Annual CHE Elementary School Fall Festival Oct. 25

All Rim schools begin August 20.

For some wonderful community fall  fun be sure to attend the annual Fall Festival which is sponsored by the Charles Hoffman Elementary School PTA. This year, on October 25, from noon to 5 p.m. the parking lot between the school and the Robert Hootman Senior/Community Center will be filled with displays, games, display and more fall festival fun than you can imagine.

This  fabulous event has been held literally for decades, with a few “tweeks” and changes through the years, it is so special. This is the school PTA ‘s biggest fundraiser of the year and all the money that is eared goes directly to help students and the school. There are several ways that parents can help. Do you have any silent auction items just lying around the house saying, “Take me to the Fall Festival?” If so, please donate them. If you have any baskets sitting around with nothing to do that could be used for gift baskets? Donate those! The PTA will know what to do with them.

If possible, can you donate items for this year’s themes which include “Home for the Holidays,” “Fall is in the Air,” “let’s Get Cooking,” “Spa Time,” “Man’s Best Friend,” “girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” “Sports of All Sorts,” “snow Day,” “snow Fun,” And “Family Movie Night.” Each of these baskets obviously has a theme so this should be great fun as most people have something that would be a great donation for any of the baskets.

In addition to the basket items the PTA could use candy donations to use s game prizes. There is a collection box in each CHE classroom so please, if you can, donate some candy.

Also, if you’d like to spend some time at the fun event send an e-mail to

See you at the fall festival. It’s always fun and a great meeting place where you are apt to see friends.Come enjoy the cool fall weather and enjoy the Fall Festival. There are always a lot of booths and fun for children and for children at heart. Come and enjoy and pretend you’re 10-years-old again. It’s good for the heart! The school’s mascot, Rocky Racoon, will undoubtedly be happy to see you!





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