R.S. Water District Adds Former County Property to Its District Boundaries

The Running Springs Water District has added six parcels of land in the vicinity of Nob Hill and Alder Court to its boundaires and the property was purchased from San Bernardino County’s Department of Public Works. The property became available when the county cancelled plans to use the parcels they purchased in 1975.

The original plan was to create an earthen material site. However, that plan never came to fruition and instead a road maintenance yard was built on the property several years ago. When this occurred the county only used four of the available parcels,  not the total of six parcels so the extra two remained unused. The remaining property consists of about 9.78 acres.

With the county not using the property as they thought they would, the remote location and unusual shape of the land made  it almost impossible to use.  So with the new agreement between the water district and the county the property will be joined to adjacent parcels.

The water district is the largest adjoining land owner and wanted to acquire the  property for access to their existing sewer easements and for potential future groundwater production sites that are located in the immediate area. The county agreed to deed the property for the sum of $1. The district was allowed to purchase the acreage because they are a governmental agency and because the county cannot use the property for what they intended. The district will compensate the county for the administrative fees associated with processing the transition which may not exceed $4,850.



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