Mountains’ Gray Squirrels Making a Comeback

I have been so happy to see so many gray squirrels lately. A few years ago they were completely irradiated from the mountains by an infection that almost completely destroyed them . It has been many years since mountain residents and visitors have seen the bushy gray squirrels but they’re making a comeback.

Seeing the tiny ones race across the road on Keller Peak Road (and on some of the local roads) is a thrill as I silently “cheer them on” so they get safely to the other side. For the past several weeks, as  I drive up and down Keller Peak Road, I smile as I avoid hitting them as they scamper across the street as fast as they can. The return of this species is good news……especially for the squirrels! In the past few weeks I would say that I have seen perhaps two or three hundred, particularly in the forest. It’s hard to count them because the little ones simply don’t stand still! How rude!





One thought on “Mountains’ Gray Squirrels Making a Comeback

  1. John M.

    They were irradiated? Are there high levels of radioactive isotopes on the mountain?
    Perhaps you mean eradicated?
    Ha! That’s ok–I made a mistake once. I thought I was wrong, but I wasn’t–I was right.

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