Caltrans May Install “Rumble Strip” on Hwy. 330

carAlthough it has not yet been funded Caltrans had initiated a project on Hwy. 330 which, if approved, has the ability to help drivers stay on the right side of the road they are traveling. If the proposal is funded a “rumble strip” will be installed. The strip could be installed  from “just north” of Highland Avenue on Hwy. 330 and it could end as far up as Hunsaker Drive in Running Springs.

A rumble strip is material that when “run over” by a vehicle emits  an audible rumbling noise and the tires shake  to alert the driver that they are drifting over to the other side of the road.

Rumble strips have been installed in many areas and the idea is to save lives and reduce accidents by people inadvertently drifting into the opposite lane.

I will keep you posted on this progress of this  potentially  life-saving project on the local highway that is driven by hundreds if not  thousands of drivers each day.

As I mentioned the project has not been funded yet but Caltrans will be requesting the funds for this new endeavor.



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