Happy, Happy Birthday Babies!

birthday_cake_largeWow, I’m impressed. There are a ton of great people who celebrate their birthdays this month. For instance, my sister Nancy. She is quite an unbelievable woman and I love her dearly.

Then there’s Eagle Scout Cole Gunnoe who celebrates August 25. What a special young man he is!

Huge happy birthday greetings to Jennifer Kellem who owns Artisans in Running Springs.  A long time ago Jennifer was the “honorary mayor” of Running Springs when our chamber of commerce  had  the “honorary mayor” fundraiser to raise money to help provide events for the Running Springs, Arrowbear Lake and Green Valley Lake communities.  The person who collected the most money became honorary mayor. She was a great one! She has continued her commitment to the community and she has put on, the past two years, extraordinary Mountain Top Days parades. Thanks, Jennifer.

Another really wonderful person celebrates on the 28th. Loving happy birthday wishes to creative, dedicated, strong, funny, helpful Bob Kinzel who is one of the hardest working people I know. Bob is a huge part of the Rim of the World Recreation and Park District. He truly is a wonderful man.

* Crestline resident Kathy Creighton also celebrates on the 28th. What an asset she is to the communities she loves, so have a great birthday, Kathy.

* Another dedicated, determined, well-respected member of the mountain communities, Holland Lowe, celebrates on the 28th. What an asset she has been and I couldn’t begin to count the hours she pours into making the mountain communities, and the services up here, better. Great lady!

* My longtime friend, Sandy Chandler celebrates her birthday on the 29th. Sandy has been a realtor with Coldwell Banker in Running Springs for many, many years. She’s been involved in Soroptimist and other local organizations and she is a perfectly wonderful, generous, funny longtime friend.

* Best wishes to Diane Dragotto Williams who also celebrates her birthday on August 29. Diane has been the “moving force” at Wildhaven Ranch since it opened to the public all these years ago. Best wishes, Diane, enjoy your day! You’ve earned it!



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