“Mountain Action for Peace and Justice” Meeting Sept. 28

Mountain Action for Peace & Justice Meets Thursday Sept. 25th  @ 7 pm

Mountain Action for Peace & Justice is sponsoring a talk on Thursday September 25 by Catholic Worker Dennis Apel entitled, “Beyond Legality to Morality: The Need for Spiritually Based Activism”. Apel has been a community member of Beatitude House (a Catholic Worker house in Guadalupe, California) for the past 18 years.  For all of those 18 years he and his community and extended community have held monthly vigils at Vandenberg Air Force Base whose northern border is just over the hill from Guadalupe.

Vandenberg AFB tests the U.S. fleet of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (I.C.B.M.s) about five times each year.  When the missile leaves its silo, it is so close to Guadalupe and so powerful that the windows in the house rattle and you can feel the roar in your chest.

Over the years Dennis has been arrested for trespassing at Vandenberg about 20 times, mostly for standing peacefully with a sign outside the Main Gate to the Base on Pacific Coast Highway.  His convictions on three of those trespassing charges led him through the courts of appeals eventually all the way to the Supreme Court where his case was heard this past December.

Dennis will explain his involvement with Vandenberg, Vandenberg’s involvement (among other things) with the U.S. Nuclear program, and the effects of Vandenberg’s mission on the indigenous peoples of the Marshall Islands.  He will also discuss his case and its current standing in the legal system.

The program will take place in the Parish Hall of St. Richard’s Church, 28708 Hwy 18, Skyforest, CA 92385. All are welcome & for further information please call Sue Walker, 337-1279.



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