Two Local, Loving Women Raise Over $2,400 for their MS Walk

Congrats to Joyce and Polly for their successful fundraiser for their upcoming trek to raise money for MS. Aren't they the most beautiful women....inside and out!
Congrats to Joyce and Polly for their successful fundraiser for their upcoming trek to raise money for MS. Aren’t they the most beautiful women….inside and out!

The “Dynamic Duo” of Joyce Savage and Polly Sauer, two incredible Lake Arrowhead women, have exceeded their goal of raising $10,000 but anyone who wants to donate to the cause can still do so. The fun event at The Grapevine that raised over $2,400 included appetizers, a huge amount of orange balloons hanging from the ceiling , a silent auction  of beautifully wrapped donation auction items and a no-host bar. The weather was perfect, the setting right next to the lake was beyond gorgeous and the reason for the fundraiser couldn’t have been better.

Each year these two amazing women put their money where their mouth is and raise funds for the fight against Multiple Sclerosis. Raising the funds and walking the walk is only the outward sign of their dedication. Joyce was diagnosed with MS in 1995 and she has been participating in the challenge Walk since 2007. She, alone, has raised more than $35,000 and over the past six years her “team” members of “MSscievous MooSe have raised more than $70,000 through their participation in the walk which is a several day event. In 2010 Polly Sauer joined Joyce in helping to raise funds and in fact, since Polly came onboard she alone has raised over $19,000.

My hat is off to both these women who really are quite unbelievable.filled with life and love and humor along the path that Joyce follows. These smart, funny, fun-loving, dedicated, outgoing, determined members of MSchiecous MooSe should be an example to all of us. Sometimes “sayings” are only that but the one I can think of is “When Times Get Tough, the Tough Get Going.” Joyce eand Polly are such a great example of this philosophy. Yes, Joyce has MS and no one would ever want that for this wonderful, funny, giving woman. But she gets going…..that’s the point. She doesn’t wallow in the fact that she has this disease she just keeps going. The “Ever Ready” Bunny would envy her! She lives her life, she loves her family, her community and her friends. She’s involved. She’s not letting MS stop her from living. She is such an example to the rest of us and the really nice thing is that…………..she doesn’t even realize it!

MS fundraiser 2014 009Joyce is the group leader of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s Self Help Group in the mountain communities. This group welcomes people with MS as well as their families. If you are interested in joining this local mountain self-help group or MSchievous MooSe. I am so proud to know both these women and while the disease they raise money to help eradicate MS their clever “team member” name speaks volumes about their personalities and determination to remain  upbeat and to live life fully. The setting for this fundraiser, The Grapevine, was perfect as the wine tasting-wine selling business is really delightful. Not only do they sell an enormous variety of wine but they also sell many “wine related” items as well. It is a charming, charming shop that is located close to the McDonald’s in Lake Arrowhead Village. The next time you’re in “the village” stop by and this special shop. With gourmet food and wine it’s the perfect place to purchase supplies for your next elegant picnic, party or a get-away for two (or three or four………).

That’s what friends are for and these two woman, as I call them, are truly the real “Dynamic Duo.”




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