The Lake Arrowhead Ballet Company Needs Your Help!

toe-shoes         The Lake Arrowhead Ballet Company is in desperate need of a new location for the 42 foot trailer that houses some of the company’s property. It  has been parked in Cedar Glen for the past several years but the truck must be moved by the end of this month or it will be impounded by the property owner.

Unfortunately, to add fuel to the fire, the truck tires are in bad shape so the ballet board has to find a location to store it where it won’t have to travel very far. According to dance company owner, Sharon McCormick the truck needs to be in a lighted, paved area so it is accessible.

If you can help or know of someone who might be able to help with a new site please call the Lake Arrowhead School of Dance Boutique at (909) 336-9206 and ask for Sharon.

This is a critical situation and with the short time limit to find a place that could be used this isn’t looking good.

This is an emergency so if you can help or you know someone who can help call the above-stated boutique telephone number (909) 336-9206.



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