Free “Parents as Teachers” Program Through Rim Family Services

sweet_kidsIf you think back to your first teacher I am betting that you’d be straining your brain to figure out who that teacher was when you were in Kindergarten or first grade. However, our first teachers really are our parents.

That being said Rim Family Services in Skyforest is hosting a free program for families with children from birth to five-years-old. This special program, entitled  “Parents as Teachers (PAT) includes free home visits once a month for an hour. During the lessons, parent educators provide information on child development and neuroscience research. The free visits will also involve the “caretaker” in a parent-child activity that will encourage language development, intellectual growth, social development, improved motor skills and a strengthened relationship between child and his or her parent.

In addition to the home visits the program include group meetings, once a month at the local mountain libraries. Group connections as well as connections to community resources and informal screenings are all included.

The “vision” for “parents as Teachers” is to provide information, support and encouragement that parents need to help their children develop during the crucial early years of their life. The program also helps parents by giving them information and support they need to help their child or children develop during the crucial early years of their life. Everyone knows that the early years of a child’s life are critical for optimal development and they provide the foundation for success in school and in life. Parents are their children’s first and most influential  teachers are their parent or parents which makes a good relationship between the parent and child a primary goal.

If you are interested in the “Parents as Teachers” program and have children who are newborn to five-years-old, you are eligible. For more information on this special program call (909) 336-1800 and ask to speak to a Parents as Teachers educator or send an e-mail to Rim Family Services is an agency located in Skyforest that has been “on the mountain” providing a variety of services for individuals and families for many years.




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