If You’re Planning on Going Through the Cajon Pass Soon, Read This!

If you’re planning on going south in the Cajon Pass Caltrans wants drivers to know that the  southbound “bypass lane” is now open. There is only one bypass lane so while it will help drivers extra caution in this area is absolutely required. The lane is part of the traffic “reconfiguration” for the I-15 Paving Project  to allow safe access to the contractor to repave the lanes in the Cajon Pass.

The bypass lane will open to two lanes next week on Thursday, October 9 and it will remain in effect through November.

carIt is extremely important that drivers be particularly aware when driving through the construction areas of the heavily-used Cajon Pass.

Caltrans passes along these bypass lane safety tips to all drivers:

* The new bypass of the crossover will have narrow lanes and will feel “tight” when driving through that area.

* Drivers need to slow down. 60mph is the absolute maximum that will be allowed.

* Absolutely no commercial trucks or buses will be allowed to utilize the bypass lane.

* Accidents in the bypass area will cause delays as there are no shoulders so there’s no way to remove vehicles involved in accidents.

* Caltrans has contracted with the CHP for an unprecedented level of law enforcement.

* Fines are doubled in the construction zone and enforcement efforts will be ongoing 24 hours a day.

* A normal trip through the bypass segment should take about five minutes. Take your time through this part of the construction zone.





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