Get That Bicycle out of Mothballs! The Tour de Lake Arrowhead is August 23

Organizer Hugh Bialecki at the end of last year's race. It was fabulous!
Organizer Hugh Bialecki at the end of last year’s race. It was fabulous!

Okay all you amateur bicyclists or those of you who are Tour de France “wanna-bees”…………………don’t miss the 2nd annual Tour de Lake Arrowhead on Saturday, August 23. This great bicycling event is sponsored by the Rim of the World Recreation and Park District and it is open to riders of all abilities! Come one, come all! Come up to the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains and enjoy a great bike challenge as riders go by lake, trees and forests in the lovely, cool mountains.

This year the tour will begin and end in Blue Jay Village (adjacent to the community of Lake Arrowhead). Feel like spending the night and enjoying the crisp mountain air and cooler temperatures?  Riding around the mountains offers cyclists of all skill levels the opportunity to have a once in a lifetime experience (unless they come back again next year). The cool air in the mountains at over 6,000 feet offer a cool break from hotter temperatures “off the mountain.” Come on up and visit “our mountains.” Stick around and enjoy some great entertainment at the free concerts in Lake Arrowhead Village.

To add to the fun there will be a Van Halen Tribute on August 22 followed by the “Hollywood Stones” on August 23. Both concerts will be held in Lake Arrowhead Village. A great farmer’s market is also held Friday evening so there’s plenty to do. The free concerts will be held in Lake Arrowhead Village so if you stay the night or the weekend you’ll have plenty of musical events to enjoy and race participants may be able to get discounted lodging. All riders will receive a gift bag. For safety’s sake or for help  first aid or hydration “sag” stations” will be along the route for those who need them. Bicycle repairs will also be available .

To register for the bike run the charge is $60 but there is a discount for groups and clubs with 10 or more riders. Single riders or groups  of less than 10 riders will pay the $60 fee.bicycle racer

To pre-register for the Tour de Lake Arrowhead go  online to There will be three stages of the ride: the metric century, a metric half century and a metric quarter century so there’s something for everyone’s bicycling skill.. Each of these rides offers beautiful vistas and elevation climbs because, after all, these are the mountains.

For information on this great bicycling event call the Rim of the World Recreation and park District at (909) 337-7275. This event,while it draws a lot of riders supports our local Rim High School mountain bicycle team.

Come on up and enjoy the cool air in the beautiful Lake Arrowhead area. You’ll have a great time. The weather is great. You can take a boat ride around the lake with a “captain” who is happy to tell visitors the history of Lake Arrowhead and the surrounding communities.

Grab your bike and come on up, The weather’s great, the lake is gorgeous, the air is clean and you’ll have a ball. What’s not to love! Remember, Lake Arrowhead has been a southern California destination for decades and decades and there’s a reason. If you haven’t been to this beautiful place plan to drive up to the local areas and see what you’ve been missing. You will leave with your spirit refreshed, a new attitude and you’ll want to come back.






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