“Celebrity Homes and Movie Sights and Sites” Cruise on Lake Arrowhead Sept. 21

movie_director_clapsWant to take a cruise that won’t cost much money but will be fun and fascinating educational and probably hilarious at times? Love to know which movie stars and other celebrities lived in Lake Arrowhead? How about movie locations? The UCLA Conference Center was used as “Camp David” in the Michael Douglas film, “American President” and the lake and shoreline have been a favorite motion picture backdrop since “the talkies!”

Luckily the Rim of the World Historical Society is hosting a fabulous event you simply can’t miss if you’re curious about the area and the movie industry.

For $29 you can enjoy champagne and hors d’oeuvres on the patio next to the lake from 5 to 6 p.m.  It will be “all aboard” at 6 p.m. as the boat leaves the dock. You want to be on time because trying to swim after it after it leaves the dock would be really cold!

This event isn’t just a ride around the lake because local historians Russ Keller, Jack Cooperman and Ralph Wagner will all be on board to talk about the “old days.” I call these three longtime residents “The Three Musketeers”  because they, collectively, know more about Hollywood and the mountains than probably anyone else in the history of man.

Credit card or debit card reservations can be made by calling (909) 338-8232. Everyone who plans to attend needs to know that you must have a reservation or you’ll be left on the shore. No “last minute” attendees without reservations can be admitted.

Be sure to take a sweater or jacket because it can get breezy and sometimes choppy on the lake, especially as it gets later in the day.

Bon Voyage!




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