Navy “Hornet” Fighter Pilot from Lake Arrowhead Tragically Presumed Dead

TLake Arrowhead resident, Lt. Nathan Poloski has been identified as the missing F/A-18C Hornet aviator and the Department of Defense has declared him “presumed deceased.”

According to U.S. 7th Fleet News Release,  Lt. Poloski was 26-years-old and on Sept. 12 he was involved in an apparent collision between the Hornet jet he was flying and another Hornet aircraft. The tragic accident occurred during a routine flight operation in the Western Pacific ocean. The other p;ilot was rapidly located and received medical attention.

Tragically, after the extensive search, the Navy ended its search-and-rescue efforts  for Lt. Poloski. He was a 2009 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and he reported to Strike Fighter Squadron 94, based in Lemoore, California earlier this April.

“Nathan was an outstanding person, naval officer and aviator,” said Navy Commander Michael Langebehn, the commanding officer of Lt. Poloski’s squadron. “My personal thoughts and prayers are for his family, friends and shipmates as they endure this immeasurable loss.”

Following the apparent collision the Navy concluded an extensive search, covering more than 3,000 square miles using the USS Carl Vinson, guided-missile carrier USS Bunker Hill, guided-missile destroyers USS Gridley, USS Sterett, USS Dewey, helicopters assigned to Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 15 and Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 73, P-8 Poseidon aircraft from Guam and satellite imagery. The search was unable to locate or recover any remains of the missing aviator.

Strike Fighter Squadron (VRA) 94, Carrier Air wing 17 and USS Carl Vinson will hold a memorial service on board the USS Carl Vinson to honor his life and service of Lt. Poloski at a date and time yet to be determined.

The cause of the tragic crash remains under investigation.

I know our mountain communities grieve the loss of this young man who they knew as a friend, a young man far too young to die, a brave Navy pilot, a friend, a comrade, a school buddy, and I know that we all share the loss along with his family. During this time of tragic loss may the knowledge that we all share their sorrow and shock help them during this unbelievably difficult and tragic time.As more information becomes available I will post it.








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