. If you need someone to help you but need some “hand-holding” (so to speak) she’s what you’re looking for. While she is excellent at what she does she is also kind, encouraging and soft spoken.

Since she moved to Running Springs Dr. Nall has become  a wonderful part of the community and with her gracious “bedside manner” she’s become a great  part of the community we loved called  Running Springs. For information  call  (909) 867-4700 or at Post office Box 3546. The office is located at 31791 Hilltop Blvd. Open the door to the office. You’ll be greeted by wonderful people.

Last week’s well-attended event speaks to her personality and her skills. That’s  a great combination.

The office is located on Hilltop Blvd. near “downtown” Running Springs.




One thought on “Cause for Celebration: Dr. Roma Nall Celebrates Her First Year in Running Springs

  1. Suess, Dagmar and Hans-Dieter

    Dear Joan,
    From time to time I have a look to your “Mountain Top Echo”, because I’m very closed to Running Springs, our sister city. We visited it 8 times, met a lot of people from the sister city committee and especially Mr and Mrs Axel Beureuther.
    Warm congratulation to Dr Roma Nall to celebrating her one year anniversary of opening her chiropractic office in Running Springs.
    Thank you for this nice article about her and the warm, honouring words to Dr Richard Chase.
    We met him and his wife El Rita first when they both came to Cranzahl (Germany), the sister city of Running Springs, in 2001. They were here together with a team of soccer players and represented our sister city. We spent a lot of time together and we became good friends.
    In Oct, 2001, after 9-11, we visited Running Springs again and stopped our rented car in front of Dr Chase’s chiropractic office. He hurried out, stretches out his arms and embraced us warmly. “I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it!” he called again and again.
    He, his wife, family and friends were hosts in their house in Bermuda Dunes where they lived/live, when the first two groups of German people (from Cranzahl) visited the west part of the USA, 2003. Dr Richard and El Rita Chase also cared for another German group (fire-fighters from Cranzahl) in Arrowbear, 2004. We have so many pleasant memories of them both. I could write a book about it!
    Well, El Rita and Dr Chase (We were allowed to call him “Dick”) are/were our good friends up to now. All the time we hoped to welcome them to Cranzahl again, but the death was too fast. Maybe one time some people from Running Springs and vicinity will come to our little, green mountain village. We would like to welcome them very warmly.
    Warm regards to you, dear Joan, and to everyone remembering
    Dagmar and Hans-Dieter Suess from Cranzahl
    Please excuse my bad English. In the last time I didn’t have the opportunity for improving it.

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