All AYSO Games to Be Played in Running Springs-Games Begin Sept. 6

See you on opening day of soccer, Sept. 6.
See you on opening day of soccer, Sept. 6.

Tired of trying to remember where your AYSO soccer player will be playing this weekend? Well, your problems just got a lot easier because for the first time since AYSO came to the mountains in 1975 all the soccer games will be played at Brulte Field (on Hwy. 18)  and the field above Charles Hoffman Elementary School, both in Running Springs. No more running around (or driving around) the mountain going from Crestline to Running Springs and trying to remember where in the world the game is being held and on what field. Problem solved! Think how much easier this will be for parents who have more than one child in soccer. They won’t be driving from one end of the mountain to the other to get their children to games on time.

Age categories include: 5 and under (4 year olds), under 6 (5 year olds), under 8 (6-7 year olds), under 10 )8-9 year olds), under 12 (10-11 year olds) under 14 (12-13 year old) and finally the 16/19 (14-19 year olds).

Do you have any idea how many hours Sandy and Larry Caplinger put in each year to hold the soccer program together and to keep it going? Every Saturday through November Larry starts about 6:30 a.m. and works ’til it’s dark. Sandy Caplinger begins her Saturdays at about 7 a.m. and she works until she and Larry are done for the day. I imagine they get home, have a bite to eat and fall into bed. This couple, the founders of the local AYSO league, have put in an incalculable number of hours throughout the decades (literally, decades). The “Dynamic Duo” (as I call them)  have given their lives from early summer through November so our mountain kids can have a soccer program and they have done it for years and years.





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