Summer Music Concerts to Continue in Lake Arrowhead Village

music notesWhile I was unable to attend yesterday’s board of supervisors hearing on the issue of the concerts that have been held for years in Lake Arrowhead Village, I have to say that I am happy the supervisors denied the “complainant’s” request that they stop due to the noise issues they create near their home. The summer concerts that have been enjoyed for so many years in the village will continue which is such good news. Not only do the concerts supply an outdoor evening event they bring residents and visitors into the “heart of the village” who, in turn, spend money purchasing food and other items throughout the village. With the economy still struggling anything feasible that communities can do to help local merchants is a plus, not a detriment.

Having been to many, many, many, many board of supervisors hearings through the last 30 or 35 years their “sympathy” in many cases goes to the property owner. While they must listen and consider both sides, the preponderance of the time the county will side with the property owner . Issues that involve “NIMBY” (Not in My Backyard) often carry little weight when a new person or family moves into a neighborhood where there are long-standing events  and they want things to change to satisfy what they want. An example of this would be if someone new  moves into a neighborhood and wants to attach a new deck that would be properly “permitted” by the county but the neighbor next door doesn’t want to see out their window. If the issue gets to the planning commission or the board of supervisors in all likelihood the board members will side with the property owner not the complaining neighbor. It is not the county’s job to deny a property owners legal rights to do something on his or her property because someone else doesn’t want it. As long as the owner has a permit and has complied with the building standards that are required for the  proposed project if a neighbor objects there is (almost always) little he or she can do about it.

Sooooo, the hills around Lake Arrowhead will still reverberate with the sound of music from the village summer concert events.


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