Two Soldiers Lose Their Lives in Afghanistan

USA_Patriotism_Poster_WWII_2LGMy sincere condolences to the family of two soldiers who recently died din Kandahar Province, Afghanistan. Sta. They died when the enemy attacked their vehicle with ff Sgt. Benjamin G. Prange, 30, of Hickman, Nebraska and PFc. Keith M. Williams, 19, of Visalia, California. Tragically, both soldiers died when enemy forces attacked their vehicle with an improvised explosive device.

The soldiers were assigned to the 1s t Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division from Fort Carson, Colorado.

My thoughts to go the families and friends of these soldiers who lost their lives far too young. While it is unimaginable to lose a child, a brother, a cousin, I hope that the families know that Americans share their loss, even from afar and I hope they take comfort in knowing that we care about their loss.



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