Proposed Skate Board Park in Running Springs Gaining Momentum

skateboarderMomentum for construction of a skate park in “downtown” Running Springs is continuing. The Rim of the World Recreation and Park District has been diligently working on the means to fulfill the Running Springs area’s request for a skate park near the basketball court on Whispering Pines Drive. The need for more prominent recreational facilities is a consistent with the park district mission and the Running Springs community has provided ample reinforcements, many suggestions and support as to why they believe the skate park will be a positive addition to the community.

Mike Milliorn, park maintenance lead, agrees, “The parents are concerned. Skating is very popular with the kids and right now children are skating on uneven roads and near the highway. They need a safe, open, family-oriented area.”

The recreation district has received a commitment from the Golden Oaks Senior Citizens, Bacon Wagner Excavating and the San Manuel Indian Casino for funds to help with the construction. For the recreation district to proceed, an approval from the Running Springs Water District must be acquired. Park District representatives will attend the Wednesday, September 17 Running Springs Water Board meeting at 9 a.m. to present the concept and show the community support in hope that this will help the plan move forward with the planning and construction. The meeting will take place at the district office at 31424 Hilltop Blvd. (between Fire Station 51 and the California Highway Patrol office.

“The skate part will be a positive move. We shouldn’t discourage the youth from skating if that’s what the trend is, especially when it comes to healthy outdoor activities. Creating safe recreational areas is what the park district is in place to do,” Milliorn added. One of the major concerns the water district has or may have with the project is the issue of liability and everyone knows how litigious our society has become.

Parents and other residents who are interested in the development of a local skate area that would have many different jumps, etc. should plan to attend the upcoming meeting. People who cannot attend the meeting but would like to support the idea should call the Rim of the World Recreation and Park District at (909) 337-PARK .

The district is in the process of seeking more support from the community. The skate park will be visually accessible, not enclosed, and it will have ample signage for rules and regulations. The park district is also seeking suggestions for the final design. If the project is approved by the water district board of directors, a community meeting on the project will be scheduled for the Robert Hootman Senior/Community Center at 2929 Running Springs School Road.

If approved, the skate park will be located by the Running Springs Branch Library and First Mountain Bank on property owned by the Running Springs Water District. Petitions of support have been circulated throughout the community.



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