Robin Williams: A Funny Man With The Sudden Ending

bouquet-of-tulipsHow tragic is the death of comedian-actor Robin Williams?! I wouldn’t begin to guess what happened but I suspect, like many “funny men” that below that laughter and smile lay deep issues which perhaps were finally too much. “We” don’t know what happened but “we” loved his spirit, his incredible funny personality and his willingness to share his life and loves with those he loved.

I hope that his family knows that people around the world send their condolences but that does little to quell the sudden magnitude their loss. How tragic for his family and friends and what a big loss to the world. He was definitely one of a kind and throughout the decades he has made us laugh, and at times, cry.
People around the globe will miss him but are grateful for his own zany, often “over the top” brand of humor that at times had us all in in tears from his jokes, his “looks,” his apparent boundless energy, the faces he could make and his zany characters. As an actor he could go from funny to deep emotions so quickly as few actors can do. His stand-up work was always hilarious as he could “switch gears” faster than just about anyone else in the entertainment industry.

My thoughts to the family and to all his friends.What a tragedy!
I hope wherever he is he’s laughing, telling stories to those around him, making funny faces and making them laugh.

The impact Robin Williams had on the military was apparent when I received a press release from Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel on the passing of this unique man. “The entire Department of Defense community mourns the loss of Robin Williams. Robin was gifted actor and comedian, but he was also a true friend and supporter of our troops. From entertaining thousands of service men and women in war zones, to his philanthropy that helped veterans struggling with hidden wounds of war, he was a loyal and compassionate advocate for all who serve this nation in uniform. He will be dearly missed by the men and women of the department of defense, so many of whom were personally touched by his humor and generosity.”

We will always remember the man who could make us laugh hilariously as “Mork from Ork” and yet who could so brillantly portray characters who were zany, funny, thought-provoking, strong, weak, steady loving. We have lost someone very special.
Na-nu! Na-nu” and “Good Morning, Vietnam!”


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