Annual Community BBQ Right Around the Corner! YUM!

BBQ grillWhere’s the Beef? If you don’t know get in your car and drive to the Masonic Lodge in Twin Peaks on Saturday, Sept. 6. From noon to 5 p.m. you’ll be able to wallow in the most delicious slow-cooked deep pit BBQ you’ve ever eaten.
Roast Beef and Roast Pork are both on the menu and these delicious meats are served with homemade BBQ sauce, BBQ beans, coleslaw, rolls and cookies. Is your mouth-watering yet? If not, perhaps you need to re-read the menu!

This annual event is held at the Masonic Center at 26012 Hwy. 189 in Twin Peaks. It is a huge event and each year it seems to get better and better. Although a lot of people go, don’t worry….there’s plenty of parking and shade so you won’t be roasting out in the sun all day.

For information call Aaron at (909) 989-6281.
The donation for adults is $12 and $8 for children 12 and the charge includes coffee, tea or ice water.

This is a huge wonderful community event held at the end of summer so be sure to attend. You’re bound to see people you know and if not, you can meet a lot of people who you can get to know. Think of it as an end of the summer tradition because that’s exactly what it is!

Have fun! This is the 61st year for this event so they’re doing something right!


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