I’ll Miss Joan Rivers

beautiful sunset, 2013I was so sad to read, just a few minutes ago, of the death of Joan Rivers. She was certainly one of a kind and my heart goes out to her daughter, Melissa. This mother-daughter pair were extremely close and I can only imagine the grief she is going through. Whenever someone you love dies you are happy to see they are no longer in pain but it does nothing to ease the reality that your life has changed forever and that person will no longer be with you except in the memories you carry each day.

Joan Rivers was not the typical “funny lady.” She was irreverent and it often seemed that whatever came into her brain came straight out her mouth. She could be cutting and rude but that was, in some strange way, part of her charm. That horrified many people but it also made her often hilarious. Would I have wanted to be on her list of people to joke about? Nope! However, she was terribly, terribly funny and I learned to love watching her if nothing more than to hear what she had to say. Talk about a quick wit………….she had it! Cutting? Yep!

There was also a very tender side to her and she adored Melissa and her grandson. The loss of Joan will be enormous to Melissa and her child so my thoughts go to them. She was one lady that stood up for herself when she thought she was being wronged and in that way she was an example to (mostly women) to stand your ground when you believe in your heart that you’re right.

It somehow seems impossible to believe that this funny, brash woman is no longer with us but I imagine wherever she is that she’s got the rest of the people around her laughing already.

Go get’em Joan!


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