Next Lake Arrowhead Mixer to Feature June Lockhart

June LockhartThe perpetually beautiful actress and part-time Lake Arrowhead resident June Lockhart will be the Lake Arrowhead Chamber of Commerce special guest when they hold a mixer from 5 to 7 p.m.S  at the Forest Lawn Scout Reservation in Cedar Glen on Thursday, October 16.  The camp is located at 29485 Hook Creek Road.

This mixer will be a fun event as Ms. Lockhart’s mountain experience began way back in 1939 when her parents purchased a home in the mountains.

This beautiful longtime actress is a Tony Award winner and an Emmy nominee (not bad for any “show ”biz celebrity). She and her incredible show business family have five stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. “Whenever Daddy wasn’t working and whenever I wasn’t working we spent all our time in Lake Arrowhead. We were very involved in the community, ” she said.  It was very, very important to us,” she said.

This charming, down-to-earth beautiful lady is a talented actress who  made everyone fall in love her when she played the mother in the classic television series, “Lassie.” Every child wanted a mother just like the part she played for so many years. Not only did she have a television career but she also was seen in several musicals including one of the most famous, l “Meet Me in St. Louis.”

Among Lockhart’s  many contributions to the Lake Arrowhead community was when she co-founded the McKenzie Water Ski Club with George “Mac” McKenzie who owned the school. Fifty years later the same family owns and operates the business and it’s still going strong!

Come and attend this special mixer on the 16th. The weather promises to be perfect, the setting is lovely but the “star” of the show, so to speak will be the real star……. Arrowhead’s June Lockhart.




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