Saturday, August 22 is AYSO Picture Day,Cleat Exchange and Soccer Shoe Donation Day!

Sandy and Larry Caplinger were awed by the number of friends and residents who attended the fundraising dinner for their son, John on Saturday, September 28 at Hootman Center.

Local AYSO players, be sure to be at Brulte Field next week on Saturday, August 22. It’s AYSO picture day and cleat exchange. Not only that but all the kids will Also, keep  Sandy and Larry Caplinger in your hearts because without their years-long devotion to soccer in the Rim of the World communities our children and our children’s children would not be racing around kicking a silly ball back and forth around Brulte Field.

Each of the soccer teams was recently asked to fill a box of food that includes five cans of green vegetables, a 20 oz. plastic bottle of jelly, a 28 oz. plastic jar of peanut butter, two cans of chicken noodle soup (26 oz.), one four pound bag of dry pinto beans, a five pound bag of white rice, two boxes of Mac ‘N Cheese, two 12 oz. cans of chicken or tuna, five 15 oz. cans of mixed fruit, one 16.5 oz. can (no glass) of spaghetti sauce and two one pound boxes of spaghetti. This food collection is being done  to honor Sandy and Larry Caplinger’s son, John, who recently died of cancer. With 99 cent stores available it’s a good way to purchase the needed food. John always donated food to his church and so when he was diagnosed and then died a few months ago the outpouring of love and support for the Caplinger’s was enormous in our mountain communities.  I am sure that our mountain soccer community will donate more food than the Caplinger’s could even imagine to continue their son’s generous food donation to people in need.


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