R.S. Chamber of Commerce Sets Dec. 5 Community Christmas Tree Lighting Fun

Santa wants to see you at the Running Springs Community Christmas Party Dec. 12 at Hoffman Elementary. Be there or he'll put coal in your stocking!

Santa Claus is so smart. He is so busy each year that he has a calendar. If he forgets to put something important in it he’s apt to forget but luckily for the Running Springs Area Chamber of Commerce and all the children in the community, Santa has already put his scheduled visit to Running Springs. He’s going to fly into the local community on December 5 to visit with the local children. The chamber of commerce sent him an e-mail (yes, Santa knows how to e-mail) and asked him if he could be at the annual Christmas Tree lighting ceremony by the Running Springs Coffee Shop and good old Santa said “Yes!”

So, not only will be able to sing Christmas Carols at the Christmas Tree lighting but Santa will be there too.

Don’t forget, September 5 and if you forget Santa will be so disappointed. Parents, you might want to bring a camera so you can take some photos. I’m going to have to check with Santa (or some of his elves or even Mrs. Claus) to find out what time he might be arriving in Running Springs. When I find out I’ll let all of you know so you can help spread the word and plan to greet Santa. You know, he must be really tired because he’s getting a “tad” older and he has to fly all the way around the world in one night. He might consider talking to NASA to see if he could rent the space shuttle. It might be a good idea although the reindeer would probably be very disappointed.


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