Report from Potential Legislators Regarding Schools Available Online

All Rim schools begin August 20.

With the upcoming Nov. 4 election right around the corner an organization of school district board members and superintendents contacted 20 state legislative candidates to “poll” their views on education issues prior to the upcoming general election.

The San Bernardino County District Advocates for Better Schools (SANDABS) executive committee, which is composed of nine school board members, nine district superintendent and the county superintendent, has surveyed state Senate and Assembly candidates since 1988. The purpose has been an opportunity for candidates to be introduced to SANDABS and to set a foundation for future discussions with successfully elected candidates.

The process also provides an opportunity for candidates to share their views and opinions on issues that affect public education with constituents from the educational community.

Senate and Assembly candidates who have at least a portion of their respective districts in San Bernarin0 County were contacted for the survey. Not all candidates provided responses to the questionnaire but candidates who did reply have responses published after each question.

For the full report it is posted at: http://www.sbcss.k12/ca/us/images/Documents/governance/SANDABS/2014CandidateGeneralRptFinal.pdf.


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