Full Caltrans Closure from Snow Valley to Big Bear Dam Oct. 6 through Oct. 31

Caltrans logoIf you’re planning on going from Big Bear to the Running Springs, Green Valley Lake, Arrowbear Lake or to Snow Valley (or vice-versa) you need to know that there will be a full closure of Hwy. 18 from the Big Bear Dam to Snow Valley in both directions from Oct. 6 through October 31. The closure will remain in effect from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.  daily but the highway will be open on Fridays to allow “through traffic” from Snow Valley to Big Bear.

The reason for the long closure is that Caltrans will be doing a lot of maintenance work by cleaning “cut” and removing slide “material” from past weather events. (I drove the Arctic Circle last week and, while this closure may be inconvenient for a lot of people, there is a lot of “stuff” due to erosion on the Arctic Circle can could come tumbling down quite easily. It is quite easy to see that in bad weather the boulders could easily come loose and roll down to the highway below them. I drive the Arctic Circle frequently and if I can see the prospective problems  from boulders that appear to be “just holding onto” the rocks or vegetation  (if any), anyone can. I was up there last week and I have to say, there are a lot of boulders that appear to have just a little dirt under and surrounding them. If we were to get a fairly good rainstorm those boulders are apt to come loose and fall onto the highway. Obviously if this occurs anyone driving in the area would be in danger.

Alternate routes during the required closure  will include Hwy. 38 from Mentone and the Lucerne Valley. CHP officers will be assisting in this “hard” closure so just be prepared that you are not likely to get through…………at all……..  without using the “alternate routes” during this project period.

For lane closure information log onto: http://www.Icswebreports.dot.ca.gov. For traffic incidents log onto http://www.quickmap.dot.ca.gov.

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