7th Annual 1st Lt. Jared Landaker Run on August 23

marine Corps logoThe seventh annual Jared Landaker Memorial Run honors  the late Jared Landaker who was killed in action when he and six others lost their lives on February 7, 2007 when the helicopter they were in was shot down over Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. At the time of his death Jared was 25-years-old. Even though it was several years ago I still remember the blow I felt when I heard that this brave Big Bear City soldier died along with the others when the helicopter they were on  was shot down while trying to rescue a wounded soldier. Jared was a member of the Marine Corps Purple Foxes helicopter squadron.

I remember, as well, how mountain residents felt…whether they lived as far away as Crestline or right  in Big Bear Lake. The outpouring of sorrow for this former Big Bear High School student (who was much-loved and had been the school’s football quarterback)  stunned everyone in the mountain communities. His death, in the line of duty, brought the war in Iraq to “our mountain” in a very personal way. Hearing about the upcoming memorial run brought all those thoughts back again.

The August 23 event will include 5 and 10K runs and it will be held at the Meadows Edge Picnic Area on the north shore of Big Bear Lake. The event will be sponsored by the Marine Corps Purple Foxes Helicopter Squadron. To register to run in this important memorial event log onto: Active.com.






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