Love Foreign Films? Lights, Camera, Action!

movie camera artworkMembers of the Mountain Cinema Club have just released their 2014 schedule of foreign and select films that are shown at the Blue Jay Cinema in, not surprisingly, Blue Jay, California.

For over 25 years films have been shown at the local cinema so it is cause for celebration that the tradition endures.

Shown on Wednesdays at a 2:30 p.m. matinée there is also an evening show at  5:30 p.m. There are five films in the entire series…………….but only one price. People who want to purchase a five-film membership will pay the least amount per movie. The five film series is $35 for either the matinée or the evening showing. Single film tickets are $10 per movie and the charge for students 18-yeasr-old and younger is $5 per show.

The first film, on Wednesday, September 17, is “Like Father, Like Son”. This is a film from Japan and it includes drama, as well as family and class satire. It is a moving and emotionally complex film of children who are switched at birth to two very different families. This film was the winner of the Juryn Prize at the Cannes Film Festival. The movie is shown in Japanese with English subtitles and it runs for two hours and one minute. It is not rated.

On Wednesday, October 1Elsa and Fred,” a film from Spain will be shown. This film is a comedy, drama and romance. The storyline revolves around a retired 77-year-0ld hypochondriac widower moves to an apartment in Madrid, his daughter has an incident with his neighbor, an elderly exuberant Argentinean named Elsa. “It’s never too late to live!” The film is shown in Spanish, Italian with English subtitles. The movie is one hour 48 minutes long and is rated PG.

Wednesday, October 15Nightingale” (from China) will be shown. This is a drama/family film that is not rated but would probably be rated G. It is shown in Mandarin with English subtitles and it is billed as a vanishingly beautiful movie of a road trip through spectacular mountain villages by a widower who is returning to his native village to keep a promise made to his wife. he unexpectedly needed to take his granddaughter. The film runs 48 minutes .

Wednesday, Nov. 5 “Tangerines” will take center “curtain” so to speak. From Abkhazia, Georgia (Russia) this is a drama with conflict. Only two Estonian men remained in the village of Abkhazia when conflict with Georgia broke out. One of the men felt forced to take in two wounded men from opposite sides. it is fascinating to watch the development of relationships among the three people. It is shown in Estonian, Russian with English subtitles. It is shown for one hour, 27 minutes and is not rated.

Wednesday, Nov. 19 a film from the United Kingdom will take center stage.This film is a drama/history and romance involving a mixed-race daughter of a Royal Navy Admiral who was raised by her aristocratic uncle in 18th century England. It is shown in English and last one hours and 44 minutes. It is rated PG and I’m betting that the scenery is gorgeous.




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