Arrowhead’s “Tudor House” Celebrating the One Year Reopening of the Great Site

The beautiful, historic Tudor House is tucked away off Hwy. 18 in Skyforest, so close to Lake Arrowhead. It's fabulous!
The beautiful, historic Tudor House is tucked away off Hwy. 18 in Skyforest, so close to Lake Arrowhead. It’s fabulous!

If you hear someone running down the street yelling “The Tudors are Coming! The Tudors are Coming!’ You (a) need to get away as quickly as possible from the obviously unstable person or (b) go straight to the historic Tudor House  for a celebration of the re-opening of this classic  Tudor style dining and entertainment venue in Skyforest (oh so close to Lake Arrowhead).

To celebrate the one -year anniversary of the reopening of this historic site they will be having a first year anniversary to celebrate the mountain community’s pleasure at having this old, historic restaurant again. Local rumor has it that Ben “Bugsy” Segal opened it in the 1920s and it’s certainly possible. It’s secluded, large (that’s putting it lightly), it has a lot of parking and it would be a great “getaway” for a gangster or two, or three….you get the idea! Of course, no one’s alive that knows for sure but local historians and residents are positive “Bugsy” was definitely around.

To help celebrate the first year anniversary of the reopening “Celebration Sunday”, held the first Saturday of each month, will be a great way to celebrate a birthday, graduation or other party event. “Mr. Piano” Steve Lawless, who is magic sitting on a piano bench with the keyboard in front of him, will take special events.

Movie nights begin in September. What a grand place to watch a good movie. The ceiling of The Tudor House is magnificent so the atmosphere is perfect for dining and unique theater experience. The Tudor House Players will act and sing along with the major movie scenes. What a great idea! The Tudor House Players are a group of local actors and actresses and attending any of their plays or other events is a lot of fun. They’re a talented little theater group of players. Henry VIII loved plays and entertainments so I’m sure he would have appreciated this group as well as the fact that this magnificent building was named after his family.

Speaking of the “Tudor House Players” here’s your chance to make it big………….if you love to act, sing or dance. If you’re interested in joining the resident theater troupe call Donna Sigalas at (714) 822-0190. Just think……this could be your big break and if it’s not you’ll still love performing there.

Do you love a great Sunday Brunch? If so, drive to the Tudor House for the delicious brunch. The hours are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

With its Tudor architecture and its incredible  one-of-a-kind ceiling  this venue is perfect for musical concerts (they’re fabulous), Big Band music, dancing, wonderful Steve Lawless with “Piano and Song”, private parties (Bugsy probably had plenty of those) and the beautiful ambiance,  you will love The Tudor House. It’s  located at 800 Arrowhead Villas Road. For information log onto: or call (909) 336-5000.

Enjoy………………that’s why is been reopened!






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