A Request from Larry and Sandy Caplinger….

A reminder to those of you involved with AYSO in the mountains: While Sandy and Larry Caplinger are grateful for the outpouring of love they have received from mountain residents and AYSO participants they need to concentrate on continuing their work through the season. Please respect their request that they don’t discuss their son, John’s death a few months ago at the games because it takes their thoughts and attention from their task at hand: running the soccer program.

Sandy asked me to post something so that people will understand that they need “space” and to be able to continue with the season. While they are grateful they simply can’t discuss his death over and over again at games no matter how well-meaning everyone is to them.

I know that you will all understand their feelings and respect their wishes. They need to heal (as much as possible)  from this quite unbelievable time and they cannot do it when they have to talk with people over and over again. Although people are well-meaning the couple  needs to focus on the remainder of the season.

Thank you and on behalf of Sandy and Larry I know they thank you too but they can’t emotionally relive it over and over again and be able to concentrate on their “task at hand.”

Sandy asked me to post a note asking for your understanding so that is what I have done. Please respect their wish.






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