Date Set for 2015 Lake Arrowhead Triathlon

Hot on the wheels of last month’s hugely successful Lake Arrowhead Triathlon the date has already been set for the 2nd Annual Lake Arrowhead Triathlon. This incredible event will be held on Saturday, September 19,2015 and it will begin bright and early at 7 a.m.

In September hundreds of triathletes took part in the first triathlon and it was such a huge success athletes are anxious for the next event to occur. While several local agencies provided support and help in many different ways the lead agency was Rim Family Services.

To put it mildly, it was a sensational success so hopefully “local” and “off the mountain” residents will begin signing up early.

If you didn’t get to join the event due to being a “tad” or a “lot” out of shape you have almost a whole year to get yourself in triathlon shape. Several people who participated completed all three of the events while many others worked in teams with one member doing the biking segment, another taking part in the swimming and another completing the running part of this grueling event. To say it was a success is such an understatement. It was exciting and watching so many people participate, especially since it was a first-time event,  and itwas truly fantastic. he competitors I talked with were thrilled with the event (and after all, with the gorgeous scenery what’ snot to like?)

With the date being set so soon following the recently completed event participants will have plenty of time to register for the 2nd Annual triathlon.

For further information son this exciting event call Rim Family Services in Skyforest at (909) 336-1800. As the year goes on and the event is closer more and more information will be posted so keep up to date by logging onto this news blog.

I’m, not sure when registrations will be open but those of you who are reading this and are already chomping at the bit for another great triathlon in the local mountains, save the date.


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