Hearts and Lives Receives $25,000 Grant

clapping handsDavid Stuart, executive director of Hearts and Lives in Crestline  is happy to announce that the board of directors of the Weingart Foundation has awarded the agency  a $25,000 grant. This charitable donation will be used during the next 12 months.

Belen Vargas, the foundation’s vice president of programs, reported that Weingart is undergoing the process of identifying needs, opportunities and trends within the southern California non-profit community. “It was clear that the high demand for services, combined with reduced government funding and a very competitive fundraising environment are continuing to pose significant challenges for non-profit  organizations. The grantee community also shared that limited unrestricted dollars prevents them from investing in basic infrastructure, let alone new strategies to improve fundraising, promoting innovation or strengthening programs. For Weingart, these findings reinforced the importance of providing flexible, multi-year unrestricted funding to improve the capacity and sustainability of nonprofit organization that deliver effective services and  for people and communities in need. Weingart continues to prioritize unrestricted general operating grants as well as support for strategies to improve organizational effectiveness.

During the pst 12 months, Hearts and Lives has had over 2,000 occasions to provide service for 1,100 “unduplicated” clients.

For more information about Hearts and Lives visit: http://www.heartsandlives.org




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