Interested in the History of the Arrowhead Springs Resort?

If you’re curious about the history of the magnificent old Arrowhead Springs Resort you need to be at the Burnt Mill Beach Club on Wednesday, Sept. 17 at 7 p.m. for a fascinating presentation on the history of this famous Waterman Canyon-San Bernardino landmark.

The presentation will be given by Mark Landis, author of Arrowhead Springs, California’s Ideal Resort. For years Landis had a historical column in the San Bernardino Sun and he is truly an authority on the area. This will be a great event and utterly fascinating  for anyone interested in this historic site. Unfortunately the old resort, with its hot springs, is closed to the public but anyone who attends this fascinating event will certainly be able to find out all about the historic site.

His book is filled with hundreds of historic photos, newspaper articles, maps and illustrations. The book chronicles the fascinating 150-year saga of the sanitariums, resorts and famous spring water at Arrowhead Springs in the foothills of the San Bernardino mountains. The development of the site is intertwined with the pioneers and settlers who came to the San Bernardino valley in the 1850’s and established a collection of frontier communities that blossomed into the “citrus belt” of southern California. The Arrowhead Springs Hotel was named for the huge natural arrowhead landmark that is emblazoned on the mountainside above the resort.  While the resort is no longer used as a hotel in its hay-day it was a haven for Hollywood celebrities and it was elegant, elegant, elegant. Everyone who was “anyone” in the Hollywood or political crowd, let alone “common folk,” knew about the hotel and stayed there as often as possible. It must have been a marvelous experience but today the hotel is no longer operating. However, attending this Rim of the World Historical Society event will give everyone a good look at “what they missed.”

The hot springs are still going. One day a few years ago as I was driving up Waterman Canyon I couldn’t help but see smoke coming from the Arrowhead Hotel grounds. I was ready to call the fire department when I began to laugh because, of course, there was no fire. The hot springs were doing what hot springs do…..they were hot and steaming away.

Save the date. If you;re interested in local history and you  miss this presentation you’ll kick yourself!


No reservations are required for this presentation but a $5 donation to the historical society would be appreciated. Seating is limited so you might want to be there in plenty of time for the 7 p.m. presentation. This event should be absolutely fascinating so if you’re planning to attend you might want to get there early.




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