Lake Arrowhead Home Tour Right Around the Corner

drawing ticketsSchool has started again for the new year. Summer is almost over  with all its fun and craziness. Yep, fall will soon be here with it comes the annual Lake Arrowhead Home Tour. Always a fun, interesting look into some of the most magnificent homes in Lake Arrowhead, this years event, on September 19 and 20, promises to be another fabulous event, especially since this is the 40th annual tour.

This event has literally been held for decades and it is the perfect opportunity  to show off the beautiful Lake Arrowhead area that has been a special spot in the San Bernardino Mountains for decades upon decades upon decades.

Sponsored by the Lake Arrowhead Chamber of Commerce this is one of the premier events in the annual Lake Arrowhead calendar and it is a unique opportunity to see not only the homes but the landscaping around them. This is always such a great event because you can choose the homes you want to visit and you’re very apt to go home with some new interior decorating and gardening glasses

Saturday’s home tour tickets are $40 per person but after Labor Day the price increases to $50 per person. As always, if you have children 12 or younger they need to stay with grandma or a neighbor because children under 12 are not allowed. With all the magnificent homes and decor, having young children attend is simply not practical. (Too many little hands touching too many things, is one reason, I suspect!)  Tickets include admission to the four homes on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. When you visit the breathtaking “Bacon” home you will get an extra… will go by boat shuttle. (How fun!)

Following the tour guests will attend a wine and cheese reception at the Lake Arrowhead Burnt Mill Beach Club which is tucked away in a lovely area of the lake. It is located right next to the lake so it is the perfect venue for socializing after the tour. Be sure to take some time to look, really look, at the beauty that surrounds you and how fortunate you and all the other guests are to either live, work or just come up to the mountains for a visit. If you take some time to “smell the roses” along the way of your Home Tour adventure, you will go home not only thinking you need to remodel your home but you will also be refreshed by the mountain ambiance you’ve enjoyed throughout the day.




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