Last of the Summer Mtn. Bike Races at Rim Nordic Sept. 14

old fashioned bicycleAutumn is just around the corner so how appropriate  the “Autumn Cup Classic” cross country mountain bike race will be September 14. Held each year at Rim Nordic Ski a the Autumn Cup Class should be a fabulous event as it is the last of the races. All the same “ride” categories and “classes for riders” will be the same as the other events that have been held this year. While there will b eno cash prizes for this “Autumn Cup Classic” the winners will definitely get “bragging rights” until next year’s events. The five winners of each of the mountain bike racing  “classes”  will receive awards.

To register for this special event online  log onto: or register at Rim Nordic before the race. The location is directly across from Snow Valley so you can’t miss it!

Have fun! Rim Nordic’s had a great year of mountain bike racing and I’m sure it will be even more exciting next year. Mountain bike races in the national forest take on a special “air” (and not just because riders are above the smog during the summer). There’s something to be said for the beauty of the tall trees, the cool air, the excitement of all the riders, the smogless-location, available camping and the great people that operate the races: Bev and Kerry Brown.They even offer free kids races on the same day as the adult races for children 11 and under. Sign the kids up the day of the races so make it a family affair next year and come on up to the mountains. The racing venue is directly across Hwy. 18 from Snow Valley so it’s really hard to miss.

If you missed the races this year and you want to keep up with Rim Nordic Mountain Biking Races next year log onto their website at:



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