Happy August Birthday Wishes To…..

73132_lWell, Trish De Grave, Gary Sharrow, Amy Lassak Tiburzio, Norman Huff, Michelle Hunt, Bob Bailey, Bob Burmeiser, Bernhard Voelket, Shirley Fratus, Rick Kitselman, Amanda Sola, Gary Sharrow, Trish De Grave, Ruth McLoy  and Eagle Scout Cole Gunnoe all celebrate birthdays this month. Ruth is a wonderful longtime friend that I am so happy to be in touch with again. She celebrates on Aug. 11. Bob Bailey and Bob Burmeister both celebrate on the 13th. Michelle Hunt blows out the candles on August 14 as does Norman Huff. Amy celebrates on August 16 and Gary Sharrow and Trish de Grave share a birthday on Aug. 17. My wonderful sister Nancy also celebrates this month. I hope each one of you realizes how special you are and celebrate with friends and family or by taking a trip around the world or something to that effect. Enjoy your day………………..you’ve earned it!



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