Green Valley Lake Artisan’s Tour Labor Day Weekend

Enjoying life in a rowboat on Green Valley Lake.
Enjoying life in a rowboat on Green Valley Lake.

Grab your wallet, hop in your car and drive to beautiful, wonderful Green Valley Lake for the upcoming Artisans Tour that will be held over  Labor Day Weekend. Forget “laboring on Labor Day weekend” and just drive up Green Valley Lake Road to this small community that is truly  a “gem” in the San Bernardino National Forest. If you love small communities with a lake, a beach area, good dining, friendly people, walking the nearby trails, enjoying the forests’ beauty, you’ll love Green Valley Lake. It’s a gorgeous, winding drive off Hwy. 18 between Snow Valley Ski Area and the communities of Arrowbear Lake.

The Artisan’s Tour  hours are Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Monday hours are 10 a.m. to 2  p.m. This year’s Labor Day weekend event continues the tradition of this long-standing event. Because the studio tour is composed of individual artists at their studios or homes some of the artisan’s hours may not be the same but for heaven’s sake, don’t let that stop you from driving around and visiting as many as you can. It is possible that not all the participants will be open all three days.

Be sure to pick up a flyer “in town” at any of the Green Valley Lake businesses. This flyer will give you the  addresses and a brief description of the artists involved in this year’s event. The flyers will be available at the local businesses so don’t forget to pick one up because you probably won’t remember “who’s who” and “where their studio is” without the map.

To give you a brief idea of some of the artisans and their wares there will be fashion accessories, jewelry, photographs of local wildlife,wood signs, photographs, embroidery items, delicious homemade cookies and pies, vintage collectibles,  delicious honey, jams and jellies, home items, unique wood products, framed and matted photographs of Green Valley Lake, paintings and lamps and more and more and more.

If you love to do your holiday shopping before the “holiday” craziness starts, this event is perfect because you can visit the artisans you’re interested in, purchase items and tuck them away before the holiday season is REALLY upon us. You’ll be a huge step ahead in your holiday shopping if you purchase items now.

Maps and a thorough description of each of the artisan’s specialties are available throughout “the village” so be sure and pick one up before taking off to the artisans. After all, you need to know where you’re going. Come up and visit Green Valley Lake. Enjoy the Artisan’s Tour, enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants, sit on the sandy beach, watch the sun go down and enjoy this charming hamlet in the San Bernardino Mountains.

Green Valley Lake Road is located off of Hwy. 18 (between  Arrowbear Lake and Snow Valley Ski Resort). You’ll have a great day and all the local artists and artisans who take part in this event thank you. While you’re up at Green Valley don’t forget to stop and enjoy the scenery!



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